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Prior to the twentieth century, in most Western cultures, most first appointments took place in family residences and were often closely accompanied by the parents involved. In the 1950s, it could have been two straws and a milkshake in a malt house. In the latter part of the twentieth century, it was transformed into dinner and film.

Reduced to 2015, when an article in Time magazine stated that the No. 1 spot for a first date was none other than inside Starbucks coffee shops.

Today, well, the locations of the first appointments are a little more complicated to identify, as it seems that the appointments flow with government restrictions and the level of the positivity rate of the COVID-19 virus.

As a result, more and more singles are completely abandoning their first face-to-face date, opting to meet and have their first dates digitally in video chats. Digital dating sites (apps and online sites) understand that some people don’t want to risk their health and safety to meet someone in the world right now. Instead, they would prefer to make sure that there is some physical or intellectual connection before stepping in and getting to know each other in person.

Sites like Tinder, Match, and Bumble currently have video chat platforms. In fact, Tinder said nearly half of its users had a video chat with a party during the pandemic, and 40% plan to continue using the video even after the pandemic is over.

As a dating and relationship coach, I have to say that I love implementing video chats in your dating arsenal. It’s a great way for a quick meeting and greetings and a full first date. Your goal as a smart bachelor should be to select quality partners efficiently and eliminate low-quality ones. Video chats are a great tool for doing this.

So here are my top reasons to consider a video chat for your next first date.

  1. Goodbye catfish – Cat fishing requires the catfish to hide their true identity for as long as possible to get what they really want. A video chat removes hiding what it looks like completely, making cat fishing almost impossible. Of course, the person on the other end can still lie about who they are and what they are about, but when you can see their facial expressions, read their body language, and visibly see how they answer your questions, the lies are very easier to do. I will see.
  2. Save time and money– Every time you go out on a date, you have to spend time getting ready, transporting yourself to the venue, and possibly paying for the event or activity. A video chat eliminates the possibility of leaving the comfort of your home and limits the ancillary costs involved.
  3. REDUCES STRESS – Most singles experience a good amount of anxiety when they go out on a first date. A video chat should allow you to easily meet someone without leaving home. Knowing that the date is not going as planned may end with a simple keystroke should also be very reassuring.
  4. IT’S SAFER FOR YOU – When you meet someone you have never seen or met before, there is a certain uncertainty. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. A video chat allows you to build some confidence so that if you are in person, you are much more advanced in the dating process.

I would also like to offer some recommendations on what your first virtual date might look like.

  1. ADD A FUN ACTIVITY – One of the best ways to connect with someone is not just to talk to each other, but to have fun together. If you’re out of the world, I might tell you to go bowling or to an adult-centered arcade room, but don’t be discouraged by the fact that your date is on a computer screen. I still recommend trying to do something fun. Things like playing an online game, meeting other people’s pets, or singing karaoke together are viable options that come to mind.
  2. COME PREPARED WITH SOME QUESTIONS TO GET TO KNOW YOURSELF – Like any sensible date in the physical world, it’s always good to be prepared with a few “questions to get to know” yourself. Questions that focus on work, hobbies, family, and friends are always good. However, don’t forget to add questions to test your non-negotiable ones. I teach the process of creating this list in my Path to Love program. Non-negotiable are the basic values ​​that must be in a relationship for it to work. The questions you ask for yours will test these non-negotiable ones and help you make sure that person fits you well. Questions like “Where are you five years from now?” Or what are the essential qualities you look for in a partner? ” these are just a couple of good examples.
  3. MAKE IT SAFE – Before you start your video chat, I recommend taking a screenshot of the computer in the image that will see your appointment from their point of view. Make sure you don’t have any personal information or pictures in the background that you don’t want to see a date or someone you don’t know. Things to avoid showing people you know online can range from front and back doors to personal pictures on the back wall. Knowing someone gives you a chance to build trust, so until you implicitly trust the person at the other end of the chat, there’s no reason to take any risks.
  4. HAVE AN OUTPUT STRATEGY AND AN INPUT – If the date doesn’t go as planned, that’s fine. Just make sure you treat the person with the utmost respect, even if their actions don’t deserve it. If you want to end the date, politely explain your feelings about the date and things calmly and politely.
  5. DRESS UP LIKE A PERSONAL DATE (HIGH UP) – Just because you have a digital date doesn’t mean you have to call it quits. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, even online, so don’t miss it. Make sure you have a nice top and have your hair and makeup done. Of course, the only advantage of being on a computer screen is that no one looks far below the waist, so feel free to add flip flops to your stylish blouse.
  6. THE FRAME OF THE CAMERA MATTERS – The framing of the camera is also an essential element to make you as attractive as possible. Having your face too far or too close to the camera is something to keep in mind (I think a photo showing part of the torso works best). Another critical element to consider is lighting. Make sure it is not too hard or too faint. A light that makes you look your best.

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