What is relationship compatibility? 3 essential ingredients to be compatible

No one wants to have a relationship where we don’t feel like we’re with The One.

And we always want to know if we are with ours soul materight?

relationship compatibility myths What is relationship compatibility?  3 essential ingredients to be compatible

Many of us turn to “compatibility“To know if we are with the person we should be. But the truth is that compatibility is something that a lot of people don’t fully understand.

Let me start this by disproving some myths …

Compatibility myth no. 1: do or die

Most people I’ve coached think it’s a relationship MUST have some compatibility to be successful. While this is little bit true, compatibility is also greatly overrated.

Consider these two sayings, for example:

“Birds of the same plumage fly together …”

“The extremes are attracted …”

They state two completely different things, and yet I bet you would agree with both.

The reality is that both are true … and both have a certain condition.

You need a basic agreement in your relationship for it to work. But you like the same music and movies NO a requirement.

Compatibility myth no. 2: As long as you’re X% compatible, you’re fine …

Some people believe that you only need to be equal in a certain amount or percentage and you will be fine.

Again, another distortion. It is more important that you are compatible with the SHORT HANDS that if you meet an arbitrary target amount.

I’ll tell you more how should be compatible shortly …

Compatibility myth no. 3: Love is compatibility …

Sorry, this is just plain fake. Just because you fall in love doesn’t mean you have to be with that person.

This is a common myth among women that I have trained, and now I have to dispel it.

If you’ve ever ended a relationship, you know that love isn’t all you need. You need some things that actually fall into a separate category compatibility.

Compatibility Myth # 4: Compatibility is obvious …

Unfortunately, it is not so easy to detect who we are or who we are not compatible with. Especially because the important factors in compatibility are things you don’t always know it until much later.

I’ve met couples (and I’ve been in relationships) where one person didn’t realize it until A LOT later, their communication styles or parenting styles did not work.

And then the suffering for the tortuous end of a long-term relationship.

signs that your relationship should be What is relationship compatibility?  3 essential ingredients to be compatible

As you read these tips, you may find yourself thinking, “WOW Carlos! There are so many things to work on in a relationship!”

YES – there are. That’s why the failure rate of relationships is so high. If it were easy, relationships would be a walk.

“If you take some time to think about what you are reading here, you will advance 90% of the time all women. “

Part of my purpose in writing this article is to show you exactly how compatibility can be found out, and from the beginning.

So let’s dig in with:

What is relationship compatibility? # 1: Speak – Or …

One of the most important compatibility elements is simple, but no easy.


I consider this to be the most important part of a relationship. And he is also the most important of the group.

Specifically- the success of your relationship revolves around your skill resolve the conflict.

Think about it: if you can’t talk about your disagreements, you are condemned.

You need to have a reliable way to communicate your concerns and differences. I you need to have a strategic way of making sure that both can be heard.

If you feel constant friction when you try to communicate with him, you will begin to slow down your honesty and conversations. And finally bottling your feelings will cause a lot of problems.

Conflict arises because we find a difference in needs.

relationship tips how to handle conflict arguments What is relationship compatibility?  3 essential ingredients to be compatible

That’s more or less. And if you find a way to understand that other people may have different needs than you, and that AMBUS can be valid … you will do much better in managing conflicts.

If you find it difficult to see the needs of others because your own feeling of lack is blinding youyou may need help.

The good news is this:

The better you are at managing conflicts and communicating, the more men you will support.

One critical skill you need as a woman is the ability to read her cues. You need to know how to do it read their verbal and non-verbal cues to understand what a man thinks and feels.

Men hide a lot of their emotions, so you have to know how to see what’s going on inside.

What is relationship compatibility? # 2: Aim for the same star …

Another critical compatibility feature is how well aligned you are.

You see, it matters much less that you both like old Frank Sinatra and Colorado skiing albums than that you both align with the philosophy of life.

This requirement is May more evident than when two people come together raising children.

Luckily I’m inside complete alignment with my wife about how we raise our children.

And even when we disagree, we know how to find a good middle ground. In fact, after experiencing this kind of synchronization with her, I can’t imagine a relationship any other way.

you have no relationship compatibility What is relationship compatibility?  3 essential ingredients to be compatible

If you are in a relationship where your basic philosophy of raising children, or your direction in life, is not very aligned, the odds are high. WAY against you. There are too many factors working against relationships these days to make it work.

Now, if you find it depressing or disappointing, I encourage you to pass this consideration back and forth. That is, make it your own primary selection criteria instead of a secondary one.

Most people choose their partner based on the following:

  • Appearance (pretty, pretty, pretty, etc.)
  • Interests (music, hobbies, TV shows, etc.)
  • How quickly they fall asleep between them
  • How quickly do they feel “in love”

Now, I understand that we attribute much of our relationship status to “gut feeling.” We try not to quantify our relationship, because it seems almost unromantic.

You can’t put numbers on LOVE!

Or can you?

I don’t think you need to use numbers or measures, but you do need to know what your “YES!” the qualities are in a couple. And yours “NO“The qualities, too.

If you just let your gut emotions guide the show, you will overlook many things that could be warnings.

Ask a lot of people BECAUSE they got married and you will feel a scandalous lack of rational thinking.

The reality is you need it cap I heart to make good relationship decisions.

What is relationship compatibility? # 3: Sex, language, time …

These three are a set for some of the important compatibility elements that many couples overlook.



You have to look like a bedroom.

You also need a commitment to your sex life, as well as your commitment to your relationship. Many women do not realize the full importance of working in their sex life in a relationship or marriage. Very often, it seems that the man focuses too much on it.

How to know that you have known your soul mate What is relationship compatibility?  3 essential ingredients to be compatible

Don’t ignore the quality of your physical privacy!

While it’s not usually the only problem in separating couples, it is definitely the starting point of many topics.



And by that I mean Language of love. Your love language is the way you feel and experience love in a relationship.

You don’t have to speak the same language as your partner, but you definitely need to know what theirs is!

And I’d say it’s probably more important for him to know what YOUR is. Especially because men can spend longer periods without feeling completely connected.

That’s not to say you can ignore it for a long time, but it’s much more critical to you who knows how to make you feel loved, adored and loved.

And finally…


You need to understand how to spend time together and apart. Many couples leave this to the winds of fate. And as a result, they lose the connection due to misunderstanding.

You should have one clear understanding between you how much time you will spend togetherunlike the time you spend with friends, family, groundetc.

This is important for a man because he needs time away from the relationship to recharge and return to his basic masculinity. Without him, he will go a little crazy. And you will respond with your own madman.

Obviously, your work will also be considered.

Now, I will talk about a few more elements of compatibility in future articles / videos …

signs that you and your husband are compatible What is relationship compatibility?  3 essential ingredients to be compatible

For now, I want you to know that most relationship compatibility issues can be handled simply by being able to read your husband and know what you are thinking and feeling.

This also helps a lot to make you feel better seated i stable. If you know that he is not angry with you or that there is no problem in your relationship, you can better observe the changes in his emotional state.

Go download my “How to Read Your Signs” program. now to learn to read every move of a man …

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