Is Hinge Better Than Tinder

Is Hinge better than Tinder? This is the question we are looking to answer today. We will go over each of these apps and the most significant issue that faces them. If neither of these apps seems right for you, but you still want to experience online dating, then eHarmony is great.

It should be noted that for both Hinge and Tinder, the age of users is the same. It’s an app made for a younger generation that is more connected via social media. For this reason, you are going to get relatively similar results.

At the end of the day, Hinge and Tinder are very similar, with Hinge being better for showing more about yourself and who you are. Recently Hinge has gained some popularity, and a lot of that probably has to do with this.

Hinge is definitely better if you’re looking for a more genuine connection. If you are looking for something a little more casual, then Tinder is obviously better. But is Hinge better than Tinder overall? This is what will be answered today.

The Difference In How You “Like” Someone

It is pretty much the same idea when it comes to “liking” profiles. With Tinder, you only have to swipe. With Hinge, it is a little more involved, but in our opinion, that’s ok.

Liking On Tinder

Tinder is fast-paced, and almost all of it is based on the first couple of photos. Tinder has been hugely popular in the past and is still very popular today. This and having invented the swiping method is what made Tinder so popular.

Liking on Hinge

However, Hinge takes a more measured approach. Hinge uses a like function, and you can use it on either a photo or prompt that people have answered on their profile. Each Hinge profile that you come across has a lot of information in it, meaning that there are many things to choose from for better or for worse.

People Are More Serious On Hinge

Over the years, Tinder has become overpopulated for lack of a better term. Many of those people just downloaded it because they are single, even though they aren’t really planning on meeting someone. Unfortunately, this is pretty common.

On top of this, there are a fair number of bots and fake accounts. All of this results in an experience that isn’t all that great. However, for whatever reason, Hinge doesn’t have these problems.

Users on Hinge tend to be more engaged and interested. You also get a better idea of ​​someone from their profile. Much more than you could learn from a Tinder profile. People are also more interested in meeting in real life for a date.

As of now, Hinge is still on the rise and gaining popularity, so now is a great time to take advantage of this before it becomes a victim of its own success.

Matching With Someone Is More Genuine

Because you can get a better sense of someone through their profile matches can be more genuine on Hinge than on Tinder. This is one of the things that makes Hinge better than Tinder.

Across the board, if you are looking for matches that turn into dates, then Hinge is the way to go. This applies to everyone, whether you are looking for a hookup, fling, or relationship.

Hinge Does Not Try To Sell You Things

One of the biggest turn-offs as of late with Tinder is its aggressive marketing to get you to make in-app purchases. Tinder is always trying to get you to buy Tinder Gold or Platinum or boosts. They have so many different options for things, all of them behind different types of paywalls.

In short, it can be frustrating trying to get matches and dates while Tinder tries to get you to buy stuff.

Hinge, on the other hand, does not try to sell you a bunch of different things. They only have one premium plan and some roses that are available to buy.

Hinge is a lot less sales-oriented when compared to Tinder. This is one of the many reasons to pick Hinge over Tinder. Is Hinge better than Tinder? yes it is.

Quality Of Matches

This is another great pro in favor of Hinge. Tinder has popularity and quantity over quality on its side. For Hinge, it’s the other way around as it favors quality over quantity. Hinge is great for finding attractive people to match with.

This being said, though, Hinge is far more reliant on you being a bigger metropolitan area because you are dealing with a smaller number of users.

However, if you already live in a city, then you won’t have any issues. Even if you don’t live in a big metropolitan area, you still give Hinge a shot over Tinder because it often leads to better results. When it comes to is Hinge better than Tinder, Hinge is better than Tinder especially in this aspect.

Is Hinge Better Than Tinder: Conclusion

So is Hinge better than Tinder? The short answer is yes, absolutely. It has all of the upsides that come with online dating but none of the downsides that come with using Tinder.

All in all, Hinge is a pretty good dating app, all things considered. It also outclasses Tinder which is the biggest dating app out there. The experience is better when you are using the app or matching and chatting.

The app isn’t always trying to aggressively sell you something, and the matches are more genuine, and it’s so much easier to go from a match to a date. Especially compared to Tinder. People are just more serious and engaged on Hinge. We would recommend Hinge any day of the week over Tinder. However, Tinder does create some great content for its subreddit.

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