The fireworks are for July 4th

No fireworks on a first date in Austin does not mean that the attraction cannot develop over time. It is impossible to know someone well enough in a few hours. While chemistry is important, feeling love (or lust) at first glance is not a realistic indicator of a relationship’s success. Not feeling those love sparks on the first date shouldn’t be a total breakup.

Fireworks on a first date are like a spark. You turn it on. It’s bright, beautiful and exciting while it lasts, but the intensity runs out before you realize it. First dates are full of anxiety and expectations, so it would be wise not to completely judge your feelings for someone based entirely on that night.

The thing is, when you have an amazing first date, the sparks fly blind. You shouldn’t love someone within hours of meeting them. You don’t know them. So if you fall in love so quickly, you’re likely to like the other person’s idea or find it so appealing that we tend to overlook the rest of their personality.

For some people, this initial spark may become a relationship, but the mistake many people make is to think that if there is no initial spark, this person should not be a good partner, when in fact it could be the opposite is true. . A professional matchmaker in Austin can not only introduce you to compatible singles, but can also help you determine why there are no sparks. It doesn’t mean you have to reject the idea of ​​a second date.

The basis of a lasting and satisfying relationship is a strong friendship and common values. This takes time to figure out. It’s best to let a relationship evolve naturally without expectations. As this base gets stronger, the fireworks you are looking for will not be left behind. And this time it will last much longer than a spark!

You never know what the second date will bring you, because no matter how pleasant it is to hear these sparks right away, they’re not always a compatibility test. This is exactly how a professional Matchmaker can help guide you through the confusing world of dating that teaches us that attraction should be the starting point of all relationships. Give your appointment a try, as the experts advise. You never know if someone will end up being the person you’re destined to be with.

That’s why, in a nutshell, that’s why a good enough first date is worth a second round. Without falling in love after an amazing first date, you will be able to set realistic expectations about what the future holds for you. Over time, you’ll see, and maybe slowly fall in love, who someone really is instead of the person you just want them to be.

So, independently, going out with someone is very rarely a total wash. Learning about yourself and what you want from someone else is valuable in itself.

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