The best episodes of season 4

What an amazing fourth season we had from the podcast Small Things Often. At The Gottman Institute we are proud to present brief but informative resources to help you improve your relationship. This season we ventured into more episodes for parents and caregivers, although we continue to offer couples the tools they need to love each other well.

This season finale review includes ten hand-selected episodes showing the best of the fourth season. Get up to date on what you’ve missed or listen to your favorites again.

How to Build Emotional Intelligence

In the first part of the fourth season, we started discussing what it means to understand your emotions and the emotions of others. It is a great starting point for both couples and parents / caregivers.

The little things you do

We started the season with this ode to the real meaning behind “little things often.” Small intentional gestures of affection and admiration make a big impact on relationships.

How to fall in love with your partner again

Couples in long-term relationships felt love this season, especially with this popular episode that emphasized ways to relive the connection.

Ways to become each other as new parents or caregivers

Introducing a child to the family can turn a relationship upside down. We’re glad so many people enjoyed this episode about how it still works to turn around.

The myths of the relationship to ignore

There are a lot of bad relationship tips out there. We help clarify things with research-based methods.

5 tips to help your relationship thrive

Test times can put pressure on even the strongest couple. In this episode, we offer some simple approaches to help make your relationship the best it can be.

Emotional coaching is not just for kids

Emotional coaching helps parents teach their children how to identify and manage their emotions. Couples need to learn the same thing. This episode shows you how and why.

An easier way to talk about finance

Money brings a lot of different emotions and can be a tense topic for couples. Follow our tips on how to have a better and more productive conversation about finances.

The conversations that matter most in relationships

As a couple, you should always keep the conversation going, from breakfast to buying a home. But which discussion is more important?

Are you paying attention?

Did you catch it? The subtle change of tone of your partner or the way he sighs deeply after a long day? Being attentive means eliminating distractions so you can tune in to your relationship.

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