TALKING TRASH: Going out with a younger man


“Really! Carlos! How dare you use the word C!”

Well, we call the room elephant and recognize that there is a strange stigma associated with women dating a younger man. Yes, there is a double standard here, because when a man does it, we think it is more acceptable.

you don't have dates with younger men TALKING TRASH: Dating A Younger Man


Why is that?

Part of that is something that goes back to our roots as hunter-gatherers. And this things of primordial attraction today it is true in different ways.

The reasoning is as follows: When a man is older, he has usually consolidated. Therefore, it is a better bet to mate, as it can support you and your family.

And because men are fertile while they care to keep doing so, they don’t have the same limitations when it comes to having babies.

So hanging out with older guys is just … more acceptable.

A younger boy, however, breaks this paradigm.

Why would a woman want a younger man who lacks resources and a solid foundation?

Well, there are a lot of pros and cons to it. Let’s look at them and make malicious comments …

Going out with a younger man – PRO: He’s a wild monkey …

You’ve probably heard me say “love for wild monkeys.” Let’s be honest, a younger guy will have the ability for a few “rehearsal” performances.

how to deal with dating a younger man TALKING TRASH: Dating a Younger Man

Poor coordination.

He will also be a better performer on demand, overall.

Boys reach their peak sexual performance in their late teens and early 20s. He will have more energy and will want to do more.

Women reach their sexual peak at 30 and 40 years old.

Who makes this kind of cruel joke about gender? Really.

So you can see how a woman at her best might want to dive into the hot springs to find a good one. lover of wild monkeys.

Going out with a younger man – CONS: It’s a wild monkey, with a FAST banana …

Yes, we know the jokes, but they are also true. Younger boys do not have the delicacy and excellent skills in the bedroom that an older man has.

And you probably have a “quick banana.” Which means you’re less likely to keep grinding as long as you want.

tips for women dating younger men TALKING TRASH: Dating A Younger Man

Too fast!

Big boys (and this is where I will explain this to you authority and experience) have a much finer feel to the sack. We no longer need to rush to the finish line, we can run by your side. We are more likely to spend more time “peeling this banana.”

Have I had enough of my banana metaphor yet?

Yes me too.

Dating a Younger Man – PRO: He Has an Indiana Jones Hat …

Look, dating will be more adventurous with a younger guy. He has this nature that he is looking for: he is looking for interesting, new and interesting things to do.

there are advantages to dating a younger man TALKING TRASH: Dating A Younger Man

It’s fun and adventurous! But…

It will make this creative romance you want so much. He will bring out your younger side, who feels great.

I you will most likely fall in love with this young man.

Going out with a younger man – CON: He has an itch … and there is no ointment

Look, the reality is, you’ll have to work harder to keep a younger guy interested. The young boys were biologically made to … well … spread their seed.

No matter how many smart authors you read that assure you that men are monogamous (we can be monogamous), we still have the desire of many lovers. And if you haven’t “sown the oats,” that is, you’ve had a great healthy sexual experience, it can cost you a lot to hold on.

Going out with a younger man – PRO: he has a backpack instead of a suitcase …

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like younger boys have a lot less luggage than your divorced 35-year-old dad. He has not had many related scars to deal with.

You will be more open and have fewer preconceived notions about how things should be in your relationship.

Dating a younger man – CON: No experience …

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

Such as total lack of relationship skills. How to communicate with you, how to resolve conflicts and discussions …

tips on relationships with younger men TALKING TRASH: Going out with a younger man

Poor life skills = Poor relationship skills

You just won’t have very good skills, which means you need to be flexible and very patient to acquire the relationship skills you take for granted.

Wait, I have a couple more to really hit this house:

Going Out with a Younger Man – CON: Not Ready to Make Baby …

The other reason why older men are more attractive to women is that they are not looking to start a family until later in life. You have a biological clock that becomes very strong when you are 30 years old. You know there are a limited number of “safe” years to start making babies.

what to expect when dating younger men TALKING TRASH: Going out with a younger man

Not ready …

Perhaps he has not the slightest desire to face all this at this stage of his young and adventurous life.

Sorry, one more WITH for you –

Going out with a younger man – CON: He has no reason to park his car …

For younger boys, there is always another girl around (at least, in their excitement). So why should you hold on so much to the relationship if you can only exchange it for a new one?

He will have more than one “lease“mentality than a” buy to own “.

Yes, that means it is no he will probably be a great candidate for a full engagement with you.

He will not want to get married. He may not be ready for the pressures of family life yet. So you have to keep this in mind when fishing in this pond.

So are you still depressed? It’s you excited?

I can understand if I don’t think the relationship is ideal.

pros cons of dating younger men TALKING TRASH: Dating A Younger Man

Why would I want to slow down …?

Now, if we’re just talking about a difference of, say, 5 years more or less, you might not worry about it. Boys 30 and older are not as wild as younger audiences.

If we are talking about a boy of about 20 years or so (nasty cougar, you!) will have many more CONS that I commented on here.

So it’s really about the stages of life. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

Where is he in his life?

What is your focus?

What is your personality?

And probably most importantly:

What is yours Connection code?

Your login code tells you which child you are. Because not all men connect with women in the same way.

I’ve found a way to find out a man’s connection code, and it’s 100 times more reliable than any other way to understand a man. (I’m sorry, but “The Bull Man” won’t tell you much about how to make it your own.)

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