The Magic Of Trance Mediumship with Patricia Horton

In this episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast, I talk to Medium Patty Horton who explains in detail how mediumship in trance works. Share some wonderful, moving stories about the impact of your The Council of 9 messages, your spiritual guides, and some important things to do and not do if you plan to try it on your own.

Patricia Horton is a medium, a medium of traffic and a spiritual teacher who has been a channel for 50 years. He studied with many professors in the US and the UK and appeared in 2020 in the cable series, The practical seer and also as a Top 12 Pick for the spring edition of The Waiting Woman.

Patty also wrote I am the light: the wisdom of Jesus in the 21st century and offers many classes on spiritual development. To learn more about Patty or to connect with her, visit

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