Why is it so hard to find a good man?

Why is it so hard to find a good man? You are too easy or too difficult to achieve

Men like challenges and some women don’t do them because they have no limits. Other women play too much to get along with profiles that expose their demands.

Again, this comes down to knowing how men think and how to read them. Different types of men require different answers. A shy guy will need more push from you, and a confident man may want more persecution.

Read his profile, read the man, and react accordingly to your emails and texts.

You don’t know how to lead

Many women expect the man to take the lead. But some men do not have the confidence to do so. Guys can feel uncomfortable with the subject of online dating, so at first they need a woman to take care of them. Do this, at least at first, and then step back a little.

Your expectations are too high

One of the reasons it is difficult to find a good man is because men can be uncomfortable at first. What you see for the first time may not be real because it is a nervous breakdown. He could stumble upon his words or find himself on the wrong path. Give him a chance to fight by asking him questions.

When you feel comfortable, your features will shine. If they don’t, go ahead.

Your expectations are too low

If you’ve had a sexless marriage in the last five years, you may be taking the first man to breathe as a favorite on your profile. Be careful to do this. Take a moment to settle down in your single life before you start dating so as not to hurt yourself.

Are there too few good guys out there?

I challenge that statement. There are a lot of good guys out there. The problem is, there are ten times as many losers as good men, so there seems to be no good men. They need to be removed. This can be crap if you have no experience in the dating jungle.

If you are constantly going out with the losers, your desire to keep going out goes out. Consult professionals. Read as much as you can from a dating coach you like who knows his craft.

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