Why do men …? 3 questions answered about men

If you’ve ever wondered, “Why do men (fill in the blanks)?” – This article is for you.

What is my way of saying that every living woman should read this and memorize that.

To celebrate my next show: The Ultimate Guide To Understanding Men, I wanted to share with you some of the main questions They ask me about men and why we do what we do.

Now, I’ll be the first to tell you what some of these questions require whole book to explain, so I’ll give you the great thing.

whole book Why men ...?  3 questions answered about men

And believe me, I have one ton of them, so we’ll come back to answer more questions about “Why men …” and “Why NOT men …”

Why Men # 1: “Why Do Men Look at Women?”

First, I have to set the record: men do not do it looking at women because she is getting ready cheat on about you.

His lack of control over his eyes is not a reason so that they put you completely anxiety every time an attractive woman enters the room.

You see, the thought seems like this:

Fact: men watch to hot women …

Fact: Some men cheat …

Therefore: Men looking at women means a challenge and threat in your relationship, because it will probably deceive yourself.

in a panic Why men ...?  3 questions answered about men

We’ll get to the question of deception in a minute, but that “logic” is Incorrect.

His appearance is NOT misleading, nor is it intended to be disrespectful, no matter how you interpret it.

This is the reality: men look at who we are visually dominant and visually focused on life.

This comes from the days of hunter-gatherers when the sight of a man was crucial to land the big mammoth protein bar walking the plains.

BUT – there is another part most women I do not know: With the exception of your personality, ahem, we can say most of all about you telling us if you would be a good partner and healthy perspective as a mother of your physical appearance.

I know it really sounds clinic and almost – I dare say – objectifying, but it is true in evolutionary terms.

Round ass, breasts, hip size, eyes, hair … REVIEW.

They all tell us yours Health.

And yes, you can do that too! Under yours rational level Consciousness is a level where you see a man and think, “Would you make healthy babies?”

If you think Carlos is crazy about this … click here to tell him

So men look at you for all this reasons

And because he’s trying to think of something really amazing tell you he’ll make you fall in bed with him as soon as he says it.

boy talking Why men ...?  3 questions answered about men

Well, maybe not that fast, but you get the idea. As he stares at you, his brain is locked in a fight finished risking rejection and talking to you, or sitting there and being stunned for your beauty.

I hope you win the right side, ladies. I really do.

Why men # 2: “Why do men text and not call you?”

This is a fool … I’ve been asked that Often.

boy texting Why men ...?  3 questions answered about men

Here’s what’s going on:

A boy will send you a text message same reasons you like texting – it’s easy, fast, and you don’t have to reply right away. It also sends text messages it doesn’t really get in the way whatever it is you are doing right now.

Oh wait, there’s more …

Text messaging also allows you THINK about your answers before you send them.

Here is another shocking fact: When a boy is in your presence, his brain goes blank.

The beauty of a woman does this to us, as I mentioned before. It is literally close a boy’s rational brain, and reduces it to his limbic – or emotional – brain.

(That’s why men often go quiet to you in person.)

So if you’re not in front of him to put him in a stupor, now he has the luxury of trying to send you the right text message.

And he always thinks, “What can I say? in bed with heri no make me end up as friends? “*

* Let me make it clear again NO it means that sex is EVERYTHING he wants from you. It’s just the order of priority that men give to their sexual needs.

For men, sexual release is a biological function almost as strong as fam or the need for to sleep.

That “primitive“The momentum is something that men have to handle at least every 2-3 days. So you can imagine urgency which accumulates as a result.

Think of it this way: You have hormonal cycles – i that it is the hormonal cycle of man. And it’s the same result that your hormones push you to …

Your destination is … procreation.

So primitive sexual impulses are enough.

You may have noticed that it does not send text messages so many words, neither. And again, these would mean that you have to spend for these processes ruin the attraction has developed with you.

So your text answers will be mostly simple and short.

Just keep in mind that a man would rather be there with you in person to hold text or phone conversations. So don’t fight with your modality – go with him.

Why Men # 3: Why Do Men Cheat?

Wow, I’m sure I like to cover hard stuffno?

Most of the women I met when I was older were convinced that all men were “dogs“and cheaters.

She brought me years of research in what was really going on between men and women fully understand the dynamics of sexual attraction. And I’ve noticed that men and women are much closer in his will to be ifaithful to what most people realize.

why do men cheat Why do men ...?  3 questions answered about men

Tan Because do men cheat?

Honestly, for the same reasons women cheat:

  • Sex
  • Attention
  • Love
  • Understanding …

Basically whatever they are long per.

You see, ultimately, we are deceiving for this ONLY reason: to achieve what we believe we are no getting.

And very often we find that we are not getting it something in our relationship simply because never QUESTION for that.

Oh, we create one unhealthy dynamics in our relationship where we feel like the victim of the other person.

unmet needs Why men ...?  3 questions answered about men

Men cheat by sex, but we do too deceive by attention and understanding. Emotional dissatisfaction was the main reason 48% of men cheat. In fact, not more 8% of men cheat by sex ground.

In many cases, women supposed that men had without emotional needs to attend. This is usually because men maintain their emotional life hiddenand it is needed WORK from you to meet these needs.

If you want to get there know your needsyou must create a connection to do so committed to you and the relationship.

The next logical question you probably have is: Carlos, it’s great to know … Now HOW I do it? totally committed to me Because he he never cheats about me, i I am the focus of your love and attention?

How do I send a text message?

O call me?

how can I stop it to look at other women?

prevent him from looking at other women Why men ...?  3 questions answered about men

The secret to getting a man to give you everything, to make you fall in love with yourself and never think about other women, or to betray you, the secret is actually quite simple …

You have to do it commit to youcompletely.

I’m sure you’ve seen a relationship where the guy adored and adored the woman in his life. I was practically on my knees asking this woman to do it his.

What you you don’t see it’s how that woman created a deep, unbreakable connection with him behind the scenes. He found a way to make sure the two of them were always in emotional contact.

Once you have covered this base, practically anything else comes easily after that. You will get everything wonderful benefits of a whole and FERROUSLY devoted partner who will do his best for you.

To create this kind of connection your man anhela, you will have to eliminate all these secret fears in your mind. This is one of the most important aspects of a man’s personality that most women are not aware of.

Again, this goes back to your man mode. It operates at a certain wavelength that needs to be appreciated and understood (which is not really very difficult to do).

wavelength Why Do Men ...?  3 questions answered about men

And no, you don’t have to be clairvoyant to discover this hidden truth about men. No psychic skills needed; all you have to do is watch this video that opens your eyes.

Find out how to create something called “Cupid effect“to your man.

This Cupid effect triggers a wired response and forces him to obey a certain “Law of Love.”

This is critical to the future of your relationship. Once you’ve brought it to this point, it basically is ALL yours.

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