Lucky In Love: Five proven tricks

The five secrets to being lucky in love

Five tricks to get lucky in love

Some people seem to be very lucky, especially when it comes to relationships. In the meantime, many of you have broken your heart over and over again. So you ask yourself, what are the secrets to being lucky in love? Well here they are! I have worked as a psychologist helping thousands of singles get lucky in love. And you can also use these five key tricks to help you find your soul mate.

Lucky in Love Hack 1. Trust your intuition!

For example, you know someone and the chemistry is right. He / she is flirting or saying outrageously flattering things. Think for yourself, it sounds sincere. You want to believe that what he / she is saying is real and not just a fact. All you have to do is stay away from this powerful conversation, even for a few minutes, and consult your inner voice. That is, feel your gut reaction to that person. This is where your fake counter is. Trust your instincts, it’s almost always right! Don’t waste time with people who won’t help you in the end.

Lucky in Love Hack 2. Stay still and in the present to find the lucky surprises and coincidences that can activate your love life.

Most of us are running frantically, doing work, taking care of errands, running here and there. We don’t take time to slow down and notice what’s going on around us. We may be sitting next to the love of our lives on the train or behind the “One” at the grocery store and never talk to him or her. In my recently revised and expanded Dating Book, Love in 90 Days: The Essential Guide to Finding Your Own True Love, describe an exercise in being in the moment, in which you take 10 minutes and practice slowing down speed and pay attention to who or what is in front of you. You’ll be amazed at the connections, the lucky surprises, and the coincidences you’ll find if you pay attention to the people and things around you right now.

Say hello to a new person every day. He or she may be “the only one.” Even if they are not, each person knows about 200 more people. You never know what love connections may come from a new social network!

Lucky in Love Hack 3. Practice being grateful. Especially for being who you are.

First of all, I’d like you to make a list of three things you appreciate about yourself, even if it’s something small or silly, like having your hair full or your weird sense of humor. In fact, studies show that keeping a diary of gratitude is associated with being happy. In other words, making yourself happy is the key to being relaxed and attractive to others. We are all attracted to the smile and the warm confidence. So falling in love with yourself is the first step to finding the love you are looking for.


Lucky in Love Hack 4. Find a good person who meets three requirements:

  • The person is crazy about you.
  • He / she is willing to grow and change with you.
  • He or she is a good person

Look, you won’t be lucky enough to find a perfect partner right away. The reason is simple: no one is perfect and here’s the news: neither are you. So choose a partner who is willing to grow up, whether it’s going to school, therapy, or just a makeover. So if you choose a growing partner, you will create a relationship that gets better and better over time: this is your “lucky” ticket to great love.

Lucky in Love Hack 5. Get a loving mentor.

So this is the most important relationship advice! Find a mentor, a person you love, who is like a good parent or a loving benefactor! This is someone who believes in you and sees your appeal and your unique esteemed qualities, a person who gives you the courage to go beyond your fears. Spend more time with this fairy godmother / father.

Take what she / she says about you so that you can learn to think positively about yourself, regardless of your childhood wounds and problems. Love is very complicated and you have to watch these positive aspects to get the treasure. In fact, by focusing on the luck and love that is already on your way, you will build self-esteem and find the relationship that is gold at the end of the rainbow.

Working with a love mentor can make a big difference in being in love

That’s why I chose a group of experienced therapists and other life coaches to help women around the world. And as a gift for you, you will have a free 40-minute individual introductory session phone or Skype with an expert dating coach.

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