Is it too late to get it back?

Is it too late to get it back? If you’re in a breakup, or he’s moving away, you might be worried about it right now …

  • “What’s wrong with you?”
  • “Why are we separating?”
  • “Was that something I did?”
  • “Did I miss him for good?”

These are the questions I am often asked.

And by that, I mean almost ALL THE TIME.

Many of the women I have helped for years often worry that their relationship will break up suddenly.

broken heart Is it too late to get it back?

Does your love escape you?

It doesn’t matter if they’ve been together for a couple of months or a couple of YEARS – it happens to pretty much every customer I’ve met.

It’s kind of alarmingin reality.

I have seen many women reduced to tears talking about how things looked good until her husband walked away without warning.

Shortly afterwards, they receive the breakup speech from their strange partner.

Women in this situation do not understand how and why this happens in the first place.

So, of course, this rupture that comes out of nowhere strikes them as one ton of bricks.

It is devastating to face the fact that the relationship they have put their heart into has been reduced to rubble in such a short time.

Any woman who suddenly finds herself single will go into a frantic PANIC and fight to get her husband back.

panic Is it too late to get it back?

Don’t panic.

In my experience dealing with this kind of thing, I have discovered some truths about recovering an ex:

Reality of the rupture no. 1: You can NEVER be sure he will return

As much as we would like to control someone else’s thoughts or actions, it is NOT POSSIBLE.

This means that even if you somehow manage to do EVERYTHING you need to get it back, it may still not respond as you would like.

You may have deep intimacy issues dating back to your childhood. He could have been badly burned in a previous relationship and is projecting her penitents on you.

is it too late to retrieve it?

Maybe it’s not YOU …

To paraphrase Forrest Gump, every guy is like a box of chocolates; sometimes you don’t know what you’re going to get.

Reality of rupture no. 2: There is ONE way, but it will cost you

Okay, right now you’re scratching your head and you’re wondering, “Carlos, I thought you just said there’s NO technique to guarantee a 100% success rate! “

Well, the reason I haven’t posed this “trick” before is because, frankly, I DON’T RECOMMEND IT.

  • The only absolute way is to agree to sleep with him at ANY time, place or situation that suits him.

This technique doesn’t sound so good right now, does it? You don’t want this kind of relationship.

If you’re like most women, you wouldn’t want to go back with a guy if that means letting him say EVERYONE.

Trust me, this is NOT what you want. You don’t want to settle for one empty shell of a relationship you once had with him.

Reality of the rupture no. 3: You can’t convince him to come back with you

No amount of threats, tears, reasoning or emotional pressure will bring him back. Of course, you can try any of these things (or all of them!), But at best they are half-baked …

… And at worst, a safe recipe to keep it AWAY forever.

goneforever Is it too late to retrieve it?

Don’t let it consume you.

Speaking as a boy, you just can’t beat us with feelings. You’ve probably heard that men aren’t too big at this, and it applies especially to a breakup.

Although breaking was HIS idea, he he won’t being in the best shape to handle something as heavy as emotions. Believe it or not, it’s a disaster!

In any case, an emotional approach is like firing the starting gun in a race. Once we hear it shut down, we will flee as fast as humanly possible.

Reality of the rupture no. 4: There is NO solution overnight

I will be honest with you. If you think a guy can be recovered in a few days, you’re kidding.

Real talk: Turning on the switch inside a man to make him think about the possibility of coming back will take at least several weeks.

It has to go through one determined journey this will eventually lead you to the feeling of hope you want to have about the relationship.

Sometimes a boy doesn’t understand what’s going on inside his head and why it led him to break up with his partner.

exes Is it too late to recover?

Reconnect …

So untangling all this will take some time.

Some walls have been put around it, so no magic bullet destroys it all instantly.

Removing these layers will require a series of actions on your part. Keep reading

Breaking Reality # 5: The first few weeks are CRUCIAL

As I raised earlier, women often panic after the breakup. The problem is that this leads to all sorts of horrible decisions that DESTROY any chance they have of getting their ex back.

shit, no, is it too late to get it back?

Keep calm.

You see, it is the moment immediately after the breakup that matters MOST.

What you do during this period will make the difference between having a new and improved relationship with a guy and losing him permanently.

You I can not wait just to cheer him up and wait for the best. For a man to realize that leaving you was an ERROR, you need a series of deliberate and structured steps.

My friend Bob Grant noticed a common pattern in all sorts of breakup situations, and recently posted an amazing video about it.

I must admit that I was even impressed by the points he raised, such as:

  • – The WORST decisions women make after breaking up with a boy
  • – The BEST way to make him PRAY to bring him back
  • – Why end up losing it permanently if you follow your friend’s advice

Here’s an extra truth: most break-up situations can be reversed.

It’s just that a lot of women make the same mistakes that make a guy pack.

Check out Bob’s video – find out more about his tips for getting your husband to come back with you!

Updated on 6/10/2021

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