The 7-second trick that makes him commit

I understand. You want to make him commit to you.

And believe it or not, you want to commit.

But you know what some men are like: if they can go out with you and sleep with you without committing to a relationship will do so for as long as humanly possible.

But wait a minute, I’m sure you’ve also heard of situations that are just the opposite …

It is where a man who is normally afraid of commitment is gladly handed over to a particular woman.

how to make him compromise The 7-second trick that makes him compromise

And you can do it without hesitation!

What’s going on here?

Simply put, it will only engage you if you become a “moving target”

You must NOT agree to be exclusive to him until he commits.

That means you’re open to dating other men (and make sure you know) until they claim you.

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We have all heard that “men are like dogs.” When it comes to engagement, though, they’re more like a cat trying to catch a mouse.

men are like cats The 7 second trick that makes him commit

Imagine if the mouse approached the cat and said, “Then when will you try to catch me, eh? Will you hurry? I have a schedule here!”

He would quickly get bored and leave, right?

But what if the mouse started moving in the OTHER direction? What if it emitted a vibration that said, “Catch me if you can!”?

That’s right … the cat would walk away from his lazy ass and try to catch this mouse! The same thing happens with relationships.

If you give yourself completely to a man (being exclusive), then he has no real urgency to commit to you.

She’s not afraid to get lost, so she’ll just take her sweet time and promise to commit to you SOMETHING when she’s ready.

And you and I know that “someday” usually means “NEVER.”


Next time you talk to him, say this:

  • “Honey, I just want you to know that I’m very happy to be with you … And I also have to say that I can’t go out with you exclusively anymore. We can still be together, but not exclusively anymore.”

Your heart will probably stop and ask you why. That’s when you say:

  • “Well, what I want is a committed relationship, and I don’t know if that’s what you want with me. I want to give everything to someone, and if it’s not you, I have to stay open to meet someone else. “

He will probably get into it shock for the first minute, but you have to stand firm … otherwise, it’s all for nothing.

surprised man The 7-second trick that makes him commit

Sometimes just saying that is enough to make him commit to you right there, and sometimes it takes a few days to come.

That doesn’t mean you have to rush out and start going out. It just means you have to change your mindset to be open to being with someone else.

If he really likes you, he will realize that he is in danger of losing someone very precious to him.

It does very easy for him to commit to you, and here’s why. Instead of the pressure to commit coming from you, the pressure will be on yourself. It works like magic!

If you can’t find anything from our little talk today, remember this:

You have to push yourself to commit.

If the pressure comes from youit will never work.

they want to commit The 7-second trick that makes him compromise

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UPDATED ON 10/10/2021

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