Warning: these 5 types of women are problems!

Warning: These 5 types of women are problems

Avoid it at ALL PRICES Unless …

No matter how much you are interested in yourself, these 5 types of women are problems and you can end up in a nightmare!

Maybe you’ve already experienced some of these difficult women.

This is what happens …

You know an attractive woman who catches your eye, makes your heart beat faster, and stops you from paying attention.

She looks sweet and sexy and totally in you and you feel like you are at the top of the world.

But then, after she has her hooks on you, cracks begin to appear in her personality.

You’re confused because you see her as that sweet, earthy, sexy thing you won, except she starts asking you if the juice is worth it.

Second chances?

Of course, no one is perfect, so if you only have one or two of these traits in a mild form, it might be worth it.

And there is a time when any of these kind of difficult women can also be rescued and I will share it with a real story. ⁇

But if you have all these high maintenance qualities, you should definitely run to the hills.

To save yourself from feeling confused, frustrated, and exhausted, be careful: these 5 types of women are a problem!

These 5 types of women are problems

And by the way, yes, some men may also have some of these traits, so make sure you don’t have them either!

1 He thinks he’s better than you

If you know a woman who thinks she’s better than you because she’s smarter, more educated, or makes more money, be careful.

This is not to say that all women who are smarter or have a higher level of education or income are a problem.

Not at all!

But if he expects you to increase your education just for the sake of status or keep his worth above yours and despise you with a biting or condescending humor or contempt, run!

There will be a power struggle until your self-esteem has dropped so much that it makes you feel worthless when you really don’t.

You are smart in your own way, sir.

2 Take it all personally

This is too common.

When she sees every decision you make as an intentional offense to her, she will always be disappointed.


You have to work late because you change an appointment and she thinks she doesn’t like you anymore or that she did something wrong or that “it’s not a priority”.

Then you feel like you have to work overtime to calm it down!


She makes you a sandwich and you decide to add mayonnaise, so she accuses you of hating her cooking.

You just wanted mayonnaise in your sandwich. Is this a crime?

To her, yes! #No thankyou

3 Drama Queen

Okay, do you know how I said women need continuous stimulation in a relationship?

If you can’t create healthy stimulation like taking an educational course, learning a new skill, pursuing a hobby, or taking a road trip with you, it will create unhealthy stimulation in the form of drama.

Ooh la la, some of you can relate!

She is excited about the conflict and instigates most of it and then acts as a victim.

Not only that, but this girl would definitely win the gold metal for the guilt that got you hooked!

If your girl likes to start fighting for nothing on a regular basis, red flag!

And if the best sex you have with her is just after a fight, RED FLAG!

Along the same lines as royalty, another problematic type is …

4 Act like a princess

Unlike a royal queen (not a drama queen) who treats you like a king, a princess acts like a straight and spoiled brat.

Take advantage of your generosity, get angry and use water to achieve this.

Key point!

The princess’s behavior often stems from her father’s problems!

If her father let her down with misbehavior, especially when she went against her mother’s opinion (the father sided with her instead of her mother), she has learned what she can do with men. .

Be alert!

4 Attention Ho


If she is constantly seeking the attention of other men but blames you because your attention is not enough for her, red flag!

Even worse is when he has nothing substantial to endorse, but he believes he is entitled to unwarranted praise.

And even worse is if you use sexual or mischievous energy inappropriately to get validation from other men.

In. Cap. Forms. #IGHo #OnlyFans


Post lots of risky images to IG for likes and comments.

Even if she makes a living with IG, she relies on selling digital sexual idolatry, just as she sells her body, man.


She wears overly provocative dresses when she goes out with the girls at the happy hour, but not for you!


He acts flirtatious with your friends and finds you sympathetic or bubbly and then accuses you of being insecure.

Assuming you’re not insecure … red flag!

Now, just before we share the type of woman number 5 to be wary of, which is a subtle subtlety, of which she used to be guilty, let’s look at the only time you could reconsider mission abortion.

Potentially reconsider tearing it to the brink SI …

If you are able to have a mature and respectful discussion about your needs, boundaries, and expectations in the relationship, including reducing any of these traits,


He makes a visible concerted effort to change, maybe it’s worth giving him a chance.

But she has to show you that she respects you and your needs and that she is making a real effort.

It can’t just be apologies and lips, in any form! ⁇

How is a concerted effort?

It seems like:

1 Your apology. Honestly!

With that in mind, it will wrap up. Changing habits is hard to do for ourselves, no matter what.

2 Behavior change.

Even if it’s applied imperfectly, you should be able to see that you’re really trying and really wanting to.


I know a couple who, when they first went out, wore what he considered fucking dresses every time he went out.

He didn’t like it, so he told her.

She got angry.

He stood firm. He was ready to leave and she knew it.

She thought about why she was bothered and decided to start dressing more classy.

Key point!

Whether you’re a man or a woman, whether you like who you are or what you wear, it only changes if you think it will improve your life, regardless of anyone else.

Never change something you really like about yourself for someone else.

In this case, the lady not only improved her style, but also opened a stylish clothing store and became a community fashionista admired by both men and women.

#truestory #winwin

Now, if you want to know how to ask your partner what you want, whether you’re dating or having a relationship, watch my video, How to Resolve Conflict with an Angry Woman, which could also be titled How to Get What You Want d’a No Angry woman.

It gives you a specific strategy, The Love Sammich Approach, on what to say to get more of what you want and less of what you don’t want.

Okay, now the latest kind of woman is stealthy …

5 The perfectionist.

For this woman, nothing is good enough, ever.

He is a control freak and believes that his path is always the best.

He used to say, “If it’s better, is it good enough?” But now I say, “Yeah, sometimes good enough is good enough!”

For an unrecovered perfectionist, even when you do things your way, it’s not good enough.

She chooses everything you do no matter how hard you try.


He asks you to put your dirty dishes in the dishwasher instead of the sink, but when you do, instead of thanking him, he tells you it’s not well stacked.


Tip for ladies!

If you want more than you ask for, click on any positive step!

Otherwise, a man has the feeling that it will never be enough and that he could give up now.

Extra tip for women!

Sexual rewards are very important, but the most important thing is your attitude of gratitude and respect!


Now, comrades, here’s why it can be tricky to call her …

She may be so hard on herself, so somehow you think you need to live up to her impossible standards to make her life easier.

But how can you say that this trait will haunt you again if you only know it and so far it has only been hard on itself?

That’s why this is cunning!

Pay attention to the signs that judge you, but also to the signs that she is always too harsh with herself!

Key point!

It’s healthy to have standards, but having impossible standards makes it impossible to please.

Remember, none of us are perfect, and most of us show some level of emotional dysfunction. They don’t teach these things in school.

It’s okay to ask what you need to reduce the level of dysfunction in your relationship.

Again, if you want to know the specific words to say to get more than you want and less than you don’t want in any situation, use the strategy I describe in my video How to Manage an Angry Woman.

I hope this information helps you avoid these five types of women who are in trouble!

Thank you so much for being here and God bless!

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