The groom didn’t get me a Valentine’s Day gift

Valentine’s Day: The day love is revealed, love is celebrated, and grocery stores make millions of dollars by selling cheap paper cards and tasteless sugar cookies to kids.

Love it or hate it, the weekend before February 14th is full of chocolates, roses and pink.

Some people love to be adorned with gifts for Valentine’s Day. They eagerly wait for their flowers to be delivered to work and blush like the others, oh and ahh, no matter how much their partner loves them.

Others want to distance themselves completely from the holidays. They find it too commercialized and not a true representation of love.

There is nothing mal with how someone feels for Valentine’s Day. The only problem is when one couple expects to receive gifts and the other doesn’t even have Valentine’s Day on the radar.

If your partner has not given you a gift for Valentine’s Day, you may feel hurt and betrayed. The truth is, there are many reasons why this may have happened, and not all of them mean that your boyfriend doesn’t love you.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why your boyfriend may not have given you a Valentine’s Day gift so you can find out if this problem means you should separate or just talk about it.

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Common Reasons a Boyfriend May Not Make a Valentine’s Day Gift

You may not subscribe to the Valentine’s Day idea

Many people despise Valentine’s Day because it is a “distinctive holiday.” It refers to the holidays that no longer celebrate their original meaning and now only exist to sell holiday cards and gifts. If your boyfriend is someone who thinks you shouldn’t buy this kind of occasion, it’s unlikely you’ll receive a gift without explicitly asking him to give you one.

Maybe he’s lost track of time

As adults, time can stretch and things get lost in a constantly changing schedule of things to do. It is quite possible that your boyfriend will not notice that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.

Your gift could be in the mail

Could it be that your special boyfriend has ordered a gift for you and it just hasn’t arrived yet? This could be especially true if your boyfriend is long distance. Before you panic, just try to ask your boyfriend if you should expect a gift in the mail.

There may be a surprise waiting for you

It’s the classic sitcom setting, someone thinks it’s not celebrated for an occasion, and after all, there’s a big romantic surprise waiting for them. If Valentine’s Day isn’t over, try not to be disappointed. You never know if you’re going to show up for a romantic surprise in the evening.

Worst case scenario: your relationship is not taken seriously

Is it possible that your boyfriend didn’t give you a present because he doesn’t take your relationship seriously? Well, yes. The unfortunate truth is that Valentine’s Day can illuminate relationships with unequal levels of affection.

Suppose you’ve been together for a long time and have expressed interest in celebrating Valentine’s Day. If your boyfriend made no effort to give you a present, show you extra love, or celebrate your partner, chances are you feel stronger for him than he does for you.

What if my boyfriend didn’t get me a Valentine’s Day gift?

If you are asking this question, we assume that you have considered some legitimate reasons why you have not received any gifts and none of them make sense to your relationship. You know that your boyfriend can afford a gift and there is definitely no one in the mail. Well, then it’s time to sit down and talk about it.

The hallmark of a mature relationship is being able to self-assess our emotions so we can talk about our problems. Therefore, before you prepare to talk to your boyfriend, make an inventory of the facts surrounding the situation. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Did you make it clear that you wanted to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a gift?
  • Did you give your boyfriend a Valentine’s Day gift?

If you’ve never expressed interest in receiving a gift (mentioning it or offering a gift to your partner first), your boyfriend may not have noticed that you wanted one. You can’t put expectations on your partner without letting them know how those expectations can be met. If they’re not aware of what Valentine’s Day means to you, it’s not their fault if they don’t take a step as you expected.

If you made it clear that you wanted to celebrate the party with a gift, the conversation you need to have is more difficult. Read on for tips on how to deal with this delicate situation.

How to express your disappointment without guilt

If you notice that you have not made it clear expected a Valentine’s Day gift, you need to approach the conversation very gently. Let your boyfriend know that you did not ask for a Valentine’s Day gift, but that you were disappointed when you did not receive it.

Let them know that you are disappointed with yourself by not making your expectations clear and ask them if they will feel comfortable prioritizing Valentine’s Day in the future.

If you have a mature and understanding partner, this conversation should be simple and calm.

How to express disappointment when your boyfriend is to blame

Suppose you have assessed the situation. You know you told him that Valentine’s Day is important to your boyfriend, you told him about your favorite flowers, you gave him your work address, you sent him a list of gifts you wanted, damn, even you all sent chocolates and a gift home! However, he did not receive anything in return.

If your boyfriend has dropped the ball seriously on Valentine’s Day, it’s a good idea to let him know. Just remember that it is always best to try to keep the conversation quiet.

Let him know that you are hurt because you have expressed your desire to celebrate Valentine’s Day with gifts and he did not comply.

This simple statement should open the door to a discussion about your actions and ways to resolve it in the future. Alternatively, it could make you realize that you are not valued enough and end the relationship.

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