Weekend Open Thread and Links

Happy weekend! There’s a big blizzard heading to the Northeast tonight, and NYC is going to get between zero and 17 inches of snow (and we won’t really know which prediction is closer for a few more hours). I stocked up on groceries, I have a new library book, and I started a big closet clean-out project, so I guess I’m covered for a couple days if we’re stuck indoors. I’m also going to make the family some popcorn balls because I mentioned something about popcorn balls last weekend and Drew didn’t know what I was talking about – he has literally never had popcorn balls and I feel like I need to rectify this situation even though they’re terribly unhealthy and kind of hard to eat. But if you’re ever going to have popcorn balls – and you gotta do it once in your life, come on – a snowy weekend seems like a good time to try them.

We also have a four-day weekend here, or at least the kids do, because they are off on Tuesday for Lunar New Year, and Monday is a professional development day for the teachers and an “asynchronous day” for students, which, if you are lucky enough not to have heard of before, is when teachers send assignments to students through google classroom and it’s the parents’ job to make sure the assignments are understood, make sure they get done, and then upload each one to Google classroom, before they let their kids veg out in front of a movie with a sugar-laden popcorn ball (or maybe play in the snow if it’s not a windchill of 4 degrees and the snow isn’t just one gigantic block of ice).

Anyway, I hope you have a great weekend, and here are a few links you might enjoy:

Having left best friends all my life, so many times, I really felt this: The Heartbreak of Leaving Behind a Best Friend

Women Are Sharing Love Bombing Signs They Recognized In Their Relationships With Partners, Family, And Friends, And It’s Heartbreaking

Why people aren’t as picky in love as they think

Nicole Cliffe (founder of The Toast) posted this question on Twitter that’s kind of fun and interesting to think about. Do you have a thing your family normalized that you were surprised to learn most people don’t do? Mine is saying a prayer before dinner. I grew up saying a quick prayer every single evening, and a longer prayer at family gatherings that my grandfather would lead. Didn’t realize until I was older that everyone else was a bunch of heathens (myself among them now that I’m an adult).

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