Love Marriage – An Unconventional Form of Marriage

Love Marriage is a popular trend amongst the younger generation and is gaining popularity as it breaks the traditional rules of marriage. It brings together individuals from different social groups, castes and communities. It is considered as the most desirable type of union because it promotes social equality. People who get married in this way also have better chances of having children as they are born with a good genetic code. In addition, they are emotionally mature and intellectually talented.

A love marriage is an unconventional form of marriage that breaks many of the conventional marriage norms. This type of marriage brings together people of different social groups and promotes genetic combinations that are rare or excellent. The offspring of love marriages are typically strong and healthy and are characterized by excellent immune and intellectual characteristics. Unlike arranged weddings, love relationships are completely natural and spontaneous and should not have been forced or coerced. The concept of love and marriage should have evolved with human civilizations.

While arranged marriages are forced on the two partners, love marriages allow couples to develop their relationships and know each other before they are legally wed. In an arranged wedding, the parents and society pick the partner for the girl and the boy, thus limiting the freedom of the two parties. As the name implies, people in a love relationship do not fall in loves with everyone. They may just be impressed by someone. It could even be an accidental love affair that ends in a love marriage.

In a love marriage, both partners have the freedom to choose their partners. Unlike arranged marriages, which are typically arranged, love marriages do not involve the parents or guardians of both parties. As long as the couple is compatible and has a positive relationship, they are likely to get married. Whether they are happy or unhappy with each other, love marriages are often the best choice for many couples. In a traditional arranged wedding, families aren’t involved in the process of choosing a partner.

Although arranged marriages are more stable and have great family bonds, love marriages do not. In an arranged wedding, the bride and groom are chosen by their parents and society. Both of them must marry someone who has their approval. A love marriage allows the couple to choose the person they wish to marry. The only difference is that in a love-marriage, the parents decide on the partner. In a love-marriage, the couple chooses the person they like.

Another difference between an arranged and a love marriage is the definition of the two. In an arranged marriage, the couple is selected based on a mutual attraction and there is no pressure on the couple to marry. In a love marriage, the parents and the spouses can choose the person. If there is no family involvement, the children of a love marriage are born with excellent genetic codes. The child is emotionally and intellectually strong and has been proven to be better off as a result of the love marriage.

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