Sudden Breakup of a Long-Term Relationship: 5 Best Tricks

Sudden Breakup of a Long-Term Relationship: 5 Best Tricks

Dealing with the sudden breakup of a long-term relationship: 5 best tricks

Dealing with the sudden breakup of a long-term relationship is a real challenge for anyone. Divorce or separation after a long-term relationship is the main stressor of life after becoming a widower. Severe loss can lead to depression and health problems. So don’t let a few months go by without taking steps to recover.

Why is the loss so painful? Studies have shown that breaking up an intimate relationship activates one of the same areas of the brain as physical pain! The more loss people felt, the more activity they had in the anterior cingulate, which also records physical discomfort. In other words, your pain is physiological. They also found that broken heart syndrome was due in part to stress-induced cardiomyopathy (chest pain, etc.).

But research has also shown that there are proven ways to deal with a sudden breakup in a long-term relationship so that you can recover more quickly.

Dealing with the sudden breakup of a long-term relationship: Julie’s case

Julie, a 50-year-old pediatric nurse, was married to Carlos, a surgeon, for 12 years. Suddenly he returned home one day and announced that he was leaving. Julie felt like she was on her face. She asked why and Carlos said he felt they had grown up in different directions. Something didn’t go right for Julie, and when she was asleep, she picked up her phone and found that she was in an ongoing relationship with her young nurse, Anne. Devastated and heartbroken, she realized it was an adventure that was breaking up their marriage, not a lot of psychological babbling. Julie could not eat or sleep and felt broken. Carlos moved in with Anne the following month.

After a few months of severe pain and feeling desperate, she started training with one of my experts. First, her coach provided a much-needed sounding board for Julie as she wept with her heart. But then he made a number of suggestions. This included spending time with his closest girlfriends, which was very comforting. And instead of engaging in useless fights with Carlos, he started a kickboxing class and took out his anger.

Julie’s coach took her through the auto-diamond process. For example, Julie was given the nickname Resilient Diamond Self, Triumphant Irresistible Goddess. Then he went out and changed his image, with that nickname in mind. Julie began to enjoy the way she was emotionally managing her divorce. And he acknowledged how great he looked. He is currently dating two very interesting men and is having a lot of fun.

Now, here are five tricks to deal with a sudden breakup that have helped many people, including Julie, turn this painful moment into a new rebirth for themselves!

Facing the sudden breakup of a long-term relationship Hack 1: Spend time with close friends

UCLA researchers themselves found that spending time and sharing with close friends can make up for the pain you feel. In fact, sharing causes the release of natural opioids, which are like the painkillers found in opium.

Dealing with the sudden breakup of a long-term relationship 2: Use anger as fuel to improve yourself

If you feel angry, channel it into kick boxing, weightlifting or cardio. Exercise boosts your mood and youthful body. You will de-stress, find more peace and sleep better!

Coping with the Sudden Breakup of a Long-Term Relationship Hack 3: Make a makeover.

First, think about how your ex will feel when he sees how great you have become. Only this thought can feed your rebirth. So make yourself more attractive, healthier and calmer.

Then invite your friends to come to a “New You” party to help you change your image. Let them go through your clothes and accessories, get rid of unfavorable things and gather some hot aspects for your new one. Ask them for references to great hairdressers or clothing stores. Look for something that makes you feel good. You can also have a big revelation party for yourself.

Coping with the Sudden Breakup of a Long-Term Relationship Hack 4: Go out and make an appointment offline and online

Start as soon as possible, even if you don’t feel like it. The sooner you do, the sooner you can move on. Right now your chances of knowing the love of your life could be better than ever! The average marriage now lasts less than seven years and that means there are new singles all the time. Hundreds of millions of people now use online dating. You don’t have to worry about getting into a bounce relationship – new research shows that people who get married on the bounce are less likely to fail than they expect.

So don’t worry if you’re big. In fact, the American Retirement Association found in a recent poll that 70 percent of single baby boomers are actively dating.

Dealing with the sudden breakup of a long-term relationship 5: Meditation and Relaxation

Johns Hopkins researchers recommend relaxation and meditation techniques to eliminate heartache. These include meditation and other spiritual practices, deep breathing, or recording your feelings. So make them a part of your daily life and you will recover more quickly from the sudden breakup of your long-term relationship. In fact, be sure to create a daily practice where you communicate with greater power than yourself.

Dealing with the sudden breakup of a long-term relationship: A gift for you

If you are having difficulty overcoming your suffering, I would like to give you a session. My expert coaches have helped many people overcome the loss of love and the sudden breakdown of long-term relationships so that they can start living again. Please do not try to overcome this alone.

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