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From our idea of ​​what true love is, we go out into the world to try to find the right person for us. If you want to find your true love, try it here. This statement sounds harmless enough, but the problem with us is that we learn our definition of true love from unreliable resources around us.

The true definition of true love is not based on how you feel

When we think of love, we automatically think of warm emotions that can make us feel that everything is possible. It’s half true because love can make us feel that way. True love, on the other hand, is more eternal or enduring. It still persists even when that spark is not there.

1. True love is accessible

You can access true love whenever you want. Your partner is not constantly withdrawing from you. You communicate effectively. There is no silent treatment as long as you argue. You are both ready to talk about your differences even if it takes a while.

2. True love is sensitive

When you say sensitive, it means reacting quickly and positively. So whenever your partner needs your support, whether small or large, you are sensitive. This is a way to know that your love will be lasting.

3. True love is emotionally engaged

Like being accessible and sensitive, true love has emotions involved. However, it is not the type that is fleeting or fading. Being emotionally involved means that both you and your partner have the platform to express how you feel on a deeper level. Whether done with words or actions, you both receive each other’s emotions without judgment.

So, as you can see, the definition of true love is not just feeling the spark. It is part of the equation, but true love persists because of the qualities mentioned in the list above. If you think your relationship isn’t there yet, you can always work on it. For more tips on dating and dating, read other blog posts.

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