Sexy texts that will make you fall in love

Let’s review some sexy texts that will make a man fall in love.

It can be difficult to open a man. Boys are often seen as stoic, silent creatures who “don’t want to talk about it.”

If my coaching client’s calls tell me anything, it’s that a lot of women struggle to get their man to open up about their feelings.

sphinx 10 sexy texts that will make you fall in love

Strong and quiet type …?

As I said in my previous blog posts, men are often taught at an early age that losing one’s temper (that is, showing emotions) is a sign of weakness.

May be seem as if we were the illegible Sphinx, but the truth is that we have a soft, sticky center, if you know how to get there.

(I noticed that it sounds a little dirty …)

But the hidden and private part of it is reserved for that special woman in our lives.

If you can break the secret code for it to open, he’ll know you’re “The One.”

Text messaging is one of the ways you can tell a guy that you’re the right girl for him, but indirectly.

Men are known to communicate directly to the point, we don’t.

But not when it comes to dating and romance …

tension 10 sexy texts that will make you fall in love

You are the only one”…

He won’t say it (he won’t even be aware of it), but your man is always ready for a nice text flirting session. Live for the thrill of persecution.

And strolling through the woods is, in fact, a good thing for both of us.

Considering the way a boy’s brain is connected, sending him a well-crafted text message is like throwing a light at a gunpowder.

Yes, your husband is a gunpowder of love (and lust!) That is just waiting for the opportunity to explode. Here are 10 of the best text messages to light your wick:

Attractive text no. 1: “My mind has gone crazy with naughty and naughty thoughts all day … and it’s all your fault”

Like you, men want to be SEARCHED.

Most women want men to recognize their beauty and personality, but your typical guy is looking for a more sensual type of longing.

Desire begets desire.

Your husband needs to know that he is going through your head harder than a triathlete looking for the gold medal.

running 10 sexy texts that will make him fall in love

Run it to the finish line …

When you know you’re also thinking about it in an R-rated way, you’ll create a feedback loop that connects directly to a vital part of your brain.

Naturally, it will push you to work out what you just said: the next step is to provide one detail at a time.

EXAMPLE: “I was thinking about the weight of your body pressing against me.”

After sending back and forth text messages for a while, you end up saying, “I’d love to continue like this, but I need to get back to work (or whatever other reason you choose).”

You want to end it and leave it at that.

Then end with:

“Besides, I’d rather continue this face-to-face conversation … I’ll let you count the minutes until then :)”

The detail you want to get depends on you. But if your conversations at this time do not become sexy yetI suggest keeping the suggestive tone instead of using real explicit words … for now.

Sexy text no. 2: “I feel like FedEx right now … because I’m interested in a particular package of yours”

Did you indirectly refer to a part of its anatomy?

Yes, you did, and he will love you for it.

he wants the 10 sexy texts that will make him fall in love

You know you want it …

Let me be completely honest with you: a red-blooded man loves when his wife “wants his business.”

The idea of ​​a girl wanting her manhood is all it takes to make her shoot with all the cylinders.

A man derives a LARGE part of his masculinity from this part of himself, so he will be extremely gratified to know that you want him in this very specific way.

Another flirtatious text – # 3: “Nothing sounds better than hearing you say my name when _______. Fill in the blank :)”

Never underestimate the power of an excited man’s imagination. First of all we are visual creatures, so give our minds something to work on.

We are tempted by what we cannot (or want) to see. Give your boyfriend an excuse to work overtime and he will create the perfect image to record his brain.

By letting it “fill the void,” you basically give it a free pass to imagine the two of you in the dirtiest situation you can imagine.

Trust me, you’ll want to fill these gaps in more ways than one … if you know what I mean.

Sexy text – no. 4: “Looking for: an attractive and handsome boy to offer a girl hungry for love a constant rain of kisses. Generous advantages and benefits await qualified candidates.”

Send it separately: “Only an open site … Let me know if you’re interested.”

mentalimage 10 sexy texts that will make you fall in love

Know what to send and when …

Professional advice: your text messages not always I have to read like a “Fifty Shades of Gray” page.

He doesn’t have to sound like an erotic author all the time, and he’ll appreciate you mixing it up with a little lightness. Also known as FUN.

No matter how much you appreciate crazy things, gear change from time to time it prevents you from being too “intense”. A touch of humor it will break the monotony, give it a good laugh and STILL keep the atmosphere sexy.

(Oh, and feel free to personalize this “sexy ad” text with your own “job description.”)

A good girl knows how to tickle her funny bone … along with other parts of her body.

Super Sexy Texting – # 5: “I was just thinking about the sounds we make when we’re together. It’s like a song stuck in my head and I can’t think of anything else.”

Guys don’t just get activated by images. Providing your brain with the right soundtrack is just as powerful and will complement your dirty dreams.

Use audio i involve their senses

Sexy text no. 6: “I need to hear you say my name … especially when you’re loud and out of breath.”

As with the last text, planting strategic “audio clips” will have a HUGE effect on it, sometimes even more than the images in your head.

Give your boy the best snippets from the last time you practiced with him, and he’ll be so eager to hurt you.

Sexy text no. 7: “Licking a lollipop right now, and I can’t stop thinking about you for some reason. I can’t put my finger on it … maybe you should come and help me figure out why.”

And back to the pictures! I admit that some guys may be dense, but 99.9999% of men will immediately understand this text.

lick 10 sexy texts that will make you fall in love

very good …

Believe me, this is a metaphor that will NOT fly over your head.

Sexy text no. 8: “I’m just thinking about how your tongue feels against my skin … great, now I need to cool off in the south … Do you want to help?”

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

Sexy Naughty Text # 9: “It’s freezing here and I buried myself under a pile of blankets. Wearing nothing was probably the wrong move.”

Not all sexy texts need to be graphic. In some cases, less is more and involving nudity is a good way to achieve this.

sleeping blanket 10 sexy texts that will make you fall in love

Everything is in the details …

Remember, sexual desire is like gravity … sometimes you just need a little push and the rest takes care of itself.

Keep it as long as you can for suggestions. Guys like it dirty when you’re WITH him, but they prefer imagination when you’re not with him.

Sexy Text # 10: “I’m a film critic today and I found a movie online … but it’s a naughty movie. Do you want to see it with me? Your input would be greatly appreciated.”

“Play” is the key word when it comes to texting a man. Inviting him to watch porn is a guy’s secret desire, so you’ll get extra points by being creative about it.

Of course, choose something you really want to see.

Most of the time, activating it comes down to a matter of pointing his mind in the direction you want. Give him the right material and he will run with him.

deepthought 10 sexy texts that will make you fall in love

Make the right connections with your heart and mind …

You probably already know that it doesn’t take much to get started.

While sending the right text messages is a step in the right direction, it is not more A PART of this special combination that will unlock your heart.

And by “combination,” I mean cultivating certain behaviors, attitudes, and habits that speak to your man in a way that no other woman can.

If you want to be THAT girl in your boy’s life, I’ve found a way to simplify the process and get you on the faster path to your heart.

For example, did you know that you need to know how to match your connection style?

I have prepared a short video that will explain what your connection style is and why it is crucial that you know about it.

This is the missing piece in the love puzzle that many women miss, and this often makes the difference between staying together and separating.

Once you’ve solved it, turning a guy into a putty becomes a matter of WHEN and not YES: click HERE to see this FREE presentation.

UPDATED ON 5/10/2021

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