What you need to know before going out with a vegan

There are always some wrinkles when planning an appointment with someone new. Maybe they can only go out on weekdays, or work at night and can only be found for lunch. But you may have clicked on a vegan, someone who doesn’t eat any animal products, and as a race meat you’re not sure what to do.

While it’s becoming more and more common for people to become vegan, you may still have never had a date with a vegan and you’re not sure how to do it. What can they do in reality food? Will they be offended if I eat meat in front of them? If it goes well and you keep going out, will they expect you to go vegan too?

While it can cause anxiety, going out with a vegan is nothing to worry about. Yeah sure. With the growing popularity of fake meats like Beyond burgers, it’s very unlikely you’ll have to bend over backwards to plan a first date. And most vegans can stand their own; they’re probably vegan for a while and know how to navigate a menu.

But you may still have some questions and we are here to help ease the confusion. Here are three things you need to know before going out with a vegan.

Vegan salad

What is (and is not) veganism

All you need to know at first is that a vegan is a person who does not eat meat, eggs, dairy, or any other animal product such as honey or gelatin. Meat means all animals. Fish and poultry are meat. If it comes from an animal, it is forbidden.

For almost all vegans, this extends to the rest of their inedible life: they are unlikely to wear leather or even wool, although some will make exceptions for second-hand leather for environmental reasons.

First, vegans believe it is cruel to use animals for food and have chosen not to participate in something they see as an inhuman act. Others also include environmental concerns; it takes much more water and effort to raise a calf than to harvest beans. Most also believe that it is the healthiest way to eat, although there is a difference between a vegan and a person who only eats a vegan diet to lose weight.

You’ll probably come across vegans who believe that only the strictest vegans are entitled to be called vegans (and that happens to be based on their own sense of what it means to be vegan). Somehow, it is not so different to go out with a person of a specific religious faith. Some people will have a more limited definition than others.

Not all vegans are humorous hippies or militants. These people exist, but most vegans are ordinary people who choose to live their values. Not all vegans want to convert you, and vegan food (also known as vegetables, who knew ?!) can actually taste good.

Planning a date with a vegan

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you know in advance that your first potential date is vegan and you want them to feel comfortable when you go out. Don’t get cold-blooded: If you know they’re vegan in advance, you’re much less likely to end up having an awkward time on your way to a brasserie.

One or two questions about how you are planning may not hurt you, but they are vegan, not an alien. Ask the kind of questions that a considered person would ask anyway. Is there any kind of food you like or not? “Is a good way to know your comfort level. Obviously, the answers will vary.

Some people may be quiet and say, “Oh, I’m vegan, but it’s okay anywhere,” while some may be uncompromising and ask you to go to a place where there’s no vegan food. While it’s a bad way to pay for an appointment just because someone insists on vegan food only, if veganism is a breaker for you, that way you’ll know in advance.

And although almost every restaurant has it something a vegan can eat, check the menus in advance. A salad and chips are the last resort for a vegan. Most restaurants have their menus online, and if you don’t have enough confidence to choose a good restaurant yourself, choosing some places and letting them choose is a safe bet.

Keep in mind that you will also want to be aware of non-dining activities. Zoos, rodeos and horse tracks are definitely out of bounds. Be considerate and consider your feelings, just as you would with anyone you date.

Will they wait for me to come back vegan?

Don’t worry about it right now. They probably know you’re not vegan and you’re fine with that. As with all things in life, just be yourself. Avoid jokes about being vegan, though, and don’t tell them “don’t eat a lot of meat” or “you just can’t give up cheese.” Vegans feel it all the time and won’t earn you any points. Look for other places to connect, such as talking about movies or music.

It is very possible that a vegan will not be able to see the long term with a non-vegan. And there is the rare vegan who is willing to socialize with someone who eats meat, but is not willing to kiss someone if the meat has passed through their lips that day. No matter how noble your choice of life is, be wary of anyone who tries to change you. They may secretly want you to be vegan, or at least a vegetarian, but a reasonable person will know that you will make that decision in your own time.

But if you’re thinking about being vegan or vegetarian, going out with a vegan is a great way to learn the ropes. While the concept of being vegan makes sense, giving up animal products and maintaining a healthy diet requires a bit of work. By default, going out with a vegan will provide you with tips and tricks that will allow you to unravel the mystery of mealtime … although “eat your vegetables” is a good place to start.

And before you leave today, if you’re interested in dating a vegan, be sure to check out our list of the best vegan dating apps. There are some great resources to meet people who share vegan and vegetarian opinions when it comes to dating!

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