You can only peel the potatoes. | Alexis Meads | Dating coach and dating expert

“You can pray to God while peeling potatoes. Or, you can just peel potatoes.”

My sister told me this over the phone while we were busy catching up on her trip to Nepal.

He lived in Nepal for five months and told me the lessons he learned from the people he described as the happiest people in the world.

Of course, I wanted to know “the secret.”

I told my sister how much I liked the philosophies behind Buddhism, but I wasn’t sure how to practice it alone. I thought it was easier for the Nepalese as they are immersed in such a spiritual culture.

That was an excuse.

I could meditate at home. I have the Headspace app after all!

Just not.

I felt like I didn’t enough.

Ugh … that scary word.

It came down to feeling that at this stage of my life, being busy with a 3 year old and 3 month old as well as taking care of my two dogs, home, garden, and still having time for my husband and care staff. … that wasn’t …enough.

That by not working so hard in my business, and not devoting so many hours to volunteering for the wonderful TreeSisters organization, I was not being influential in the world.

That’s when he told me, “Well, there’s the famous quote from Buddhism. You can pray to God while peeling potatoes. Or, you can just peel potatoes.”

He was intrigued.

He told me that what he learned was that you can be with God even in the most common tasks. Even doing the homework on your own, it is enough.

She felt a strange shame for “being just a mother.”

The woman with whose family he stayed with everyone was affectionately called “Aama,” or “mother.”

She has children of her own, but she was also an important mother figure in the community. “And all he did, all day, was cook and clean!” exclaimed my sister.

“Really? Is that it? ”I asked.

“Yes. But she infuses this kitchen and cleans it with a lot of love. “

Forget about peeling potatoes. I felt like a whole sack of potatoes fell off my shoulders.

All these feelings of not being enough or doing enough that have crept into me have only been undone in this one date.

As women we are surrounded by images and messages that are not enough and that we must continue to strive to have it all.

Here’s a little secret. Nobody has it all.

To think that we must be amazing women and mothers, constantly strive for a career, have a prosperous social life, a perfect morning routine or meditation practice, a beautiful home, the latest clothing trends and stay sexy and in form … all at once … this idea is harmful.

I will write more about this soon.

For now, realize that peeling potatoes is enough.

Whatever your current approach, whether it’s being a mother, going out, learning a new skill, taking on a project at work, or just cleaning your home, it can be a zen practice.

With love, nothing is too small to change the world.

It is enough.

That’s enough.

With all my love