How To Start The Stop Love Engine In Your Relationship

how to start the engine of love stopped in your relationship

How To Start The Stop Love Engine In Your Relationship

Wondering how to start the engine of love stopped in your relationship? Has your sex routine gotten into a boring, predictable autopilot loop? You know what I’m talking about.

How to start the love engine stopped in your relationship: what would it be like to have an affair with your partner?

The key to creating a torrid affair with your partner is to ask yourself a KEY QUESTION:

“What would you be thinking, doing, or saying right now if we had an adventure?”

If you had an adventure, it would be in your most juicy identity. You would be wondering what you would like to do in bed with your beautiful new girl. Put on some fancy lingerie, maybe a push-up bra or FMP shoes. If you’re a guy, you’d put on those Calvin Klein tights and a little shave, the kind he likes. You would be hungry for the touch of your beautiful. You would think of a sexy place for a date, such as a deserted beach, a hotel room or a small Italian restaurant.

Right? So I want you to transfer these thoughts, feelings and actions to your partner. Just a few minutes at first. Take off your old sweats and put on a sexy nightgown and meet your husband at the door of your bedroom as if he were your new lover. If you’re a guy, instead of crawling through the front door tired and tired after work, imagine you’re with your wife in a secluded hotel room for a hot date. Or, he only shares minor acts of chemistry. Use the Taking Touch technique with your loved one and follow where you want to go with your fingertips. They will start the love engine of your relationship and take you to hot and delicious places.

How to start the love engine stopped in your relationship: bring the feeling of forbidden fruit to your partner

Start by making a new and different type of date where you bring your blatant freshness and this delicious feeling of forbidden fruit to your loved one. This is how we have taught couples to start the engine of love stuck in their relationship.

Then, when you make your meeting lively and electric like this, it usually changes everything. You can both become your own diamond underwear. So make your creative juices flow literally and figuratively. Let the pleasure flow and fill you, and you will awaken more and more your Beloved. The passion and intimacy of having a date together is amazing – you can have even more ecstasy because you’re doing smoky things with someone you know and feel safe with. Much better than meeting a stranger who is a fantasy figure. A stranger you can’t really be open with or trust. And this is how you will start the engine of love in your relationship.


How to start the love engine stopped in your relationship: fantasy as a couple vs. fantasy with a stranger

Fantasies almost never materialize in reality. In other words, fantasy is fantasy. Not the reality. When sexual fantasies are divorced from reality, that is, separated from your relationship, all sorts of bad things can happen. Sexual desire with your partner can often decrease, and for men who watch porn, they may have trouble getting erections and / or reaching orgasm. In fact, if this situation suits your man, just do an internet search on the impact of porn on sexual performance.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention things as a product of sexual fantasy, and I mean the kind of things that destroy relationships.

Instead, having an affair with your own partner is like having your own cake and eating it too. So why not have it all?

Of course, having a hot date with your partner is easier for some couples than it is for others. You may not really know how to start the engine of stopped love in your relationship. Or your partner may not respond immediately. Let me help you right now. I’ll buy you a free session with one of my expert relationship coaches. This meeting can change your love life.

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