The magic of Arcturian healing with Maria Lodetoft

Are you curious about Arcturian healing? In this episode of the podcast Breathe Love & Magic, Maria Lodetoft, Arcturian Star-Seed, Energy Healer and Channeling Medium share about her healing work and her awakening.

Arcturian healing codes

Mary explained how she does shamanic work in the galactic realms, which seems amazing. She reveals how she came to connect with the Arcturians and create her special Arcturian healing codes.

Let’s talk about how it went from the hospitality industry to the healing tasks and how it was for her. Maria also talks about what she learned when she was little from her grandmother and how she closed up after a teenage experience.

Leaving his corporate work behind created the space for his own healing and awakening. Synchronies pile up, leading her to the work she does today. Maria is warm, open and comes from the heart.

Special for Maria listeners

She invites you to schedule a 15-minute free energy call to your calendar or book and an online Arcturian healing session or read with me for £ 50 (US $ 68), which saves 33%.


Maria is an Arcturian star seed, a light worker and a medium channeler. He is said to perform shamanic work in the galactic realms. His teachings have been outstanding Metro UK, Times magazine, i Cherubim. SIt also hosts regular events and collaborations with both Harrods and The Mandrake Hotel.

Maria is a qualified yoga teacher and is skilled in a variety of energy jobs, including sound healing and Reiki. She is the creator of her characteristic healing modality: Light Code Healing.

For the past two years, Maria has further expanded her mediumship and now offers guidance in her oracle letter and psychic sessions.

Maria, along with Barbra May, is the founder of Mystic Sisters. Together they organize magical events and organize a successful spiritual podcast. Its mission is to provide guidance to new mystics through its publications and the “Modern Mystic Club,” an online membership platform that explores all topics of spirituality.

Learn more about Maria and Arcturian’s healing codes at

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