Love Marriage – Advantages and Disadvantages

A Love Marriage has its own advantages and disadvantages. For one, it lacks the social insurance of a traditional wedding. Many parents object to love marriages based on religion, caste, social status, or even physical appearance. Due to the potential for social repercussions, parents often refuse to consent to love marriages and separate from their children. The result is that the boy or girl is left all by themselves, without a social cushion to lean on.

One advantage of a Love Marriage is the chance to build a life with your partner based on love. Mutual respect and commitment are two important aspects of love marriage. Since both partners are willing to sacrifice for the other, you don’t have to go through the emotional labor of a conventional marriage. Another plus is the familiarity of each other. Generally, the boy and girl have been acquainted for a considerable length of time. They’ve studied and worked together and may have even moved in the same circle. They know each other’s families and backgrounds.

Another major advantage of a Love Marriage is its lack of social restrictions. Unlike an arranged marriage, a Love Marriage allows the man and woman to choose their life partner. A Love Marriage also does not involve the social or economic constraints of an arranged marriage. A Love Marriage allows freedom to lead a life of happiness and fulfilment. Further, a Love Marriage breaks down marriage conventions and brings together people from different social groups, castes, and communities. As a result, it provides an opportunity for social equality for the man and woman.

A Love Marriage is a union of two individuals who are completely compatible. While an arranged marriage requires the consent of both the bride and the groom, a Love Marriage allows the two partners to get to know each other before they get married. As opposed to arranged marriages, the relationship may not develop due to the absence of love before marriage. Thus, love marriages are better for the sake of the families. A Love Marriage is not without its disadvantages.

The author of the Booker Prize-nominated Love Marriage is Monica Ali. Her brilliance shines through throughout this novel, and her ability to convey universal truths is commendable. In Love Marriage, the young doctors Yasmin and Joe (Sangster) are engaged to get married and their families. Yasmin comes from a traditional Bengali family, while Joe is the son of a world-famous feminist, Harriet. Both have secrets that threaten to destroy their relationship.

The failure to respect married love has resulted in a rise in sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV and AIDS. One in three children are born outside of marriage, and many people resort to abortion when contraception fails. As a result, marriage and life are eroded. Several methods of birth control are available, including the use of condoms and diaphragms. Whether they are used for contraception or not, these methods are effective and can prevent unwanted pregnancies.

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