How to get your ex boyfriend back quickly

How to get your ex boyfriend back quickly

Did the boyfriend leave you? Although it is not guaranteed that you can recover it, you can take appropriate action to minimize the damage that has already been caused and prepare for success.

Even if you begged, begged, and cried when it was over, you can still fix it! But first, here are some things you need to do to get your ex boyfriend back quickly.

Do nothing

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. You want to do something, anything to get it back.

It doesn’t matter what was done or what was said, or who broke up with whom. Don’t make hasty decisions or do anything you regret.

You may want to lock up your car, contact your parents to tell them what their point of sale is, or show up at their place to convince them to come back, but please don’t.

If you need to have a friend hang up your phone for a while so that you don’t text them, do so.

In fact, you have the power

Since he has left you, you probably feel like he is in control and you are the helpless loser in this situation. But in fact, now that it’s over, you don’t have it anymore.

Initially he had the power as the spill did. But now this part is over. For the first few days he will feel free and maybe excited to be single again, but that soon wears off.

After a while he will begin to realize that there is a gap in his life.

You now he has the power, because if he tries to come back, you he is the one who decides if you will really return him. Remember that!

Remember, people want what they can’t afford

It’s basic human psychology: people want what they can’t have. Your boyfriend knows what it’s like to be with you, so now you have to let him experience what it’s like not to be closer. My guess? Once you’ve had a few days, weeks, or months of being single, you may realize that living single life isn’t all you think about.

When he no longer has you, he will begin to wonder what you are doing and what you are doing. He will start to miss you and even wonder if you are seeing anyone else. If you are living your best life and he is not sure if you want him more, this will make him want to chase you again.

Implement the contactless rule immediately

The contactless rule is very simple: don’t contact him. If you’re calling and texting, you won’t miss the opportunity. So now go to MIA and cut the contact.

By doing this, you are acting with dignity, maturity and acceptance. You are indicating that you accept that it is over.

He’ll probably wait for you to blow up his phone, but you’ll do the opposite. You’ll soon be surprised you don’t text him!

This time it minimizes any additional damage and gives you the opportunity to realize the seriousness of your decision. It also gives you time to heal, to move on, and to feel good about yourself.

The non-contact rule should be done for a minimum of 3 weeks, but in my opinion, you should do it indefinitely until he contacts you.

You’re probably thinking … “But what if he doesn’t contact me?” 9 times out of 10 the boy does it. It may only take days or weeks (men usually take much longer to process things), but most likely they will contact you, if only to see how you are.

NO Praying or convincing

In no case does begging and persuasion work. Do you really want to be with someone who stumbled upon guilt? You want them to do it to want to be with you, which means you have to create a space for them to miss you and rekindle their desire for you. So forget about waterworks or rehearsal texts or knock on your door at 2am. Stay away and go on the radio in silence.

Work with you

how to get your ex boyfriend back

At this point life sucks. But now is the time to get rid of the dust and become the best version of yourself. This part is for you. As Rocky said: “It’s about how hard you can get a hit and keep going. How much you can grab and keep going. That’s how you win!”

Forget rom communications or sad music. Watch as many motivational videos as you can.

Focus on something to get your mind off things. It could be designing a website for your business idea, taking acting classes, or learning how to trade stocks.

I find that doing something constructive is actually THE best way to overcome a breakup.

A lot of people get consumed and party, but that often makes you feel worse. Alcohol is a depressant, so not only do you wake up with a headache and a hangover stink, but you also feel even sadder from your breakup.

Trying to socialize with people before they are ready can also make you feel worse. It’s very hard to sit in a restaurant with a group of friends when you feel very, very shitty. It sucks for them and for you.

Instead, I would suggest individual meetings with friends and just take the time to do good things. Take a bath, cook a good meal, go for a walk or have a new hobby, which makes you feel good about yourself.

Update your look and post one or two photos on social media

If you haven’t combed your hair in a long time, go get your hair done. Exercise, buy new clothes and maybe change your makeup. Clean your apartment. Even if you feel rotten on the inside, you will be shiny on the outside and turn your head. And you know what they say … pretend until you get it!

You never know, it might attract a new guy, even better!

Since you and your ex are in the contactless phase, the only way for him to see what you are doing is to post something on social media. DON’T post millions of stories and photos, and definitely don’t post photos of yourself out drunk or with other guys.

Be selective. Post one or two good-looking photos of yourself, but only occasionally. He’ll see you do well without him, but he won’t feel like you’re posting all the time just to get attention.

If you’re doing something fun like taking a trip abroad or going to a concert, post it too! Show him you’re doing interesting things that you might not have done when you were together.

Silence him!

You don’t have to leave him as a friend on social media, but you can mute him, which means you won’t see his stories or posts. That’s great, first of all because you won’t see what he’s doing, which gives you a chance to forget about him. If you are reminded every day, it will be harder. Second, if you check who sees their stories, you’ll notice that you’re no longer watching them. He’s not getting any attention from you.

Please wait

As I mentioned earlier, I think it’s always better to wait until the man contacts you. The reason I say this is because if he gets in touch with you, you know for sure that he is thinking of you and may be interested in being together again. If you make contact, it puts you in a much weaker position. You won’t know if he answers just to be kind or if you miss him too. So mute the radio and wait for it to send a text message.

Keep the conversation light and don’t give too much away

When I contact you, don’t mention things that went wrong in the relationship or anything that happened with the breakup. This is in the past and you probably don’t want to be reminded of why he broke up with you. Instead, keep things light and windy. Do not submit long essays and keep your answers at a similar length to yours. You want to reveal some information, but also keep your life a little mystery so you can seduce him again.

If you have jokes or shared memories, you can try to add them to the conversation. The point is to keep it cheerful, flirty and fun. Imagine you are starting the relationship again. Make it clear that you have a busy and busy life so that he can see that you are not need he.

If you don’t get in touch in more than a month, you can send an informal text message

As I said before, I think it’s best to hold on until he contacts you, and he will. But if you haven’t heard from him in a month, you can send him a text message. You never know, you might want to get in touch, but he didn’t have the courage to send you a message. If he answers, you want to try to measure his interest. If your answers are very short, you may not be interested in chatting. However, if you engage in a conversation and ask questions, this may be a sign that he is happy to hear from you.

The past is in the past …

The best thing about not having contact is that it allows you to forget about your bad habits, the things that went wrong, and the drama that happened when it ended. The breakups are horrible and you won’t want to feel those heavy feelings again. So keep the past in the past and let things lie.

If he broke up with you because you were a constant drama, needy or jealous, etc., you have to prove to him that these things will no longer be a problem.

Think of this as a whole new relationship starting from scratch.

Work until a meeting

While you’re chatting, you want to make a phone call, maybe a FaceTime or two, and hopefully a meeting in person. Take things in stride and try not focus too much on the problem. If you suggest it, it’s great, but if you don’t, you’ll want to casually suggest a no-pressure encounter. When you finally find yourself, take the time to get ready to feel better!

Do not go straight back to bed with him

Getting him to talk to you is the easy part, the hard part is what happens after. Guys will come back often, but that doesn’t mean they want to have a relationship with you again. Some men only come back because they haven’t had sex in a long time and they feel aroused. It’s up to you to make him wait until you’ve established if he wants to give you another chance. When you find yourself, don’t get drunk and jump in bed with him. You have an honest conversation about how you both feel and where things are going.

Make it work for you!

He must see that you are not desperate to be together again and that you are right with him or not. In the process of being together again is a delicate time, so be available to him sometimes but not all the time. Things should be on your terms, so make it work!

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