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Unless you’re one of those incredibly lucky people who find love on their first date, chances are you’ll have a few (or many!) Who won’t succeed. They can be perfectly pleasing but there is no spark or they can be the kind of disaster that gives you an anecdote that you are still telling years later. However, the truth is that no date is a bad date. Here’s why …

Every date is a good practice

Unless you’re an incredibly extroverted person, you’re sure to go on a somewhat stressful date, especially in the early days. But practice makes perfect, and the more appointments you have, the more comfortable you will feel meeting new people. Treating each date as a rehearsal for the next means you won’t waste any of your time, even if you don’t get it right.

Each appointment helps you grow in confidence

The more you go out, the more secure you will feel when you go out. You will develop the skills needed to converse with a stranger and this will increase how you feel about yourself. Also, the more trust you gain, the more attractive you will be to others, which means you are more likely to find that elusive spark.

Each date offers you the chance to make a new friend

Even if you don’t feel like romance is flourishing with a date, that doesn’t mean they can’t be a part of your life any other way. If you have a lot in common and get along well, why not ask them if they are interested in being friends? You can never have too many companions.

Every date takes you out of the house and makes you socialize

If you’ve been single for a long time, especially during a pandemic, you may have lost the habit of going out and socializing in public. Going on some dates will help you regain confidence in this area and will simply give you the opportunity to drop by and enjoy yourself, even if you never meet again.

Each date brings you one step closer to the perfect date

The more dates you have, the closer you will get to The One. Don’t be discouraged if one appointment doesn’t work, as it just means that the next one is more likely to be a success. Meeting more people increases your chances of meeting someone you love, so don’t be afraid of bad dates, as each one brings you closer to your goal.

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