Top 10 Green Relationship Banners for a Healthy Relationship

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There has been a lot of publicity about red flags, but what about relationship green flags? If you want more information on these signals that are worth following a relationship, here it is!

There are some green relationship flags that you can see if you learn more about their lives and who they are, and there are some green flags in relationships that show up on how they treat you! Both are great indicators of the potential of the relationship.

Check out this list of common relationship green flags to see what to look for in your relationship!

They have long-term friendships

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Does the person you are interested in have long-term friendships or is it a lone wolf type? All long-term friendships will go through moments of misunderstanding, and long-term relationships show that they have the emotional capacity to work out disagreements in a healthy way. A self-proclaimed “lone wolf” label may not be a total red flag, but it is certainly not a green flag in a relationship!

Exes are treated with respect

You can tell a lot about a person by talking about their past relationships; if each previous partner was “crazy,” or “stupid,” or any other negative descriptor, this indicates that this person may not have much emotional intelligence and may not be the best candidate for a healthy relationship. You want to hear that the previous couple is still referred with respect, no matter what problems the relationship had or why it ended, because someday you might as well be that previous couple!

They listen to and value your thoughts

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That doesn’t mean they agree with everything you say because it would be booooooor, but they do listen and treat your opinions with respect, even if they don’t share them! You don’t want someone waiting until you stop talking so they can talk, you want someone who is interested in listening to your thoughts because they are interested in who you are! You will be able to explain how they react; look for signs of active listening.

They can take care of themselves

You want a partner or a dependent person, because if it’s the latter, then you can completely ignore it! Most people are looking for an equal relationship, and if your future partner can’t take care of their own basic needs (managing their own finances, keeping their space relatively clean, remembering their own dates), then you need to consider whether this can be an indicator of how you can expect them to take care of your relationship as well. There’s usually a level of maturity that comes with being self-sufficient in these ways, so watch how your partner manages their day-to-day to see how much maturity you can expect to bring to a relationship!

They can have difficult conversations

Oh boy, this is a BIG green flag in relationships! All relationships will have difficult conversations, so if you find that your partner is able to have respectful discussions even when the emotions are high or the buttons are pressed, you can feel comfortable knowing that you two will have many chances to to be able to. work together on difficult things, because strong communication skills are very important in relationships!

They do what they say and they say what they do

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This green relationship flag is so important because trust is extremely important in relationships! If you can’t count on your partner to do what they say he will do or to tell you what’s going on, what’s the point of having a relationship?

They have their own hobbies and they let you have yours

While it’s fun to share lots of interests with your romantic partner, it’s a definite green flag if your partner feels comfortable with both of you with your own separate interests, too! Not only is it healthy for couples to have some space with each other from time to time, but if your partner didn’t support you because you enjoy the things you enjoy, this would be the opposite of green flag in a relationship.

You feel safe with them

This is not only physical security, but also emotional security. Sure, you should always feel physically secure around your partner, but if you feel emotionally secure enough to share your inner world with them, this is an important green relationship flag! This is also part of healthy boundaries, because it is a definite green flag in a relationship if you feel safe enough to share a limit and expect them to respect it.

There is no confusion in how they feel about you

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If you’re not wondering how your partner feels about you, you might consider this a great green relationship flag! If someone cares about you, they should prove it and there should be no need to decode and translate their words or actions. Notice how they express themselves to you; a person who cares for you will not make you guess!

They recognize their own growth

This relationship green flag may look different in different scenarios, but if your partner is able to reflect on how much he has learned and grown in his life, you may consider it a great green relationship flag! It is a sign of emotional maturity and a willingness to admit that they are not perfect that is shown when someone recognizes previous growth. Bonus points if your partner talks about things they hope to keep working on and improving too! A growth mentality and attitude are very faint, right?

There are so many good green relationship flags you can look forward to, but the ultimate green relationship flag is how you and your partner feel! Being “driven by the nuts” by another person may be an indicator of some kind of passion, but is it healthy? Probably not! Why not look for a partner you are passionate about i safe-deposit box i happy i comfortable i heard?

Dating can be stressful enough without having to dodge the red flags, so stay tuned for these relationship green flags!

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