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Emily and Robert’s love story

Emily came into our office on August 20, 2020. Robert came into our office on August 24, 2020. They got married in September 2021. Talk about a success story! Emily gave us an idea of ​​how her love story flourished and how they found love in Atlanta …

“In mid-July 2020 during the pandemic, my father asked me if I was open to hiring a wedding service to find someone. I was willing to do almost anything, but I didn’t think a wedding service was the way to find my soul mate “. Anyone who knows Emily knows that she is not much of a city girl. She wasn’t sure if Altanta was the place to find love. Robert had also been trying common methods to find the right person, and although he was also reluctant, he tried the wedding. “The matchmakers were hired! The ladies in the office worked to put Emily and Robert, one of their first service matches, and they were scheduled to meet at Ecco in Buckhead.

That’s when Emily’s life began to fall apart and unite at the same time. Unfortunately, Emily heard the news that her mother was ill and had to go to the hospital. He had to cancel his 1 on 1 date with Robert. They sent text messages to the other side, had a phone call, and connected quite well under the circumstances.

Now it’s Covid’s time, so since Emily’s mother was in the hospital, Emily had to stay free of Covid. She was worried about meeting someone new and being exposed. That’s when Robert offered to try it before he saw her. He ended up giving a negative and they went to the races! They scheduled an appointment and their connection flourished faster than ever.

What is so hard is that during this time Emily was losing her mother, the most important person in her life, but gaining a new relationship with Robert, which also led her to be the most important person in her life. life.

Until September 2021 and the couple is married. They paid tribute to Emily’s mother at the ceremony and know she is with them on this new journey into their lives.

The One on One Matchmaking staff is very happy for the couple!

Jim is your classic Midwestern American man. He has a good career, an extroverted personality and fun hobbies. When he walked into the office to meet Jennifer, the Wedding, she knew how solid he was. It meant stability, which, let’s be honest, most women are looking for! Jim had joined One on One Matchmaking and had 4 dates. When Jennifer realized that things were not going well with her matches, she decided to change things up and put it on a table of eight to eight in 2012. That’s where the magic happened and she knew her perfect type. : the girl next door.

Why did you decide to join a dating service?

I had tried online dating sites and felt that the world of online dating was quite challenging. After years of that, I decided to try something new and call the pros.

During the online dating process, I felt that the only way to get a woman to respond to my profile, I had to present myself in the best light possible and potentially as something more than I really was. Then, after meeting and dating people I met, I felt that they were not true to what they represented in their profiles. It was kind of a great shallow farce!

What was it like working with Matchmakers?
Working with Jennifer on One on One was great! I interviewed two other wedding companies before deciding to work with Jennifer.

With the other companies, I felt like a “fresh meat” for them to feed their female prospects. I think your only questions were 1) Are you working? 2) You have a car and 3) You still don’t live with your parents, do you?

Jennifer asked me to come to the office for a sitting conversation. She said, “Jim, after talking, if I don’t think I could prepare you with at least 5 good quality games, I won’t take your money.” That meant a lot to me. Jennifer and I met for over two hours! He asked me a few inquiring questions, but in retrospect, they were all important for me to understand who I was and what a good partner would be for me. After that conversation, they sold me! I signed up that day.

I admit that working with One on One Matchmaking was not a cheap investment, but after meeting my wife, I realized that I would have paid a million dollars to meet her. It was worth it!

What did you like most about the process?

After going on a date, Jennifer and I talked after how it went. I felt like I had personalized service.

What was your first impression of your partner?

My wife and I met at an 8 to 8 dinner. She was sitting in front of me and we couldn’t talk much during dinner that night without calling at the table. She had the prettiest blue eyes she had ever seen! She was a great conversationalist and knew he wanted to get to know her better.

How did you propose?

It was Christmas Eve. We were getting ready to go to two different church services and I asked if we could open at least one gift before we left for the night. He let me open a box (I don’t even remember what it was …) and I gave him a sock that was hanging next to the fireplace. At the tip of the stocking was a small box with her mother’s engagement ring. I asked her to marry me that night and I told her I wanted to be engaged before we went to church so we could tell everyone. He said yes!

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