Is it funny or just crazy?

In a relationship, I think it’s important not to get caught up too seriously.

Humor is part of the glue that holds you together (apart from a dazzling sex life, of course).

After all, being able to take the crossings of others calmly is definitely a healthy sign.

Take this lady, for example – She took a couple of selfies of “I’m Looking At You” which she used as a lock screen and wallpaper on her boyfriend’s phone.

He did not discover the surprise that had left him until he had already left the city with his friends. So he posted the screenshots online, and it looks like it was totally great.

That that’s how you do it, ladies.

When you keep your man ready, he will think of you as a funny and cool girl who does not want to end his freedom.

Also, being able to make fun of “psychological girlfriend“The stereotype is good for him. Most guys are secretly afraid to date one of these “girls.”

Obviously, NOT all women are like that, but they exist equally like the creepy guys you have to deal with.

The guys won’t tell you, but they have a list red flags in their heads.

If any of these appear, it is a signal to approach:

  • Achieving too personal during a discussion: things like digging into a guy’s ego (“You’re lucky because I don’t usually go out with low guys!”), making fun of other people in your life, or threatening he by no means.
  • To enter end of the relationship fights over small things, like looking at another woman for half a second, hesitating during the “Do you think I’m fat?”Line of questions, or not complimenting your new haircut.
  • Get physically fit during a fight, which puts a boy in a mess, as he will probably not hit again and will choose to run away.
  • Ignoring their personal limitssuch as deleting your texts and emails, or taking over your social media accounts to make sure everyone knows you’re “in a relationship.”
  • Facing yourself against your friends and family and / or telling you who you can see or not.

I’ll bet you are no well, but a little upside down never hurt anyone.

In the case of the prankster bride, her little acrobatics are perfect harmless in my opinion. If you’re thinking of doing the same trick with your boyfriend, I’d tell you to do it, with a little warning.

No matter how fun this joke is, walking is a little fine.

So unless you’re 100% sure your boyfriend won’t be scared, it might be a good idea to pass it on.

Other than that, have it. Not only will you have a good laugh, but your friends will agree that you have found one winner.

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Yours, in Perfect Passion,

– Carlos Cavallo

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