How to stick it in the early stages of dating!

Want to know how to paste it in the early stages of dating? AMAZING!

Even if there is an instant mutual attraction, there is a delicacy in knowing how to stick it in the early stages of dating.

Have you ever been told by a girl that you really like her but only see you as a friend?

Maybe it’s because you didn’t do either of these two counterintuitive things.

Let’s see the difference between enchanting panties right away and clam that gets up and going off permanently instantly.

If you want to get stuck in the early stages of dating …

She should feel like she’s lucky to be with you.

Read it again.

He feels lucky.

In fact, for a relationship to have the best chance of success, each of you should feel lucky.

This requires work, but for now we look at how to stick it in the early stages of dating making her feel like she’s lucky.

For her to feel like she’s lucky, she has to feel like you’re not like all the other guys hiding her.

Mirror, mirror

I’ve said in several videos that women reflect your feelings about yourself.

Therefore, the first step in sticking it in the early stages of dating is to have an attitude of evaluation.

That’s what I mean …

Evaluating it

If you are showing some kind of interest, she already knows that you like her appearance and if you know her it also means that you like her personality.

That is a fact. Women know instinctively when they like you, or when you would like to be.

Unless you’re good at being like a cucumber, she’ll know!

Therefore, you need to balance your desire for her by evaluating her worth, which you will experience as you possibly retract your desire for her.

If you put it on a pedestal, it will not only despise you, but it will not trust your judgment.

She knows she has flaws, so if you can recognize her flaws without judging, she will automatically feel reassured that you are not desperate and needy.

Desperate and needy = low value.

We all feel more secure when we find someone who knows who we really are and loves us.

If you like her real self, she will appreciate you more and will automatically feel more connected and secure with you.

Evaluating it means that your main question when it comes to knowing it is …

Does she qualify for you?

She knows you are physically attracted to her, but if she thinks her personality, values, or beliefs are still under review, she will not only want to win you over, she will respect your standards.

Men of great value practice discernment because they know its value and know that there will soon be another bus.

Men of low value do not practice prequalification because they do not know their value and do not believe that they deserve to get on any bus … no matter a luxury bus.

But at the same time, don’t try to be better than her.

You don’t have to act superior to know your worth.

Stay tuned, real-life examples of how this looks after Justthetip # 2 on how to stick it in the early stages of dating.

This is also counterintuitive.

Self evaluation

Treat your weaknesses gently and handle your strengths.

What do I mean by that?

Because you know your worth as a man, you are not afraid to acknowledge or talk about your flaws.

You don’t feel the need to hide your flaws, which allows you to not feel the need to find them.

You can talk about your weaknesses without apologizing because you know that everyone has flaws and you don’t feel diminished by yours.

Bonus point if you are actively working to improve in these areas, especially the areas that women need to feel safe with you.

A man who can acknowledge his own shortcomings and take responsibility for them makes a woman feel safe.

The main need of women is to feel safe, physically and emotionally.

Talking about your own flaws with self-awareness, but also with respect to yourself is a way to stick it in the early stages of dating because trust that you don’t pretend to be better than you are.

You will not throw any bait and change.

And she’ll automatically be less inclined to look for other flaws and instead focus on your big features.

Self-responsibility occupies a prominent place in sexy metrics! For both men and women.

Therefore, you have no problem acknowledging your shortcomings because you know that no one is perfect and you do not feel diminished by having flaws.

Either you own your defects or you are working on them.

Your motto: progress is not perfection!

Let’s see what this is like in the real world.

Evaluating their examples

When you use the “evaluate” approach to know how to stick with it in the early stages of dating, you want to make sure you don’t find it sarcastic or critical.

You can even ask him what he sees as his flaws!

If he jokes that he doesn’t have one, you can say, “Looks like we already found one!” Wink.

Let’s just say she reveals something unattractive about herself.

She might say, “I’m so bad with my budget!”

Don’t change the subject, let it go off the hook, or stop by to talk about it.

This is a great opportunity for you!

Key point!

Many nice guys make it look like they didn’t even hear it because they are worried if they recognize the defect that will go out.


If you ignore it, it will shut down.

She automatically subconsciously assumes that you have no standards.

No standards = weak, desperate or needy.

It needs to be addressed, gently but realistically.

You might say, “Looks like this isn’t working too well for you. What are you doing about it?”

You are not judging but you are evaluating.

You have standards.

Examples of self-assessment

When you use “self-assessment” to learn how to stick to the early stages of dating, you want to be stronger.

Gentle with her = without judging.

Stand firm with yourself = responsible.

Let’s use the same example.

Suppose you reveal to him: “I usually live in the moment. I’m not in debt, but I haven’t saved as much as I would like, so … [insert self-accountability action here]. ”

You could say, “I’ve made a budget. I’m investing 10% of my salary, no matter what.”

Key point!

If you’re just looking for fun or if you’re a gold digger, they’ll think you’re broken (and maybe you are) and will be off.

But if she is looking for a relationship, depending on what stage of life you are in, she will think that you are financially responsible, which makes her feel safe.

However, the more impact your “flaw” has on your ability to feel safe, the more likely you are to ask questions about it to make sure it’s not a red flag.

Or you could say, “I’m improving my skills so I can apply for a promotion.”

Or whatever.

Basically, she wants to know that you really see her and that you can accept her.

And you see your real and you are working to improve the areas you need in your life that make you feel safe.

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Thank you for being here and God bless. ⁇

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