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With online dating, we have so many options in terms of people we can meet. Since distance and communication blocks are no longer an obstacle, we can meet virtually anyone online. You may not see any problems with this situation, but most online dating experiences paralysis of choice.

Reduce potential peers to avoid paralysis of choice

You may not be familiar with the paralysis of choice, but you have definitely gone through it. Let’s say you’re buying new shoes. You go to a department store where you see rows after rows of new shoes. Instead of deciding, it takes a long time to decide on the best partner because you have so many options.

With online dating, it is definitely the same. You have the chance to find someone better than your last date, so don’t worry. You find it hard to find true love because you can’t choose. How is this avoided?

1. Date for purpose.

Many online dating people think they have a purpose. They may have done so, but they haven’t adhered to it for a long time. It’s hard to find a good partner when you keep changing your mind about why you’re dating in the first place. Want to find someone to settle with?

2. Make sure your expectations are realistic.

No one will ever be perfect, so make sure your expectations are met. Yes, it’s okay to have preferences, but don’t let these biases dictate who you can go out with or not. For example, you’re right with a person, but it’s not exactly your cup of tea because he doesn’t have blond hair. Don’t sweat the little things.

3. Never compare one person with another.

What you say, the comparison generates dissatisfaction. Every person you meet online is unique in their own way. Comparing one person to another will aggravate or trigger your paralysis of choice.

Paralysis of choice is common, but with the three techniques listed, you can avoid it. Narrow your options to find a potential date. He or she doesn’t have to check all the boxes on your list, remember. For more tips on online dating, read other blog posts.

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