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I was supposed to have my first colonoscopy today, a random fact that I didn’t really need to know, but now you do. Did you know that the age at which it is now recommended for people to start regular colposcopies has recently been reduced to 45, and since I am 45, in my last review, my doctor recommended that I schedule my first . I nodded and assured him I would, with no intention of actually doing so. I waited six years after another doctor advised me to start having a mammogram before I finally had my first one last fall (something that wasn’t really a big deal and I would recommend to everyone to start as soon as they advise your healthcare). suppliers).

The day after my last checkup, I got a call from my doctor’s office and a very nice woman told me I was ready to schedule my colonoscopy and what day would it work for me? WTF? I’ve never had such an efficient follow-up and, caught off guard, I said something stupid like, “As soon as possible.” So, he asked if it was available on February 15th and I whistled, “Oh sure, that’s great!” like an idiot, and then he said, “Oh, wait, this is the day after Valentine’s Day, which means that the 14th will be your day of preparation.” He said the prep day was a little nasty and I was sure he wanted to schedule the 15th, and I said, “It’s great! I don’t even care about Valentine’s Day, so it’s okay!”

But then February 1st came and I flipped through my calendar page and saw the 15th circled and the “colonoscopy” scribbled in the box, and I thought to myself: You know, February is challenging enough, with the cold and the snow and the groundhog. The winter day and six more weeks were still to come, so I called my doctor and canceled the colonoscopy. Which brings me to today, and although I’m glad I’m not doing what anyone who has seen them recognizes the five celebrities who did the half-time Superbowl show should still be scheduled, still it’s february and i still need some help to get over it. that. Fortunately, there are some things that have encouraged me, and you might also like:

Someone somewhere
This is a new HBO comedy series starring (and produced by) comedian and singer Bridget Everett (HBO). Camp). I wasn’t familiar with Everett, but I quickly became a fan. In Someone somewhere, interprets Sam, “a true Kansan on the surface who, above all, struggles to adapt to the mold of his hometown.” She returned to her hometown to help care for her chronically ill sister, and the show takes place after her sister’s death as she explores Sam’s struggle with pain and who she is without her sister. . Through this, singing is his saving grace, and we see how he joins a singing group full of other misfits who form a community together that one could imagine could be the support for which Sam is desperate.

(Another show I’m enjoying is Better things, which has just started its new season. And if you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend the super quirky documentary style show, How to do it with Jon Wilson. (All three shows, while quite different, bring refreshing interpretations of humanity and modern relationships and feature characters who don’t take themselves or life too seriously).

The Good ‘Cloud’ Socks
I discovered the Le Bon sock brand in a small shop in Beacon, New York, a quaint town about 90 minutes north of Manhattan that my family enjoys visiting on long weekends. I saw the shiny socks on a table after deciding that the two $ 100 sweaters I had just tried on were not worth it. Twelve dollars per sock was cheaper, and those were pretty, so I got them. And hey, they’re so comfortable that they quickly became a workhorse in my (little) closet. Then I received a marketing email from the company a few weeks ago warning me of a new sock called “cloud”, which the email claimed to be “the most comfortable, most comfortable and most beautiful socks around.” Well, I’m a fan of comfortable, cozy socks, so I ordered two pairs and I’ll tell you they are the most comfortable and comfy socks I’ve ever had. You need them as stuffers every year, please.

Kristin Ess The One Signature Hair Shine – Penny Copper
As I mentioned earlier, I am now 45 years old and in addition to needing regular colonoscopies now, I guess I also need something to increase the color of my rapidly fading red hair. Curious fact: natural redheads don’t turn gray until much later than other people (my grandfather was 80 years old before he was mostly gray); what happens is that the color fades over time, starting around 30. By now, and especially in the middle of winter, my natural color is a bit meh, and even with the color conditioner I’ve recommended in the past (and still recommend!), the color boost only lasts a few days. I needed something more durable, but it wouldn’t cost me $ 200 and hours of my time at the salon. Enter: Kristin Ess The One Signature Hair Gloss – Copper Penny. I didn’t know any of that, but it was cheap enough to bet on, and I’m so glad I did. An app turns my hair back to the color of 20 years ago, instantly brightening my face and mood, and the color lasts 3-4 weeks. I am in my fourth use and very happy with it. I can’t talk about the other colors or products, but if you’re looking for a copper-colored gloss to try at home, look no further (and if you’ve tried any of their other glosses, let us know what you think!).

Recipe for energy balls without oven
Every week I make a batch of granola bars or energy balls which are delicacies / snacks that are easy to grab when appetite and cravings arrive. Lately, I’ve been making this recipe from one of my favorite cooking blogs, Love and Lemons (which always has the tastiest healthy recipes). I’m a fan of this energy ball recipe because it uses only a few ingredients (and nothing too expensive or hard to find) and is super filling, delicious, and easily adaptable to personal taste and dietary needs. After enjoying the holidays, these energy balls have been completely curbed by the cravings for sweets. Now if anything could cure me of my urge to eat a loaf of bread and drink a bottle of wine every two days …

And you? Any news that you like and that winter favors you?

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