Will he ever ask me out? Should I wait or ask him out?

Will he ever ask me out? I see this guy in our sports league and at our parties. He stays with me when he sees me, but he doesn’t ask me out. Will come?

he will never ask me outShe wonders, “Will you ever ask me out?”

“Dear dating coach Ronnie,

I know a guy through a sports league and we got close during the summer (he’s 44 and I’m 43). We didn’t go out on ‘dates’ but we see each other in volleyball and we stay later than everyone else, we just have a drink together.

We’ve had great conversations and we have a lot in common. Nothing intimate happened for a couple of months. We have a lot of friends in common, so we end up at the same parties and get together. If she knows I’ll be there, she’ll be there and make sure we end the night together.

He mentioned he did not think he was ready for anything serious. I told him I was looking for an emotional connection with someone. I keep asking myself, will he ever ask me out? A few weeks later, we slept together.

He sent me a message the next night asking me how my computer was doing that day. He doesn’t text often and seems to need the courage to do so. If I send a text message, reply. He is now engaged in my Facebook, but he did not do so before they became intimate.

Demanding women take care


Their last relationship, which ended in February, and their previous marriage were with demanding women, so I haven’t started much contact. I really want this man to ask me out. Is it prudent because of past relationships or do I dislike how I thought?

I would think that if all I wanted was sex, it would go away after I had it. Although he appears here and there, he makes no move. Maybe he wants to chase him because he’s used to it.

My instinct tells me not to go on. I wonder if sometimes a man takes more than a week or two to resolve his feelings, especially if he didn’t think he was ready for anything seriously. I feel like I like him and he feels attracted. Will he ever ask me out? What are the possibilities for this step and how long can it take?

Please help!
Hope in Hartford “

Hello Hopeful,

Men are easier to understand than you might think. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. This is one of my specialties: radically simplifying how to understand men.

Pay attention to what men say

First and foremost, he told you he did NOT want a relationship. When a man says something to keep you away, PLEASE BE CAREFUL. This is his way of being sincere and sincere. Believe it and believe it every time you hear this from a man in the future.

It simplifies men’s understanding believing any man who says, “I don’t want a relationship. I don’t want to get involved. I don’t want anything serious.”

Men never say it unless they say it in a meaningful way. It’s the most honest thing he’s probably told you. There can be many reasons why you do not want to get involved. She can’t handle it, she doesn’t want to be tied up or she’s not emotionally available.

Reasons Don’t Matter

The truth is, motives don’t matter – it should be out of bounds for you if you want a relationship. Obviously, this is not your wish or agenda. And you can stop asking if he will ever ask me out. The answer is definitely no.

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Therefore, not taking the next step in asking for a way out is not because you are cautious or disliked enough. He just doesn’t want to have a relationship and that’s often what dating brings. It’s so much easier to meet with you and let it be something that happens without him trying.

His focus on you is actually quite passive. This can help you avoid feeling guilty. He can tell himself, “I didn’t guide her because I told her right away she didn’t want a relationship.” Then, when he finds you, he is free to do whatever it is if you are open to him.

Passive men walk along the promenade


You say he is used to insisting with women. This is because he prefers not to be responsible for what happens. This explains why you have the feeling that he wants you to chase him.

The problem is, if you chase him, you’ll never know if you like him or just accompany him. Maybe until something better comes along.

Again, this is related to his passivity. Then she can be easily acquitted by thinking, “Hey, I told her I didn’t want a relationship, but she was after me.” That’s why you’re SO INTELLIGENT THAT YOU DON’T DO IT. Do not persecute men: it only leads to lovelessness.

He is not emotionally available

He is probably not an emotionally available man. Maybe for life, maybe just for a while. But here’s the most crucial question of all: how long are you willing to wait for a man like this?

She is not whole or emotionally healthy. Something is missing or not entirely correct. He may be a great guy, but that doesn’t mean he’ll be a great potential long-term romantic partner.

Attraction is NOT enough

when he asks me outI’m not saying you don’t like it. I’m sure he does and feels attracted to you or would never stay by your side or sleep with you. But you want more than a man to find you attractive!

Do you want a man who won’t let you ask, “Will he ever ask me out?” A man who will invite you out and not leave everything to chance. The kind of guy who WANTS a relationship that lasts and deepens. He just isn’t capable.

The key to a healthy relationship is missing

Yes, there are many things you like about him. But it lacks the most essential element for a man with whom you want to have a relationship: DESIRE to have a relationship. He doesn’t want that or would do anything about it to make you “his”. That’s why it hits you instead of scheduling dates.

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Unfortunately, there is absolutely NOTHING you can do to change it or change it, He needs to do the healing and He is the only one who can take the necessary steps. Women are often made to think that they can help a man to heal or change. NO, YOU CAN NOT. This never works.

Here’s what you can do

The best thing you can do is to know the reality of the situation and who it really is. Have self-esteem and awareness recognize a LOST cause.

Instead, rely on your own emotional maturity and self-preservation skills to do what interests you. Let it go and move on. Don’t make yourself available. Don’t stay with him all night.

There are better men out there who want a relationship. Please go get one. I’m so sorry to say that this guy will never make you happy because he CAN’T. The answer to your question: “Will you ever invite me out?” unfortunately it is NO.

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