How to go from friends to lovers

You know you like this guy, but he doesn’t seem to care.

You want him to ask you out, but he does it doesn’t seems to be taking the lead. And the bravest you do is show your interest, the less seems interested.


The friends area …

This is one of the most feared places in the universe. The place where relationships go to die.

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably visited the Friends Zone once or twice in your life. I know I have it, and it’s not a fun place to hang out.

Remember that “When Harry Met Sally” scene when they talk about how men and women can’t be friends because sex always stands in the way? I think there is a lot of truth in that.

It is not awkward or cooldepending on whether or not you put him to bed or not.

uncomfortable to amazing How to go from friends to lovers

Hey, maybe the guy you want is just a little bit shy side.

It takes a little push to finally step in and invite you out. I damn if you do!

Would you like to escape the friends area?

Do you want this guy to do it? wake up to the beautiful YOU in front of him?

Let’s talk about some of the ways to go friends to lovers with a boy …

Without humiliating yourself …

Without doing his job for him …

Let’s go straight to:

Friends in love: accept the risk!

One of the things we don’t always take into account is that starting to be a lover means travessa an invisible line to which you cannot return. Once you pull the “lovers“Change, you can’t return it to friends easily.

Now, it’s possible if you’re both very emotionally mature and you both agree with the risks.

And jealousy.

This is really the more difficult part of everything, in fact. He jealousy it will challenge you in more ways than you can count.

challenge How to go from friends to lovers

You should ask yourself:

“If we don’t get along well, and we have to try to be friends again, can I take care of dating someone new?”

And the on the contrary too. I could he handle it with you?

Feelings are never clear, always messy. No matter what you plan to do, go ahead prepared for road challenges.

Oh, and make sure it’s in the plan too. It can’t be just your idea to turn this joke into an adventure.

You have to do it be on board also with the plan.

So ask yourself now, is it worth the risk?

Friends to lovers: get the date – FIRST!

A lot of people have tried the “I’m going to sleep with him to introduce it to my website! Bu-wahahaha!”

And it can work … but it can work horribly counterproductive depending on how the plan has been executed.

There is also a messy part where you Omet the whole dating phase of the relationship. This is really dangerous on many levels.

The first danger is that he will only see you as a sexual connection. I’m sure you’ve had some of these in your life.

I’m a guy, and they’ve happened to me too, believe it or not.

There’s nothing cool about hearing your boyfriend talk about them farms with other people. Then they end with a “hey, do you want me to come later?”

Well, now that you’re pushed despairyou he can’t resist temptation, even if you know it is not helping your cause. This strangeness creates a lot conflicting feelings.

false hope How to go from friends to lovers

The next danger is that you will jump bonding process which leads to love. Men fall in love in a predictable pattern. We need the courtship phase to agitate our hormones and our pursuit impulse.

If you skip this vital process, a man will not chemically and emotionally “bind you” to you.

This hormonal cocktail of dopamine, seratonin, oxytocin and adrenaline is necessary for a man to fall in love with you. Science has proven it time and time again. A

and it is one of the reasons why men are so more difficult to get engaged these days. They were spoon-fed a “connection culture” that allows them to have quick sex without any affection.

The key here is to make sure you don’t settle for sex first as a way to do it sneak through the back door of a relationship. May be seem as an attractive way to attract it into your life, but it can – and often will be – counterproductive about you.

From best friends to boyfriend – don’t change for him

It’s a cliché in life, but one thing you never want to do to start a relationship is change yourself (or him) to make it work.

First, if you need to change to make it work, you better go in the direction you already went. And if that’s the case, maybe it’s best to make the change FIRST to make sure it sticks.

Second, if you need to change it to work, you may be asking too much. Relationships start from a baseline acceptanceno dissatisfaction.

If I have to change who I am to make the relationship work, it is not a relationship that is true. It is a relationship that has begun with the premise of a lie.

And if it has to change for you, that happens DOUBLE. Do not take on any work in progress.

This is something that women tend to do more often than men.

As someone once told me, never fall in love with potential. Falling in love with the person here and now before you.

Because that’s all you can really count on. Everything else is a hope, a promise, and nothing that can be counted on. Relationships are quite uncertain. Don’t end this by starting one based on a fantasy of a future that may never be fulfilled.

From best friends to boyfriend: take it slow, but with passion!

One mistake I see all the time is when a couple begins of a friendship, but they think they can skip all the parts at first. They jump straight to “almost married.”

Which is actually the further away of reality.

When you turn that friendship into something romantic, care must be taken not to be lazy. ALL romantic relationships should start with the spark of passion.

spark of passion How to go from friends to lovers

And if you switch to comfortable mode with it too fast, or let it get too comfortable too fast, you’ll miss the most exciting and important part of the process.

So take it easy … you have one life possible together, so do it right.

From best friends to boyfriend – get him out – NOW!

Okay, so you’ve done it all ugly pre-work. How do you get this guy intensify and they ask you out?

First, match your paths at every opportunity. The more times you meet him, the more you will find him stay in your mind.

Most people fall in love with someone who is on their own circle of friendsand usually also relatively close.

The more he sees you, the more his subconscious will begin to wonder, why not?

Once you start meeting him, it’s time to:

Become a sexual object.

Look, I know this will sound very political Incorrect that I’m likely to be lynched the second I leave home … but it’s true. Every romance begins with a sexual spark.

sexual spark How to go from friends to lovers

This spark is SEXUAL!

No friendship …

No platonic …

No castrated from all sorts of gender load …

Men are sexual objects to women.

And women are sexual objects for men some level. This is the trigger for passion.

acceptance couple How to go from friends to lovers

Of course, what also has to happen is that you want to take it sexual spark from the sexual object to the deep love connection.

Don’t worry, this will happen if you follow my playbook. That it happens naturally anyways.

Let yourself be sexy around her. Show in little neckline. Give him one ull of yours femininity.

That will do it trigger the desire in him that you want. And finally this desire will evolve into a deeper love for him.

And finally: Get it COMMITMENT.

Engagement from a man’s heart is not as difficult to achieve as you might suspect.

Commitment is a clear and open channel to the heart and soul of any man. The problem is, most women don’t know how to get there. That’s why so many men want to be part of a couple.

That’s also why it seems to keep you at a distance.

You probably already know that commitment means:

“The state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, relationship, etc.”

But you also know that this means:

“a commitment or obligation that restricts freedom of action …”

Holy, schnikes, Batman … that sounds a little scary! That is why many men run away from thought.

But there is a way to get him to give you that commitment: look forward to it! But only if you know how men think about engagement and what they need to hear from you before they do.

fully committed How to go from friends to lovers

I edited this video explains the inner workings of a man’s mind. I’ve put together a roadmap with its pros and cons so you know exactly what it takes to make that leap of faith with you.

It’s not at all difficult: once you know the barriers to your desire for total commitment, it’s EASY to remove them.

Start today: CLICK HERE to see it NOW.

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