Six Steps to Save a Relationship

Six Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Long-Term Relationship

Maintaining a healthy long-term relationship requires effort and commitment from both partners. It’s important to regularly check in with each other, communicate openly and honestly, and make time for each other. In this article, we’ll discuss six tips to help you maintain a healthy and happy long-term relationship. From setting realistic expectations to making time for yourself, these tips will help you navigate the ups and downs of being in a committed relationship.

Learn His Love Language

He might love touch and yet you never hold his hand. Gifts might be your thing but not his. Find out what his language is and deliver it to him. Ask him to do the same. Talk about it. It’s fun and it can really make a difference in knowing how to save a relationship.

Save a Relationship by Learning to Communicate Properly

Do you know how to argue? I bet you don’t. They don’t teach this stuff in school. Arguments start because one or both of you believe you’re right and there is no other alternative but yours.

Failure to understand where the other person is coming from can ruin a marriage. There are always two sides to an argument, and you find it by listening to your significant other.

For example, you may find that your man is not affectionate, not because he doesn’t love you, but because his dad never showed affection to his mom when he was growing up. And the few times he did, mom rejected him because he was drunk.

By listening, you discover you had the wrong reason, to begin with. Your guy is jaded because of a childhood memory. This is how relationships fail and how you can save a relationship by understanding proper communication.

Learn the Importance of Timing

People fight when they get triggered. But the proper time to engage with grievances is when we are getting along and things are going well.

This can be difficult. No one wants to bring up the bad stuff when we are having fun picking apples, drinking cider, and eating donuts.

But this is the exact time to ask your partner questions on how you can improve things between you!

Try it. Bring up things that are bothering with positive win/win solutions. You will be amazed!

Create a Win / Win
In my international best-seller book, The Power to Communicate, I talk about a time I was pulled over speeding in Florida. I was doing 90 mph, top-down, in my Jaguar.

When I got pulled over, I could see that the trooper was not pleased. Before he could get to my car, I said, “Sir, I’m an idiot, I just arrived from Boston, and I was giving my car a good run to shake the rust off. My exit is one mile ahead and I didn’t see any troopers – so I gunned it! ”

He sat on the guardrail, turned away from me, and he appeared to be laughing.

He was.

He said, “In my 25 years no one has ever been so fucking honest with me! ”

I proved I lived in Boston, we chatted more, and he said, “Have a good day. ”

What happened? I provided a win/win for both of us. You see, police officers want respect, and they rarely get it. I gave him respect by being honest. Everyone denies speeding or doing anything wrong. I did the opposite. I admitted I was wrong, explained why, and he rewarded me with what I wanted – not getting a felony charge for driving to endanger.

Six Steps to Save a Relationship Summary

Apply these six steps to save a relationship. Step away and assess the constant arguments. Listen with respect and learn where he is coming from and then make a win/win plan to fix the situation.

If we all did this, the world would be a much better place.

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What makes relationship stronger?

Prioritizing quality time together, ensuring your partner feels heard and understood, and performing small acts of kindness on a daily basis can all help you build a strong bond even when life’s stresses get in the way.

What makes a relationship weak?

The main reasons why relationships fail are loss of trust, poor communication, lack of respect, a difference in priorities, and little intimacy. This article discusses why each may cause a relationship to come to an end.

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