How to start a text message conversation with a guy

More great conversation starter texts

“You and I killed him on Sunday karaoke! Where did you get that voice from?”

Congratulate your man on his passion for singing while you are included. He combines his passion with you and BINGO … he is attracted to you.

“What do you think of this vette of sixty-three split windows?”

Okay, you cheated on this text. You knew he was a car lover, so you studied a bit and sent a picture. You can admit this later, and you’ll be just as impressed, but for now, let the text pass!

“Jimbo! I was thinking of getting a dog, what breed would you recommend not chewing on my neighbors’ legs?

Funny. Curt. You gave her a funny nickname that only close friends do and asked her a question. Very nice.

“Lare Bare! (Her name is Larry) Come with my friends and me to Ricco’s tonight! They have a great band and I’d love to see your smiling face again.”

“Today is the first day of the rest of your life! That’s all I have, so we go crazy and at five we grab a pepperoni pizza. Are you inside? “

This text is just silly and silly. Boys like fools and fools. He tells you that you are a unique character, that you are! Take another sentence and start your text with something that will surprise you.

“I woke up, I looked in the mirror and I looked great! I can’t wait until tomorrow 😊 Are you around for dinner on Tuesday? My gift. “

Again, this is nonsense. But he is very confident and will pick it up. You’re saying pretty, how you are, and then you turned around and asked him to come out in a cool, casual way. If it’s me, I’m scratching my head wondering who the hell this woman is and wanting to go to dinner.

“Peter, this is Beth who just came in to see if you can rehearse your amazing performance last night. If I don’t hear from you, I’ll take it as a no and look for a boy somewhere else.”

This one is arrogant but it’s great. Receive a compliment; tease him about becoming your boyfriend, but soften him up with an emoji.

Summary of conversation start texts

These text chat initiators are so powerful! I can go on with examples forever, but you understand my point.

  • Think outside the box
  • Make your opener something no one else would say
  • Take a risk!

If this guy can’t laugh and jump with his own funny answer, he loses his ass and moves on! These texts become a test to see if he is worthy of you. If you can’t participate, you’ve saved yourself time and energy.

If you’ve read my stuff, I know you have several options for guys so far. Don’t let your text game be your weak link.

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