How to start a conversation with a guy online

Most people consider themselves great talkers. However, when you come up with the idea of ​​starting a conversation with a guy you like, the task can be daunting. You can often start thinking too much and end up choosing a boring way to make your matches on free dating sites quickly lose interest. You may also be missing out on second date opportunities because of the way you send text messages.

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Ideally, you should have engaging, intriguing, and fun texts that guarantee that you will respond. Texts should keep you interested, and should be completely different from how you chat with your friends. Here are some tips you can follow when starting a conversation with a guy. Let’s get started.

Make the text interesting

“Hey how are you?” Is this how you started your conversations once you found a match on a dating website? Do not do that!It’s generic, boring and closed.

Often start a conversation that is unlikely to be answered. You will have many opportunities to talk about how they are and if they are okay once you meet them. Your goal when sending text messages should be intriguing enough to get an immediate response if you are online.

Instead of tired, worn out, and boring phrases, look at your dating profile to find something personal to use as a way to enter. If this is the cute guy you see every day and all you do is greet him in passing, you have to think of something personal that you have noticed about them. If you’ve exchanged a few words, use the information when you start the conversation. It will show you that you are a good listener or an observer.

However, be very careful not to look like a bully. If you’ve been on the lookout for social media pages to find out when the first posts came out, this isn’t the time to use this information. It may give you the impression that you are a little crazy. Obviously you don’t want that.

Use a Meme or Gif


If you have a sense of humor, this is a tactic you can use. Look for a fun and relevant meme to make you laugh. Boys love girls who make them laugh. Since it’s fashionable, sending a meme to a guy you like doesn’t seem desperate, and it’s an exciting start to a conversation. You can send a catchy caption to go with the meme. If the meme is based on something you commented on on a date, I might remind you that you had a great time. It can lead to a second date and many more.

If you have an internal joke, this is the best time to apply this information. It’s a great way to learn how to tease each other and keep things light. A gif is a great icebreaker. If this is the first post on a dating site after a match, you can use a cheeky meme that guarantees a response.

However, when you use humor to start a conversation, you need to know how to express the jokes in the texts to avoid misinterpretations. Make enough use of emojis; otherwise, a sarcastic and witty response can be interpreted as fucking or nasty. Check your message three times to make sure it doesn’t ruin your chances.

Open questions

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Do you want this cute guy to respond to your message? Closed messages should be avoided. You may find it difficult to find an answer or follow up on the conversation, so leave your message unread. Make the experience easy by including questions from the first message to the next.

Ideally, the goal is to have an engaging conversation. Therefore, when asking these questions, you should also avoid using generic messages. You can ask questions by referring to previous events. If you had mentioned plans to go to an event, you could ask the question about it.

However, when asking questions, remember that many questions can be overwhelming. As a result, you may move away or lose interest in the conversation. It should be a free, unquestioning conversation.

Using his name

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Want to get his attention and relate to him? Use your name. Using someone’s name in a text makes it easier to start a conversation. Recognize your identity and make the conversation feel more personal. We have been conditioned to pay attention when our names are mentioned from an early age.

The use of this name in the first post after a match on major dating sites will be unconsciously recorded, causing you to pay attention. As a result, you will receive a very quick response. Although it is a tried and tested method, do not overdo it. It may seem strange or downright manipulative.

Ask questions about him

Now that you know how to start a conversation, you need to know the content that will keep the conversation going. You can get even quiet guys to interact with you by talking about them. Asking open-ended questions about topics that interest you will allow you to have a long and comfortable conversation. You will find that the conversation will be more interesting when it is centered around you.

Start with things you have in common as you move on to new topics as you approach them. Look for opportunities to connect topics with prior information naturally. This is a trick that makes you look good and confident.

When starting a conversation, remember to keep it light and friendly. When you ask questions about him, don’t make it too personal. Avoid questions about your previous relationship or sexual history. It may make this first interaction too awkward. As you get to know each other, you will naturally get into these topics.

Ask for an opinion or recommendation

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Have you reviewed your profile on an online dating app and found that you like a particular restaurant that you’ve been dying to try? This information is a great icebreaker. People like to give a recommendation. You may ask, ‘Hey, (name) I see you’ve been to (the name of the restaurant). I’m dying to try it. In your opinion, is the hype worth it?

From this simple message, the conversation will come to life. If you share the same musical interests, you can ask them to recommend a new album. You can also follow your own recommendations. This type of joke can cover all the issues you have in common.

See Popular Culture

If your profile reads, you love comedy; this is your time to make these cheesy references; whether you want to use a famous line from “The office” or sign out of this fun meme with “Bazinga”, you can do it all. Going the Friends shows the way and asks if Ross and Rachel were on a break. One never knows what this reference may reveal.

Trust yourself

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When you first text, take the first step. Whether you met him at a pub and he gave you his number because your phone’s battery had run out, or if he was the recommended partner on major free dating sites, you’ll need to show your interest. When you do, you have to rely on that decision. The modern woman is not afraid when it comes to courting the man of her dreams.

If there is a connection, you can skip the three-day rule. However, don’t be a Ted Mosby (a character on the show How I Met Your Mother). You don’t want to declare your eternal love after the first date. If you’re going to ask for a second date, don’t get too upset as it can crush your chances of having a second date.

Observe all the queues

When we interact with people, what they say is as important as what they say. Sometimes, as they say, something is much more important. These nonverbal cues guide our interactions. Because it is considered rude to say what we think directly, our body language compensates by doing exactly the opposite of what we are saying.

The voice can take on a tone when we talk about something that excites us. When chatting, if you are involved in the conversation, it responds quickly to all messages. They can also write a little faster. While chatting in a dating app, you may notice that she’s flirting and really engaged; shows that he likes the conversation. So you can keep the conversation going.

If they start to lose interest, it may take a while to reply to the messages. You can also receive concise or one-word answers. It can be a signal for you to change your mind about your interests.

Do not fold the text

How to start a chat in a dating application

If you stop reading your text, it may be tempting to send other texts to ask for it. This is not a wise move. We’ve all been there to text someone after the blue ticks. It doesn’t feel right.

There are genuine and good reasons why text messages may not return. It can be a family emergency or too busy at work. You have to give him space to respond. When he answers you during his time, he will appreciate that you did not rush him, which will work in your favor.

If it takes a few days to hear from him again, it could mean he doesn’t hear it, or he may have found another great date. It can be hard to hear that; however, swallow your pride and look for other potential partners on free dating websites. Sending often unanswered text messages can make you look a little crazy.

Text when you have time

Have you received these daily matches from a free dating site and seen a guy you like? You may want to start a conversation with them immediately because you can see that they are still online. However, don’t do it if you don’t have time on your hands. If you do and take too long between replies, you might lose interest in yourself and start texting another woman.

Also, when you find the perfect conversation starter and he answers, it doesn’t take long for you to reply to the messages. Also, if you’ve already broken social rules to send text messages first, you can’t play the game. Although you can choose to wait before sending a text message immediately, you do not want to assume that you are ignoring it by taking hours before replying.

It’s an important point to remember, especially if they can see when you were last online. If they see this information, they’ll know you’re ignoring them, which doesn’t make a good first impression.

Instead of playing, be sure to return a text message the next time you look at your phone. Also, keep calm and relaxed throughout the interaction. It will make you feel safe and secure in what you want.


Even if the relationship doesn’t materialize outside of the conversation, you start practicing how you can have a conversation with a guy and keep him engaged. As with any other skill, it improves over time. The more you practice, the better you will get. You can follow the same advice when talking to a guy you just met. Remember to have confidence and keep the conversation light and engaging. You can’t go wrong with them.

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