Relationship Sentences For Couples

Relationship Sentences For Couples

The Miracle of 30 Seconds

Studies show that prayer can promote healing in someone who is ill, even when the patient did not know that prayer was occurring! But can prayer promote healing in a relationship or marriage? Do Relationship Prayers for Couples Really Work? In fact, the big news is YES!

Research on the power of relationship sentences for couples

In a series of five studies, researchers studied couple-centered prayer and found it very useful:

  • Couple-centered prayer reduced revenge and guilt,
  • The praying partners independently acknowledged this change in who made the prayer,
  • Specifically, praying for a couple after being hurt increased the forgiveness for which they prayed. That was true even if one of the partners had an affair!

These findings have profound implications for praying for your partner or your relationship. If you are suffering in your marriage, or if you feel that your relationship is falling apart, prayer can create a surprising twist. It can facilitate a journey back to love. So now I will share a few simple prayers that can infuse your partner with the Divine, your Higher Power, or the God of your understanding. Surprisingly, these sentences take just 30 seconds! However, they can change the tone, mood, intimacy, and connection of your relationship on the rise.

So far, this is what we know. Sincere prayer can work at any time:

  • To make your love and compassion for each other even stronger.
  • To foster a beautiful serene connection.
  • And to stop a fight.

Research on the Power of Relationship Prayers for Couples: What If You Are Struggling?

If you are in a troubled place about your relationship, prayer is a vehicle that can quickly get you out of your misery and into a solution. Because suffering comes from focusing on the ego itself. In other words, be worried about how your partner hurt you. How sorry you are for yourself. What reason do you have and how can you take revenge by giving him a cold shoulder or attacking? And most of all, how sad and lonely you feel.

Sounds familiar?

Keep in mind that your attention is firmly fixed on YOU and YOUR PAIN in all these statements. So if you want to get out of suffering and enter into connection and joy, prayer may be your most powerful ally.

Relationship sentences for couples: Diana’s 30-second sentences

You can use a prayer you like or build a new one. For example, here are two prayers I created to help bring the miraculous into my life and consciousness.

Sentence 1 it can be said throughout the day at any time.

The higher power completely fills me with your love and light.

Higher power flows through me in all my thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Free myself from the bondage of thinking only of myself in my marriage.

May I be one with you and live in the fullness of living love.

Second Prayer it’s great in the morning to help me become aware of the presence of my Higher Power throughout the day.

Dearest higher power, divine love,

Please be with me and show me signs of your presence.

Keep me safe, serene, and in a state of joy so that I may be in your great stream of love and service to my Beloved.

How he wants to be for me.

In fact, saying these prayers lifts the resentment I may have toward my husband, Sam, and allows me to be calm, feel good, and act the loving way I love to act. In turn, loving actions regain my self-esteem. and self-love in a big way. So in the end, in addition to helping my relationship, it’s for my benefit. And I almost always get a lot of love back! What goes around comes around.

Relationship Prayer for Couples: Sam’s Prayer

Another example is a prayer Sam, created and says every morning:

Thank you for helping with my relationship with Diana.

Thank you for helping us to live with compassion and love.

Thank you for our many blessings, both material and spiritual.

Thank you for being by my side every day.

Sam says starting his day this way puts things first in his life. Set the tone for a happy, spirited connection with me.

Relationship Prayer for Couples: An Invitation

So I invite you to select or write a prayer for love based on spirituality. If your partner is so inclined, invite her to choose or create a relationship prayer for your partner. In fact, I know some couples who create sentences together and say them together.

Another way to do this is to read spiritually-inspired literature, and sacred poems, or listen to guided meditations or music that you find spiritually uplifting. You can do it alone or with your partner. Just a brief dive into the group of thoughts, sounds, and feelings of the Higher Power will heal and amplify your partner’s love. By the way, I also suggested that you meditate together as expressed in the Meditation of the Loving Mother.

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