Is Personal Development a Scam?

Is Personal Development a Scam?

So what is the real value of personal development? Is it just a big scam to make money for a group of people who will make you a lot of false promises and dreams? And a lot of energy?

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Or does personal development really have practical value in real life? Well, it really depends on how you use it, right? You can read 1,000 books on personal development and not improve your life at all. It is entirely possible. I see a lot of people on my network do a lot of personal development stuff, but most of them just do hype and joy, right?

They are doing a lot. You can do something, be positive and really not achieve anything. And I think that’s a path that leaves them bitter and angry because nothing happens, even though you’re doing all these personal development things.

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But the real value in personal development, real personal development is in action. These are actually things you do. It’s not about what you read, it’s about what you apply. So if you read a book about something, some personal development stuff, or you watch a video or that video, you know, what do you do next?

What skills have you learned? What action did you take? Have you stopped procrastinating on something really important? You know, what did you really do? Because reading the material alone is not enough. There is also a lot of value in the mindset.

Your mindset is your lifelong operating system. It drives you and drives your actions, and that’s also very important to develop it.

So reading a lot of books, watching a lot of videos and all the positive things can be very valuable because they will change your perspective and the way you feel and think about things. And that can also lead to action.

But you can’t do that alone. In fact, you also have to make things difficult. And many boring things that really create things in your life and develop skills.

So I think it’s also another thing that is often lost in personal development, it’s the fact that it’s actually specialized development. You have to go and learn something practical that you can apply.

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One example, I had this inhibition of working mechanically with my own vehicles because I had a bad experience many years ago when a mechanic told me not to touch my bike because I had fucked something. Something very small and something very easy to fall into too, especially for inexperienced guys.

Now, obviously, his discouragement was very bad and that made me not touch my vehicles for many, many years. And as a result, I didn’t learn anything mechanically, even though I wanted to. Many, many, many years later I took a basic course in basic motorcycle mechanics or maintenance.

And in this course, in fact, I started working with my own bike, and I had to change the rotors and there are a lot of other things that were shown in this course as well.

Well, that’s because I learned a few mechanical skills and got some tips that I really needed to do mechanical things right.

This dramatically increased my confidence. That mechanical course was personal development, right, it doesn’t have to be a Tony Robbins thing, and a lot of hype and voice-raising, or whatever.

Learning some mechanical skills for me was a personal development and increased my confidence because it was an inhibition. I had for many years, and now I could work on my vehicles.

Now I work with the Fiero and my wife’s vehicle, and my Harley, and I feel good doing these things and I’m always learning more. I’m late for the game, but I’ve come a long way in the years since I started working with my own vehicles.

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Even when I started learning how to approach women and start conversations, it was a great personal development event for me, even though the intention was not to have any personal development.

I was just trying to get closer.

But the end result, because of all the trials and tribulations I have had to go through, all the rejections and all the experimentation, trying to figure out how to start conversations in a way that doesn’t drag women away. I learned a lot about social skills and also about my own personality.

And the fears I have inside of approaching women and overcoming these inhibitions, overcoming these fears, and going to talk to women made me a much stronger, much safer man. Although, again, the goal of learning these things was not personal development.

Actually, it was to gain a practical skill, to put on. But I got a lot more value out of it and ended up turning it into a business that I am running now a lot of money and a lot of really good experiences.

So this is personal development. It doesn’t have to be something you call personal development. It just has to be skill development, right? If you can develop the skills you want to learn, they will apply to your life and improve your life.

This is personal development. Anything that increases your confidence is personal development. As a man, if you can learn some practical skills like mechanical skills for me, which helps my self-confidence, and talk to women, overcome your inhibitions and fears to go talk to women. It could be skydiving, right?

Jumping off a plane could be a personal development for you if this is a fear you have. Any kind of exercise is personal development. When you train constantly and go to the gym, even when you don’t feel like it, which will often be personal development because you’re overcoming your body’s lazy bone and getting into the gym. anyways.

If you can do it consistently, you train your mind to be stronger and to stick to things, which is really important if you want to develop anything in your life. And for me right now, hunting is a personal development because every time I go hunting, well, I don’t get anything out of it.

I sit alone in the woods for hours and hours trying to figure it all out. When you’re alone in the woods, there are a lot of things that come to mind, like now, am I wasting my time?

But I have to overcome it to figure out how to hunt, right? If I had given up just because I hadn’t gotten anything in the last few seasons, I would never have learned anything.

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But the fact that I’m overcoming myself and sticking to it anyway is helping me become stronger and more mentally resilient, and eventually, I’ll also learn to hunt.

So it’s really up to you what you call personal development. Whenever you learn a skill that you can practically apply to life, it will make your life better than your personal environment. And anything you have to overcome procrastination because it’s hard, or maybe tedious or boring, you stick to it and you do it better.

This is personal development. But you know, you also want to keep reading and keep watching videos like this video, because you always want to fill your mind with good ideas and reinforce good old good ideas, in order for it to work properly. the system here to make everything work and then take more action.

Just make sure you don’t stay in read and video mode. In fact, you need to take action, learn practical skills, and apply them to your life. In summary, remember the following steps:

  1. There is real value in personal development when done right
  2. Be open to learning new skills
  3. Learn to follow
  4. Work to overcome your fears

Well, that’s my thinking for today. If I missed something or have another opinion, leave it in the comments below.

And until next time, he conquers and wins.

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