Mom You Just Have to Get Closer! – Last First Date

Mom You Just Have to Get Closer! – Last First Date

After her divorce, Kate Somerset’s daughter said, “Mom you just have to get closer!” So he wrote a memoir about his dating adventures!

Last First Date

Kate Somerset is the author of “Mom … You Need to Get Laid: The Adventures of Dating After Divorce.” Written under a pseudonym, the book tells the humorous and unexpected stories of Kate as she navigates dating in New York City. A recent Texas transplant to the Big Apple, Kate has not had a date in 30 years since she landed in Manhattan. But she is determined to create a community in her new home and finds dating to be a perfect way to meet people and explore the city.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • Why Kate wrote this book
  • The story behind the name of the book
  • Why he used a pseudonym
  • Favorite stories about the men she dated
  • The 10 lessons in the book, so you can #DateLikeKate

EP 494: Kate Somerset – Mom, just come closer!

Why did you write this book?

I wouldn’t have seen the book if it hadn’t been for the encouragement of several brides for the mimosa. I had talked about my dates and was told you have to write your story.

What’s the story behind the name of your book, “Mom, you just have to get closer”?

After I broke up, my daughter and I were living together in Texas in the house where she grew up, and we had a difficult time, getting on each other’s nerves. One night, I arrived home late with friends and they took over my workspace in my kitchen. When I left the room, they took care of my chair and my daughter did not move.

She said, “Mom, you’re very picky.” When he left, he said, “Mother, just come closer!”

I was so amazed! I couldn’t imagine a date or even intimacy. Fast forward, to when I wrote the book, I realized that the title was too good to pass up.

Ironically, you don’t mention approaching the book. Why that?

Kate has a policy of not kissing or saying that. It would have been a very different book if I had focused on putting myself out there. I wanted readers to be entertained.

Why did you use a pseudonym instead of your real name?

I’m working on another book on leadership, and my idea at the time was not to have a book on dating when I was writing a book on leadership. I also wanted to protect the identity of the men I dated and have the freedom to write their stories.

I think everyone can be like Kate. Many women believe that when their long relationship is over, that’s it. Maybe they are afraid, or inert, and think that the romantic part of their lives is over. I don’t think so. We will improve as we go.

What does “DateLikeKate” mean?

  1. Be accessible.
  2. Be grateful and respectful of where people come from.
  3. Do not judge a person before meeting him.
  4. Take yourself less seriously.
  5. Embrace dating as an adventure.
  6. Don’t be afraid to reinvent yourself.
  7. Make real connections.
  8. Invest in genuine relationships.
  9. Approach appointments with curiosity and hope.
  10. Go out and make an appointment!

Share your favorite stories about the men you’ve dated.

In the first chapter, my first date, when we had such a large accumulation and in person, did not work. I asked him for an outing interview to find out what he liked and what he didn’t like. It was a good way to start dating.

Cupid the Conductor was someone I met online. It was a fountain, I couldn’t wait to meet you. He lives in an Italian neighborhood on Long Island and took me to this little place called Lorenzo’s Place. I watched the restaurant as if it were a movie scene. He showed me a metal house above the train station that let us in at midnight. He taught me how trains changed.

What do you expect readers to learn from your dating adventures?

He wanted people to develop an attitude of optimism. I hope people recognize that we are never stationary where we are today. It’s a season of your life. Every challenge passes. There are seasons for dating, relationships, and everything else. You have options!

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