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While it’s probably not popular enough yet to be considered a cliché, the phrase “no answer is one answer” is very popular when it comes to the world of online dating. In this article, we’ll talk about what this phrase means, how you should interpret it (and you shouldn’t interpret it), and whether or not that means you should do something (such as send a second message). ).

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The meaning of no answer is one answer: definition

Before we begin to break down this phrase, let’s talk about what it means by definition. No reply is a reply meaning that the other person’s silence (not replying) is really a bigger statement than if I had sent you a message.

Here is an example. Hypothetically, imagine that a company has a major scandal of some kind. If the CEO of this company doesn’t come out and make a statement, that actually says a lot. You could say they’re guilty, they don’t care, or they’re too busy to care about their customers. Therefore, by not responding at all to what is happening, they are in fact making a statement.

In short, silence can mean a lot.

As no answer is an answer corresponds to online dating

The most popular use of this phrase refers to online dating (or simply dating in general). What does it mean when you send a message and don’t receive a reply?

Start by ruling out mitigating circumstances

The idea that no answer is ALWAYS an answer is false. Sometimes the reason someone doesn’t send you a message is based on something that has nothing to do with how you feel. For example, they may be busy, having problems with their online dating applications, or something may have happened in their personal life that has taken precedence over replying to all of their messages.

Do not apply the phrase to the first messages

Unanswered phrase is an answer that should not be applied to the first messages you exchange with someone. If someone does not respond to your first message, it may be because they are not interested (which could be interpreted as a statement) or may not have a premium account and may not be able to reply. The latter is much more common than the former and does not fit with what this phrase means.

Make sure you allow enough time for this to apply

It is also important to make sure that you have given the person plenty of time to respond. If it’s only been a few hours or even a few days (when you’re starting out), that’s not long enough. But by the time you’ve given them a long time and received no response, it’s probably safe to start making some assumptions about what their lack of response really means.

When it comes from someone you’ve been talking to for a while

When you talk to someone online for a while, or you may even be texting, the phrase begins to weigh heavily. If you’ve ruled out mitigating circumstances and given them enough time to respond and you haven’t heard anything yet, here are some things they could mean.

  • They have met someone else. – Unfortunately, this happens a lot in online dating. But on the plus side, if they’re so fickle and haven’t chosen you first, they’re probably not someone you want to be with anyway.
  • They are upset about something you said. – Take a minute and read your last message. Did you say something controversial? Did you tell them how they don’t like it? Did you make a politically charged statement? Have you given a position on an important topic? Some people will immediately show that they are upset about being silent. This is probably the most intense form of non-response, being really a real response.
  • They are not great for written communication. – Some people are horrible at texting or texting. If so, look forward to meeting in person!
  • They have lost interest. – This should be filled in to say that they have lost interest and not enough men or women to tell you. Often called a ghost, this unfortunately happens from time to time. But the good news is that if you learn that you are not the type of person you want to be with at the beginning of the process, it protects you from wasting time and hurting yourself later.

Does unanswered mean rejection?

While the technical answer to this is probably a yes, it is not the right way to think about it. A rejection implies that there is something wrong with you. However, when someone is not mature enough to respond to your message, the problem is with them. So yes, probably if there is no answer it means that they are no longer interested in one of the reasons mentioned above, but it should not be taken as a rejection or a statement that something is wrong.

Ways to limit getting any answers

  • Send better first messages. If you’re sending unpleasant first messages, chances are you’ll end up investigating no answer is an answer again it is high. Here’s a great guide on how to send great first messages.
  • Ask questions. You’ll see in the link we just linked that one of the best things to do is ask some kind of question (not a yes or no question) that offers the other person a great and easy way to answer. This is very useful if the person may not be the best in online conversations.
  • Don’t be offensive. We could go a million different directions here, but we’ll simplify that. If you don’t say it in front of your mother, don’t say it in the first few messages. Also, don’t assume that everyone you talk to is 100% in agreement with your views on politics, life, and the world. It’s okay to discover these differences, but do it from a place of learning and not imposing your opinions as if they were law.
  • Only send messages to the people you should be. If someone on your profile is just looking for friends and you send them a message about having a serious relationship, you probably won’t get a response. If someone in your profile only wants to date men under the age of 35 and you are 50, do not send the message.

To send or not to send a second message?

When you receive no response, especially at the beginning of the online dating process, the big question is whether or not you should send another message. We’ve definitely heard a lot of stories where the second message was an absolute waste of time, but we’ve also heard stories where the extra push made things work.

If you are interested in finding out the answer to this question, please see our blog post on how to decide whether or not to send a second message.

No answer is an answer in other contexts

Online dating is not the only area where this phrase is used, however, it is the most popular. You will also hear this in various other contexts. Let’s take a quick look at some of them now:

Established relationships

Many concessions about current affairs and early messages come out of the window when you talk about replies with someone with whom you are actively dating in an established relationship. When you don’t get a response, you can probably assume that they are not happy with you. Keep in mind, however, that lack of communication, especially in an established relationship, is never a good idea. If you’re crazy, talk about it. Don’t assume that not answering will get you there.


In the business world, no answer can say volume, especially during negotiations. Where it gets complicated is that the time between responses can be much longer, so it’s much harder to know if it’s not an answer or just a delayed response. Still, they always say that the quiet part of the negotiation usually wins, so if this is your realm, start looking at the power of silence.

Invitations to the event

Have you ever invited someone to something and they just don’t respond? When that happens, this is usually the “nice” way for someone to say they’re not interested. Take this as a statement as such and don’t waste time with a follow up.


For some reason, friends can sometimes be the most daring when it comes to not responding. In general, if we have ruled out mitigating circumstances, our friends almost always try to make a statement. When it comes to what they say, it will depend a lot on the situation. However, the only constant is that it will be a kind of negative response or disapproval.

How do you deal with unanswered questions?

The answer to this question will depend on the situation. In other words, there is no right answer in every way. However, we can give you some suggestions that may help you decide how to respond to a lack of response in a few different contexts.

Remember that all of them assume that you have already ruled out mitigating circumstances and given the appropriate time for them to respond depending on the context.

Online dating

If someone doesn’t respond, consider sending a second message. Then again, if they don’t give you the time of day, don’t give them the time of day either. It simply deletes the message thread and passes it to someone new.

Established relationships

There is no need to address any short- and long-term responses in an established relationship. In the short term, find out why they are upset. If this requires you to do a little leverage, it is probably best to take it out in the open. In the long run, however, you argue that no answer, even to make a statement, is a healthy communication. Decide together to communicate better even if things go wrong.


You need to be a little more patient here than with someone with whom you have an established relationship, but you still have to go to the bottom of why he didn’t respond. One of the best ways to do this is to simply ask, “Did you receive my last message?” If they just say, “Yes,” and nothing else, you might keep asking, “Do you have any thoughts on what I’ve said?”

Frequently asked questions

Is it rude not to reply to a text message?

The general answer here is yes. However, if it’s someone you’ve already told you don’t want to talk to or continues to be bothered by something you’ve asked them to stop talking about, then it’s not rude not to respond. But out of this context, at least you should send something to avoid being rude. If you do not want the conversation to continue, tell them.

What do you call someone who doesn’t respond to text messages or messages?

While there is no official term for someone who does not respond, we have heard them say that they do not respond, that they do not respond, or that they do not respond.

Why send a text message to someone who is ignoring you?

Nothing. Honestly, if they don’t take the time to respond or aren’t in the mood to respond, sending anything will only cause problems. Send them a text message that says they’re not interested in talking to you right now, so you’ll stop sending them messages, but you’re open to talking when they’re ready to contact you. He puts the ball in his court and puts a lot of pressure on you.

Is no answer better than one answer?

If you ask this question, you are probably trying to convey disinterest or that you are upset with someone. While it may seem smart to do so without saying anything, it’s not healthy communication and you rarely get what you want. If you’re upset or not interested, be an adult and say it clearly. Leave the “unanswered” games to children.

Is no answer a powerful answer?

Like the previous question, the answer is the same. No, not using a response from someone is not a powerful way to communicate. Show someone who isn’t mature enough to have difficult conversations and really share how they feel. If you want to be powerful in your answer, say what you think without any sugar coating. Truly powerful communicators know how to be direct.

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