Which online dating app should I choose?

Wow, talk about a busy question I often get from my clients as a dating coach over 25 years old. For starters, you have the fantastic choice of over 1400 dating apps! So if you’re a talented research analyst with a team behind you, it might take you weeks to find out!

So how do you get your feet on your 2022 dating opportunities? To begin with, this is the first important move you will identify: what application? Then other factors come into play, but I’ll save it for another day.

I’d like to go straight to the online dating apps / sites you should skip — I don’t want to waste any of our valuable time.

1. Skip the free ones. No skin in the game, no date on the horizon. Plus, you’ll be frustrated and find out that online dating is awful! (Okay, the good news is that 1 in 3 singles met someone they like online in 2021. In 2020, 1 in 4 got married through online dating.)

2. Skip the super specialized sites. For example, there is a dating app for meditation enthusiasts. I’ll be the first to say that I love meditation and yoga, but guess what? It’s a needle in a haystack, as they practically have such a small membership that you’ll end up disenchanted and go back to the thought “online dating doesn’t work”. Yes, right in this realm!

3. The ones your married friends (who never used online dating) tell you to try. Just because they liked their TV ads or the rain of online ads is not a good reason. Now, I think my best friend Tanya: she met her husband Vin in 2007 on Match.com and had a good strategy. But just because Tanya knew her husband in this way doesn’t mean she’s falling into the same demographics and geography as she was in 2007.

Before choosing an online dating app / site, consider these questions:

· How old are you?

· Where do you live: peripheral urban, rural?

· What am I looking for — going out long after a long relationship, a best friend, and an exclusive relationship or marriage?

· What is your mood? Happy and positive …. or are you afraid of the adventure of online dating?

· Are you ready to make time? We put a lot of effort into our professional career, are you ready to do the same for your personal life? You can commit to working on your own

personal life with a great attitude for at least 3 months?

If you’re afraid of that, I can’t help you either. My clients tell me that I am fun, positive, and good at what I do. (60% of my clients are dating someone seriously, which makes my heart sing with joy!) If you haven’t had a pre-bed relationship, or have a negative attitude, I can’t help you and I won’t take you as a client. I’m not asking for rainbows and unicorns, but when we embark on this journey together it takes a bit of excitement on your part and I’ll help you overcome the obstacles. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

Ohhhhkkk, let’s talk about some of the top dating sites: pros and cons. Where can I get my information? First of all, I’ve been doing this for over 25 years — I founded ItsJustLunch.com before the days of online dating — yes, I’m a pre-dating dinosaur even with Match.com, the first big to go out to singles. scene. With over 5200 marriages to my credit, I know a little about dating. Also, to keep up to date with 1400 online dating apps / sites, I rely on two methods: anecdotal (what I see happening to my clients and their experiences) and third-party research that analyzes dating trends online, membership and success. rates.

Since I don’t want you to fall asleep right now, I’m not writing a 1400 page volume on each option. I will focus on the most popular online dating applications and the pros and cons associated with each. Here we come:

1. Match.com The grandfather of sites. They also have so many other dating apps (Tinder and at least 45 more). It has a very easy to use interface and, as the second largest dating site, the odds are with you. TIP: Do not accept matches that are offered to you; you will find much more luck doing searches yourself.

2. eHarmony The opposite of Match. So I often use both of my clients. After a 20-minute personal quiz, it will make you match other people with high compatibility scores with yours. It is about 20 years old and has a large number of members. You can also search. Easy interface.

3. Elite Singles Much like eHarmony except the UI needs an update. I rarely put customers on this site because they have trouble navigating.

4. Coffee Meets Bagel It is mainly used on the east coast. It gives you 3 bagels a day (games), if you want more, you pay. I’ve found this to be good for general dating, but not for those looking for serious relationships.

5. The League This place has seen its day come and go. What started out as a dating app for those attending Ivy League schools has been open to any school. There has been a sharp decline in membership. Pay a fee; however, you will have little success unless you are willing to earn $ 999 a week (yes, $ 999) to be part of your elite members. I have found this to be a waste of time. Over $ 999 ?????

6. Bumble One of the most recent dating apps that has been incorporated into the scene, it has a great interface and for women, it puts you in the driver’s seat, choosing men. A great idea, and after going through a big capital investment, I would have thought that they would spend more funds on marketing to increase their membership base. Low membership numbers reduce your chances. However, large metropolitan areas can get results.

7. Silver Singles One of the best apps for seniors with over 50,000 records per week. A viable option for people aged 50 to 75 years. Make sure you pay; otherwise, you’re spinning your wheels and you won’t be able to watch your matches.

8. Our time for more than 50 people. This is for singles looking to settle down and a desirable option for widowed and divorced clients.

9. Raya The application of elite dating by invitation. They feature celebrities, athletes and a luxury group from New York and Los Angeles. Young Session: 25-40 and their membership is so low that I wouldn’t care if you didn’t receive your invitation. When I look for this app for my guest clients, I see more NFL players at 20 than anywhere else !!!

10. Okay Cupid It has a great interface and fun questions. There is a free version, but as with any of the above apps, you pay! Strong in New York City.

Today there are so many options for single dating. Given that I have just submitted less than 1% of the applications in the cyberspace, these usually have more users, with some exceptions mentioned above.

Happy dating in 2022 and if you want a professional to help you navigate online dating, choose the right dating sites, select photos that attract interest, and help you with messages to get to your first real-life date , call me. I make it easy and fun as a professional online dating coach and after being in the first 5 dates, your confidence will increase.

Love and laughter

Andrea McGinty

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