Why the idea of ​​”having it all” is hurting us

As I scroll through my Instagram feed, I see beautiful bright images.

Pictures of beautiful women and their boys traveling to exotic places. Wear clothes I would like to have.

Images of moms looking more organic than me. More “together” than me.

Pictures of newly cleaned homes with a proper style.

Images of entrepreneurs who have their side commotion in force.

I follow these people because they are areas of life that interest me.

They are meant to be inspirational images.

If so, why do I feel anxious, guilty, even isolated when I look at them?

Why do I want to avoid Instagram altogether?

Because I have come to believe that there is no such thing as “having it all.”

At least not having it all, in all areas of your life, during every season of your life.

In recent decades, women have been slowly and unconsciously believing that we should …

to be very fit with a perfect daily routine, to wear the latest fashionable clothes, to always have our hair and make-up done, a social life and a prosperous sex life, a hot boyfriend or husband, 2-3 children perfect while you are perfect. mother, a booming career or a secondary commotion, and a clean house with homemade, organic food.

Just reading this makes me feel anxious. And exhausted.

What if we can’t do everything and have everything?

What if these images we see of women who “suppose” have it all are false?

What happens if they give up sleep, peace of mind, or financial health?

What if we have to choose, in this season of life, our three main areas of focus while letting go of the rest?

That is the key.

Choose the three main areas of your life, which are more important right now than the rest.

You can’t let the rest go to full shit or else it will be harder to pick up the pieces later.

However, you can say, “You know what, good enough is good enough right now.”

My three main areas of focus are:

  • Family
  • at home
  • Self-care

They just deserve the most of my time, love and energy every day.

And they are broken down into more components.

The family has the following subcategories:

  • Mothering my children, which includes everything from dressing, feeding and playing.
  • Quality time with my husband (usually booked between one and two o’clock at night after the kids are in bed).
  • Do all the chores and errands to keep my family healthy and safe.
  • Talking to my parents and my sister.

Let me know in the comments below!

What are the three areas of your life that require the most time, love, and attention right now?

What can you drop?





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