How to please a man and 3 relationship mistakes you are making

Most women are anxious and interested in how they can please a man in bed.

But this article won’t talk about it, because a man won’t stay with you just because you’re a good “hay roll”.

A man stays with you because you offer him a firm but loving love can aspirate.

How to get a guy to like you How to please a man and 3 relationship mistakes you are making

He won’t say it, but he’ll be eternally grateful if you can give him that …

So if you came here hoping to find “a strange trick“That makes a man fall in love with you, I’ll tell you right now it does not exist. I’m telling you not to blow the bubble, but to not waste the next 5, 10, 15 or more years trying to find a trick that’s not there.

Instead, I will help you avoid falling into the biggest trap that women stick to:

The reverse chase trap!

First of all, I want to tell you how women get caught up in it; I want to reveal it 3 Mistakes Most Women Make in a Relationship:

ERROR 1: You think that the more you give, the more he will love you

This is a mistake that almost every woman makes in her life, and it is an easy trap to fall into.

If you’re a donor by nature, and I don’t know many women who aren’t, it’s very natural to use your nutritious side to support a man.

But he doesn’t want that! At least not all at once, or right away.

A man wants to WIN your gift.

Humans, by nature, take advantage of donors. It is not because we are cruel and nasty creatures determined to exhaust your life force. (Although I’m sure I can see why you might think so.)

All humans take for granted what they have once they get it. And especially when they haven’t earned it.

In fact, we often sabotage the relationships where we get the prizes without running the race.

how to meet a guy How to please a man and 3 relationship mistakes he makes

“Everything’s fine … so it’s just right, I guess …”

Just because we know we don’t deserve them!

Therefore, it is necessary to pull back a little.

Always give LESS than you receive from it.

“WHHAAAAAAT? Carlos! That’s selfish!” the audience cries in shock …

NO! These are good and healthy limits.

Men want to feel like them WON your love. For him, the reward is not what you give, but the knowledge that made you happy.

When a woman gives too much to a man, she is acting like a man, and that confuses us …

And turn us off!

ERROR 2: Thinking you can keep a man having sex

The reality is that many men have a sex-based relationship, but that’s not why they’ll stay with you.

Think about it: Nowadays, very few women are virgins before marriage. Most women have had sex at the age of 17, which is the same age as men!

So men know that they will eventually get laid.

It is not ACHIEVE the sex that makes men persecute women …

It is being achieved A the sex that makes him chase you.

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

how to be a good girlfriend How to please a man and 3 relationship mistakes you are making

Contrary to popular belief, this is NOT all for him …

He’s committed to how it feels for him to get there with you.

  • Some women do a homework …
  • Some women make it too easy …
  • Some women make it fun and exciting …

Oh, I know some magazines will tell you 243 ways to blow your mind off in bed every month …

But if these tips worked, why should you buy this magazine again? Your problems would be solved, right?

The truth is that wearing a sexy trick in bed can blow your mind for ten or fifteen seconds, but it won’t keep you fascinated and delighted with you.

I’ll tell you more about how to do it THIS trick in a minute …

ERROR 3: Never argue with him or shake the boat …

I know dozens of women in my circle of friends who are making this mistake right now, no matter how much I warn them.

It’s easy to think that if you just walk on eggshells, delicately avoiding getting angry with yourself, you’ll get him to fall in love with you and dedicate himself to you. All because you made it so easy to fall in love!

how to make a guy like you How to please a man and 3 relationship mistakes you are making

“What do you like to do?”
“As you want.”
“What kind of music do you like?”
“The kind of music you like.”

In fact, the biggest mistake most women make is not to upset him ENOUGH! They shoot to get him to fall in love with them, but he never finds out that a man won’t stay with you because he loves you.

He will stay with you because it RESPECTS you – know this EL you have to be careful not to get angry YOU.

This is a complete 180 degree turn from where most women direct their relationships. And that’s why so many women complain about their boyfriends and their partners and their husbands …

SECRET: There’s an emotion beyond the love you want men to feel. Love is just the beginning of a real romance.

What a man needs to feel is like a small bomb exploding in his brain indicating that he has found it The only one.

You see men, don’t commit to a girlfriend and don’t propose to a woman they want as a woman.

They only dedicate their hearts completely to the woman who loves to lead by showing one Signal of the soul mate.

Want to know how to please your husband?

Stop trying to please him!

Think about it for a second …

When you were a kid in the yard, and another kid came up to you and started trying to get your attention and interest, it seemed good to me at first.

But as this behavior continued, you found yourself increasingly disinterested in this child who seemed to need your validation.

How to make a guy fall in love with you How to please a man and 3 relationship mistakes you are making

“Don’t make it weird, man …”

Why is that?

Because all human beings have a voice within them that tells them when someone needs them a little too much.

“Why are they trying so hard to please me?” asks that inner voice.

And do you know why that child in need tried to please you so much?

Because they sensed that you had what they wanted. They sensed that you did not need validation.

So if you want to please a man, here’s how:

Let him please you!

Let me say it again for cheap seats …

If you want to like it, stop trying to like it …

how to please your man How to please a man and 3 relationship mistakes you are making

Do you have any? ⁇

And let him do what his instinct tells him to do: Let him like it!

Men have a built-in need to please women. We’re trying to hide this from you because we don’t want you to take advantage of it.

But you’ll see this in action at all the “sugar daddy” who are buying things for their wife. Nor do you see him trying to get into her heart.

What he is doing is simple Letting him take care of her!

Now, I know you wouldn’t take advantage of a man like these women do, but you should see what happens. She is not a gold digger, she only knows that men do it automatically.

YES you know how to activate your “provider” reflex.

how to attract men How to please a man and 3 relationship mistakes you are making

It should be your idea and not feel compelled to do so …

But there’s one more part of the equation I didn’t tell you about, and that’s this:

Men do not persecute women who persecute him.

A man has no reason to chase or try to win your heart if you are already behind him.

This is something I call the reverse chase trap …

And if you fall into this trap, your relationship could be doomed.

If you want to know more about how to avoid this trap,

And how to turn the tables so that he starts chasing you again (as it should be), then you will want to know what the signal of the soul mate is and how to use it.

She’s just waiting for that girl to give the signal she doesn’t even know she’s looking for.

But deep in your mind, this switch is there, and all you need is a specific signal to turn it on and make it YOUR GOOD.

YOU can be the girl who gives you the signal of the soul mate: CLICK HERE to see my video that explains it all.

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