Post-Divorce Quotes: Top 5 Mistakes

Divorce BOARD. And, unfortunately, going out after divorce can also seem like a big challenge.

Luckily, this didn’t happen to me (divorce). But I have seen many men and women go through this. And it’s not fun for either side.

You don’t even have to be divorced to have this situation. You may be overcoming a breakup and deciding it’s time to start dating again.

Mistakes to Avoid Going Out After Divorce Dating After Divorce The Top 5 Mistakes

Is it worth it…?

One of my best friends divorced and it took him more than 10 years of his life and 2 millions (yes, that is $ 2,000,000.00) dollars in LAWYER’S FEE to finish it finally.

His ex-wife basically burned those Two Million for spite. He would have been happy to share it with her. But she had to make a point, and so on they both lost.

So I’ve seen some pretty awful stuff out there.

I I’m here to tell you that no matter how bad it is, you can recover and find the love of your life.

So if you are going out after your divorce, you need to know how to avoid mistakes.

Post-Divorce Dating – Error 1: You Didn’t Overcome It.

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Having been a guy who has dated women who were angry and still stuck in divorce, it is painful to experience.

I once went out with a woman who had been cheated on by her ex-husband …

It had been a few years since the divorce, but she yet he had not been cured of it.

Dating Mistakes After Divorce Women Make Dating After Divorce The Top 5 Mistakes

Give yourself time to heal …

I remember once I went with her in the car and a song sounded (“Mr. Brightside“of the Killers) who provoked her because she was a boy who was cheating on his girlfriend. She got very nervous, anxious and angry in just a few seconds. She asked me to turn her off.

I complied, but I was also left with the clear feeling that she was not emotionally healthy. Eventually, that relationship had to end. It was hard because he had strong feelings for her.

(The reason my relationship was so quickly shut down is something I’ll be back to in a while …)

The short tip for you is this:

If you still feel anger and resentment towards your ex, do whatever it takes to get over it.

Otherwise, you will be emotionally affected for your next relationship.

I –

You he can not Have a healthy relationship if you have not let go of your anger for him and have not healed yourself.

Dating After Divorce – Mistake 2: You’re Not Ready to Trust Yet …

This is another sign that you are not ready. If you can’t trust someone because of betrayal, you must first cure them.

Trust takes a long time to build and can be destroyed by a careless mistake. That makes it probably the most fragile thing in our world.

If you think your trust issues arise when dealing with guys, you should wait. You’re probably not ready yet.

Relationship Tips Dating After Divorce Dating After Divorce The Top 5 Mistakes

Build trust.

Another thing to keep in mind is if you make big generalizations men in general. If you are in this space, you are still very raw and injured. Like “All men are dogs …” or “All men are cheaters …”

These generalizations tell us that we are still in a state of “high guilt.” And if you think that everyone in a particular group is the same, you are also very angry. And most men will pick it up very quickly.

Dating After Divorce – Mistake 3: You’re Bouncing …

Sometimes we get into a relationship WAY too fast. And that often happens after we just got out of a relationship that made us feel a mess inside.

When your self-esteem is unstable and battered, you will find relief in a new relationship. It is a fact.

You need to go out and not go out after the breakup Dating after the divorce The 5 main mistakes

Bounce …?

What better validation than finding someone who DOES do you love yourself and find yourself attractive

It’s the ultimate recipe for “overcoming them quickly.”

But you have to be A LOT be careful to let this happen. Ideally, you want at least a couple of months to “time-I“to overcome lovelessness.


Because it is very likely that you choose someone for convenience and not with a clear heart and mind. And that means you can’t use your best decision-making process.

Dating After Divorce – Error 4: You are downloading …

IF you go on a date and find yourself running to the end of the trampoline, ready to enter into a relationship with that person, you may be ready for a date. rebound.

If you feel a strange urgency, this is related to a scarcity mentality. You feel like you need to “close someone” right away.

Mistakes Women Going Out After Divorce Dating After Divorce The Top 5 Mistakes

Test the waters …

Ask yourself – why is that

Why not go out with them for a while and find out what’s really going on with you?

What’s the rush?

If you have no answers to your critical questions, you have no problem even thinking about marrying that person.

Dating After Divorce – Error 5 – Can’t Find Connection …

The most important part of your relationship is what you want most.


  • Connection he tells us when we are on the right track …
  • Connection is the green light of a relationship that tells us when to go …
  • Connection is the compatibility signal we need …
  • Connection it is the bond that keeps a relationship together during difficult times …
  • Connection that’s all!

So when you don’t find that connection with him, you feel it. And you know that feeling is your main concern.

dating after divorce two donts Dating after divorce The 5 main mistakes

Know when to give it space and bring it closer …

There are many reasons why you may feel like you are no Connecting:

  • You are not finding the right men …
  • You don’t feel compatible with him …
  • You are not completely PRESENT with each other, without feeling There for the other person …
  • You talk, but you really don’t COMMUNICATE in any intimate way that satisfies you …

This list could really go on and on forever …

The thing is, most women know that connection is essential to your relationship:

And yet most of them do not know how to do it TO CREATE a strong sense of connection with her husband.

How does this pattern break?

Is there a solution?

If it is here.

Connecting with a man is easy, if you know his CONNECTION CODE …

If you have ever cared about how to establish a real emotional connection with him

Once you know your login code, you can prevent it from moving away …

Mistakes to Avoid Dating After Breakup Dating After Divorce The Top 5 Mistakes


Your heart will be completely open to you –

You will know why it has been so closed and will not connect with you as it did before …

And you’ll know why he’s become selfish and has stopped trying to make your relationship strong.

Her secret thought hides behind a door in her “male mind.” This door is supposed to be there to get the right woman to connect with him.

At the right time …

This door is there you to find and open …

Find out how to use a man’s login code to create a compromise with him today …

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