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If you’re serious about meeting someone online, it’s crucial to have a great profile narrative. Photos are also important, but people want to know how you are as much as you are. Narrating your profile is the best place to show your personality and tell people what you are looking for in a relationship. A generic profile that doesn’t say much about who you really are will easily be overlooked, so you need to draw attention to your potential date with some details about what a wonderful person you are. Follow these tips to help you get the most out of MSF.

Decide on an agile profile title

Like a newspaper headline, the headline of your profile should be short, agile, and hopefully a little witty. You can use it to tell you a little bit about yourself, tell people what you’re looking for, or just get someone’s attention by making them laugh.

Good examples:

‘Birds do it, bees do it, even polite fleas. Let’s do it, let’s communicate. ‘

“The world’s traveler is looking for a first-class companion”

Bad examples:

‘I don’t know what to write’

‘………’ (Leaving blank)

Why should people know you?

This is your chance to really sell yourself. While you may be reluctant to play your own trumpet, there is no room for sea flowers when it comes to online dating. If you’re struggling to describe yourself, imagine how your friends would describe you and write it down. If you can’t imagine how they would describe you, ask them!

Mention what you do to make a living, but don’t turn your profile into a resume, as people won’t be any wiser about how you really are. Talk about your hobbies and interests, your passions, and the things you would like to do in the future.

It is important to make it clear at this stage what you are looking for. Obviously, a one-time story of your dream wedding day is taking things too far, but if you’re looking for a committed relationship, now is the time to say it, because it’s useful if everyone is on the same page from the beginning.

Describe your ideal partner

What you don’t want to write is a long list of characteristics, such as ideal job, appearance, weight, training, salary, and hobbies. It’s great for anyone to live up to and can make you look superficial and demanding. Instead, focus on values. If you want to meet someone ambitious, say you are looking for someone who is passionate about their job. If you are looking for someone who is an amateur, say that you are looking for someone who values ​​their health and cares. Writing this way allows someone to consider whether you have similar values ​​that will make a great relationship, rather than feeling that they are not ticking all your boxes.

Be positive!

A great rule of thumb for narrating your profile is to keep things optimistic. We’ve all had struggles in life and we all get grumpy, but don’t show those qualities in your profile. Showing up as a negative, sarcophagus, bitter or angry will trigger any possible appointments immediately. Keep it light and it is much more likely to attract someone.

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