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Communication is a crucial element in every relationship, but especially important is how we end the day together. Whether you’re looking for a good night’s message for her because she lives on the other side of town, or you’re sending a good night’s message to your wife before you join her, we have many ideas for smart good night messages for her!

Sweet, spicy and a little bit of everything in between, there are good night messages for your girlfriend, good night messages for your wife and good night texts that are naughty i beautiful!

Sweet good night messages for your girlfriend

Woman in bed smiling as she reads goodnight texts to the bride

1. I know we just saw each other a while ago, but I miss you so much that I really want to go to bed so I can dream of you.

2. I had a great time with you today, thank you for being you.

3. There are worse things in life than being so distracted by the memories of your wonderful girlfriend that you can’t even sleep … sigh, good night!

4. I wish you were here so I could hug you long before I went to bed … I guess I’ll have to wait to see you in my dreams!

5. In fact, I consider myself very lucky to have a girlfriend that I miss so much. Good night!

6. Just having your phone in hand and texting makes me feel closer to you. Good night, love!

7. To the woman who is the star of my day and the star of my dreams, good night!

8. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow, I just have to make a bridge between now and then with some sweet dreams of yours, I guess …

9. Sweet dreams to my sweet dream girl!

10. I’m so much about you, I’m literally excited to go to bed so I can dream about you!

11. I’m trying to go to bed so I can at least dream of you again, but I’m lying there smiling like a cheese ball thinking about you and that keeps me awake!

12. In a battle with myself: too excited to sleep because I want to see you again tomorrow, but you know that the sooner I fall asleep, the sooner I see you tomorrow … you’ve hooked me. here, but I don’t care ?

13. The way you keep going through my mind makes me quite hopeful that I will see you in my dreams tonight. Good night!

14. I wish I could fall asleep alone here, but here I am missing something in my arms and oh! Is you.

15. I’ll send you a goodnight message every night, but let me just tell you that I’d rather tell you this while we curl up to sleep.

16. I’m excited to at least be able to dream about you every night, but to dream that it’s not as good as the real thing! Good night, girl.

17. I miss you when we’re apart, but at least I know I can see you in my dreams.

18. You’re the sweetest girl ever, I just wish we didn’t have to break up right now.

19. I guess I have to hurry up and put my ass to sleep so I can get to the part where I see you tomorrow! Good night.

20. Good night text messages for brides are far behind if I can’t even magically teleport to you. That sucks, I miss you!

21. I don’t count sheep to fall asleep. I count all the reasons I am lucky to have you as a girlfriend.

22. I’ll send you a virtual hug before bed … good night!

23. Sweet dreams to my dream come true!

24. I have your photos, I have your videos, I have your text messages … but nothing compares to reality. I miss you, good night.

25. I love how we can hang out and basically do nothing together and still have a great time. You’re great, good night!

26. I’m just lying here trying to sleep, smiling like a big idiot thinking about you. I hope you have a good night.

Good night text messages for her

She lays in bed with a blanket as she reads goodnight messages to her

27. I keep thinking about you and all the things we’ve done today … you know what I’m talking about! Ugh, I miss you. All of you.

28. I know it’s nice that we can still send text messages and stuff while we’re apart, but not being able to reach you and touch you, kiss you, do all the things I’d like to do with you right now is it’s not easy!

29. I can’t even get mad at you for being so hot that I can’t stop thinking about you even when I’m trying to sleep … you made me work here, girl!

30. Sweet dreams there, dear … hopefully they are a little spicy too ?

31. All I can think about is all the things we would do if we were together right now and how can you be expected to sleep in these conditions ???

32. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Oh, I can’t wait to dream of you tonight!

33. I wish we were closer so I could show you how crazy you’re making me rn … and maybe I could drive you a little crazy too ?

34. After the fun we had today, I want to have some very spicy dreams tonight …

35. I love how to dream about you every night when I go to sleep, but I can almost guarantee that my dreams with you tonight will NOT be PG.

36. I swear I can still smell you around here. I’ll just be here trying to go to sleep while my body is on fire missing you.

37. I miss you, your lips, your touch, your EVERYTHING. Good night, girl.

38. Am I going to go to the shower before I go to bed tonight … wink, wink, wink, wink?

39. Here I try to cool off so you can keep working on me when we’re so far away … okay, but I’ll take it. Good night <3

40. Are you thinking I might have some hot dreams tonight after the day we had?

41. I’m just thinking about you and how hot you are … oooooh I just KNOW you’ll be in my dreams tonight!

42. I hope my dreams with you are as naughty as my thoughts about you now … sweet and spicy dreams, girl!

43. As tired as I am, if you were here, sleeping would be the last thing on my mind.

Good night love texts for your wife

Woman in bed smiling reading goodnight text messages to woman

44. I’m almost done up here, I can’t wait for my favorite part of the day … when I go to bed next to you. Good night, girl.

45. No matter how long we’ve been together, I’m still excited when I think about coming home with you. I’ll be home soon, good night!

46. ​​Keep the bed warm for me, girl, I’m going!

47. I miss you so much, I can’t wait until you get home to snuggle up to sleep every night. Good night, dear.

48. For the woman who did it, I HATE sleeping alone now, I love you and good night!

49. Something to know that you are hiding in our bed waiting for me only makes me deliciously happy … sweet dreams, see you soon!

50. I know you’re asleep right next to me, but I just had to tell you that you’re absolutely adorable when you sleep and it’s making it hard for you to sleep. I hope you are having the sweetest dreams, my love.

51. Marriage is amazing because I know I get used to you every night. Good night love.

52. Marriage is basically the best thing that has ever happened because it means we will be friends for the rest of our lives and I really miss my friend tonight. I love you, dear.

53. Day after day, year after year, you are still my favorite part of the day. I miss you tonight, darling. Good night and sweet dreams.

54. Reasons why our bed is so much better than this stupid one I’m stuck in tonight: You’re there. I miss you, good night!

55. Good night on the phone always means it’s not as good a night as it would be if we were together. I love you, good night.

56. Some people don’t even have women to miss at home, so I’ll consider myself lucky to miss you so much right now. Good night, girl.

57. Good night to my beautiful wife, I wish I had snuggled up next to you right now!

58. I almost wish you weren’t such an amazing woman, so I shouldn’t miss you so much when I’m out … JK, good night, I love you!

59. Somehow it is even harder to be out like that at bedtime than before living together. Now I know what I miss when I’m not! Good night dear.

60. Love means always missing someone when you’re apart, I guess? I miss you, I wish I was there with you.

61. Business trip that makes me unable to hug you at night: 0/0 stars, I don’t recommend it.

62. You have harmed me. I don’t like not curling up at night now. Before I could sleep alone, I swear to you!

63. So how much do I need to keep this job that keeps me from getting close to you every night? Remember me, girl, because I miss you so much now!

64. Not having you home for a good night kiss isn’t my favorite, but be prepared to make up for all that distance when you get home, k?

65. Does your job know how much I miss my wife when she’s not here to curl up at night? Because I feel like if they knew, they would take pity on us and send you home, lol.

66. Good night to my beautiful wife, I can’t wait to love you in person again.

67. My favorite part of my night is crawling into bed with you and my favorite part of my morning is waking up by your side … I miss you, good night!

68. I told you that when I crawl into bed next to you at night, lifting our blankets always makes me feel like I’m opening a gift, the gift of crawling to my beautiful wife!

69. Woman, I miss you. I hope you are having a good night!

70. Good night is a little impossible for me when I can’t put you to sleep, but I wish you one anyway! Good night, dear.

Sending love text messages to your person is always a sweet move, so follow up the next day with some good morning sweet messages and then continue with flirty text messages all day long!

Letting her know you’re thinking about her when you’re apart is a sweet way to keep your relationship strong and show affection, so have fun and text!

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