Make him want you – Kissing tips to make you fall in love

The ultimate female superpower would be to be able to point a finger at a boy and make him want to.

Some women wonder if there are any tips for kissing to make him fall in love with her …

This means that women are always on the lookout the ultimate kissing technique.

And I’m here to teach you how to plant your lips so well that he won’t be able to stop thinking about you, until he can get you another date and hold you back in his arms.

kissing couple 2 Make him want kissing tips to make him fall in love

These are secrets about kisses that most women never learn from boys and sometimes never learn that they are turning it off with their kisses.

Let’s start with the first step …

Kissing Tips 1) Make your lips so juicy that you’ll literally want to bite them (but it won’t)

Men respond literally by pure impulse when it comes to what we see. Those fruit ads where the strawberries are soaked in water, or those greasy oranges that practically drag their juice when peeled …

All these images make us all salivate a little.

kisses on the lips 3B Make him want you Tips for kissing to fall in love with him

And the guys are just as completely mesmerized by this little bit of visual marketing.

You should market yourself with the same idea in mind – make yourself look literally good enough to eat.

Use a lipstick color that not only looks good on you, but also suggests a fruity color. Plum works well for this, with a healthy dose of shine to make your smackers literally look like the most ripe fruit you can taste.

Don’t be afraid to hyper-shine them, too. Men don’t see this as excessive in any way.

Then you should …

Kissing Tip 2) Relax your lips and yourself!

A good French kiss involves 34 muscles of the face and in fact burns calories in the process.

So you can’t afford to kiss with a stiff face. A good kiss wants to be a luxury and not a workout.

5D Kisses Make Him Wish You Kissing Tips To Make You Fall In Love

The biggest mistake men make with women is that we assume that a woman will know how to kiss well, but that is not always true.

That’s all fewer men know how to kiss.

Sometimes I went to kiss and go out with the feeling that I wasn’t kissing as much as my head was gnawing, which is neither romantic nor exciting.

So relax with it, making sure to let it push more than the other way around.

And if you need to control your “crazy tongue” affliction a bit, it’s easy enough to train him by closing his lips and kicking him out when he becomes too aggressive. Most guys will respond when they get the clue.

You should be ready to:

Kissing Tip 3) Receive your kiss like a lady

Men want to persecute women, both literally and figuratively. The game is simple: you run, we chase, you let us catch you and then you run away again.

So when you kiss him, you have to play the same game … either with your lips or with your tongue. And you should also make a point of breaking your kiss frequently. This makes men wild with desire, and for good reason: it’s like being denied an addictive drug.

Kissing is one of those semi-intimate acts that compromise hormones and chemicals in the brain in the same way as sex. Oxytocin is released, along with dopamine, among many other addictive “drugs” in the brain.

Kissing Brain 4 Make him want you Kissing tips to make him fall in love

When you walk away from a kiss, you may also be denying this Love Junkie its “solution.”

(Please forgive the crude, but accurate metaphor.)

Also, you want to be shy and let it come to you as much as possible. Enjoy the delicious joy of the chase and the elusive prey …

And then you want:

Kissing Tip 4) Use the “Kissing Triangle” on it once in each session

Women don’t realize how much they like guys who hook them up and tease them with kisses. We love it when you occasionally take the lead and “overwhelm” us.

The best way to do this is to use the triangle technique.

Here’s how it works:

– First you kiss us on the lips, using your best lip-blocking tactics …

– Then you slowly go from kissing him on the lips to kissing him on the cheek …

– Then he just kissed her on the cheek on the neck – taking the opportunity to bite a little …

– And finally, to kiss her neck, you have to kiss her lips again. And the triangle is over …

Don’t go to every place all of a sudden. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

And you can even …

5) Suck your lips

Gently sucking her skin is perfectly legal, and even welcome. Start in a way that lets us know you’re not trying to “mark your territory.”

Kisses 9B Make him want you Kissing tips to make him fall in love

Most boys are extremely hostile to hickeys, as are many women. But men believe it’s less about playing and more about claiming it, so it could be a mood killer.

So take it easy.

Here’s an advanced move you can incorporate: suck the skin in your mouth, then bite gently and let go in a quick sequence. The mixture of sensations is both tempting and exciting.

You can also bite his lip, gently. Do the same technique of sucking and stretching your lip, then drag your teeth to your lip when you release it. I guarantee your heart will skip a beat or two in this move.

Don’t forget to:

Kissing Tip 6) Use body pressure to activate

One of the most sensual parts of a good kissing session is when a woman rubs and presses her body in the right way on ours.

kisses 6C Make him want you Kissing tips to make him fall in love

The occasional pressure of your breasts against us, as well as your hips, can make us drop in desire. (And I would!)

Another misunderstood part is how to use your hands to achieve this. You should take the opportunity to hold our arms back – as if we were holding back – from time to time. This makes us feel submissive, which then becomes an impetus to chase again.

Reversing the role of beggar to aggressor is one of the best dynamic sexual energies to play and is practically a promise of passion.

Of course, you should always remember …

Tip to kiss 7) Kiss him on the ignition … very well.

Especially good kisses, so you should know that he will be sexually aroused during this session, like you, of course.

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

kisses 8B Make him want you Kissing tips to make him fall in love

But at the very least, a good round of kisses will be a fantastic preliminary game session.

Again, many women don’t realize that we also like previous games. What men don’t like is that they are intentionally aroused and then denied. This is what we call being a “joke,” and it was the same thing that made certain girls blacklisted and avoided in high school.

You can take a quick “pee break” if you find that things get too hot and heavy. Just don’t get cold too fast. Men don’t really like cold showers, even if they’re just figurative.

Okay, right here you have enough tips to take even the shortest of kissing episodes and turn it into a hypnotic seduction that will crystallize in your mind …

He will fantasize about the next time he can be with you again, he will hold you in his arms and whisper those words that you want to hear.

kisses 7B Make him want you Kissing tips to make him fall in love

If you want to know what these words are, you should listen to the fantastic story of my friend Kate and how she beat all the predictions to win the man she wanted …

(And how a woman over forty with two children managed to do the impossible with a man …)

You can listen to his story by clicking here.

Yours in Perfect Passion,

– Carlos Cavallo

UPDATED ON 9/30/2021

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