What Is The Rose On Hinge | Complete Guide To The Hinge Rose

So what exactly is the rose on Hinge, and how does it work. Well, in short, it is pretty simple. The Hinge rose is a way of liking someone but showing them more interest than a basic like. If it isn’t already obvious, it’s Hinge’s version of a Tinder or Bumble Super Like.

However, they aren’t free, and sometimes they make you seem needy. So the question is Hinge roses worth it is a very good question.

We are going to go over what are Hinge roses? Are Hinge roses worth it? And also touch on how they work and how to send one. Consider this the ultimate guide to Hinge roses.

What Is The Rose On Hinge?

So what is the rose on Hinge? The Hinge rose is a way to stand out from the crowd and show a little more interest than other likes. In short, it is just a Tinder Super Like but for Hinge. According to Hinge, when you send one, they are always seen first and twice as likely to lead to a date.

How Hinge Roses Work

Hinge roses work just like a normal like but instead of pressing as you press on the rose icon right next to the like button. As a Hinge member, you get one rose per week, and if you want more than that, you need to pay for them.

How To Send A Hinge Rose

Sending a Hinge rose is very easy. When you find someone that you want to send a rose to, start by pressing the heart-shaped icon in the bottom right. Then if you are going to leave a comment, type it out. After that, instead of pressing the like button, press the rose icon to the left of it.

How To Send A Rose On Hinge
How To Send A Rose On Hinge

The one tangible advantage to sending a rose is that you will be shown first instead of in order of the time you liked them. So if they wait a day or two before checking their likes, you will be one of the top likes they see.

Hinge Roses Price

There are three options for purchasing roses. The smallest amount you can purchase is 3, and the most are 50, with an option in the middle for 12 roses.

The Prices are 3 roses for $ 3.33 each for a total of $ 9.99. The second option is 12 roses for $ 2.49 each for a total of $ 29.88. The final option is 50 roses for $ 1.49 each for a total of $ 74.50.

Rose on Hinge Pricing
Pricing for a rose on Hinge

From our experience buying 50 at a time is absolutely unnecessary, and to a degree, so is buying 12, but 12 is an amount that does make sense. It would make a lot more sense to just use the free rose that you get every week and supplement it with one or two roses that you bought.

Are Hinge Roses Worth It?

So are Hinge roses worth it? Do they give you the same attention that Hinge claims they do? Or are they needy, or even a little creepy. In short, they aren’t creepy unless you are. However, they are needy, which isn’t the foot you want to start off on with a match on a dating app.

From our experience, any form of Super Like feature is just a way of making more money for the people who own the dating app. They are just a cash grab that doesn’t actually do anything for a user when it comes to getting more matches or dates.

The only argument that could be made for roses is being able to like someone in the standout section of Hinge. If you press the star at the bottom of the Hinge app to the left of the heart icon, you can see the standouts.

The Standout section tends to have the most attractive and interesting people. If you want to match with them, you will have to use a rose. This is really the only time that a rose could be worth it.

At the end of the day, they are just a clever way of monetizing the app. To keep it short and sweet, Hinge roses are not worth it.

What Is The Rose On Hinge: Conclusion

So to wrap things up, the Hinge roses are an unoriginal way of giving users a way of showing a lot of interest, with a downside of being considered needy while also making Hinge more money. From our experience, they don’t seem to work as advertised.

We have found that just using a normal like and leaving a funny or interesting comment will get you a lot further. This being said, there might be a use for them if you are really looking to match with someone from the Standouts section.

We hope to answer all your questions as to what is the rose on Hinge is and how Hinge roses work? We also hope this helped you make a decision on whether or not Hinge roses are worth it for you. If you are considering buying roses to try and get more matches read this article first on which you aren’t getting matches on Hinge Best of luck!

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