How to get guys to like you

If you’re a woman, you probably want to know how to get guys to like you. It’s part of your “love DNA”

When I started writing this article, I wasn’t sure I wanted to talk about how to force another person to feel attracted to you. It felt a little manipulator

But then I remembered my own values ​​on the subject. I believe, deep down, that you can never make a person feel something they don’t yet have the potential to feel. It is very ethical to help a person overcome their own “things” in such a way romance can to pass.

And as a woman, you have all the requirements as well equipment – a get any man to like you. Just know how to use them.

So if you stop this fear that it’s not “destiny” that is shooting you, you can stop worrying.

how do boys like girls how to get boys like 7 tips ...

You can never make anyone do anything they would not do of their own free will.

You’re just paving the way for the connection of the heart that was there I wanted to pass!

So let’s go straight to the tips with –

Make the boys want you – Tip 1: open your mouth …

The best thing you can do is get a guy talking.

Period, hands down.

There are so many benefits to having him talk to you …

GETTING TO SPEAK BENEFIT 1: He’ll trust you more …

Ironically, the more we invest in people, the more we talk to them. We allow ourselves to reveal ourselves to each other and be more vulnerable the more we hear a listening ear.

tips for men you like How to make guys like you 7 tips ...

MAKE HIM TALK BENEFITS 2: He’ll want to know more about you …

The more a person talks about himself, the more he feels the attraction for reciprocity. He really wants to know what you’re up to.

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people how interested he is in you. If you can wait, it will be returned to you GREAT TIME …

GETTING TO SPEAK BENEFIT 3: You will get excited and more excited …

When you tap into your passions, tap this button! It’s your hot button, and it will be the key to triggering your emotions. Every man loves to talk about his passion.

Plus, you get the added bonus of seeing how passionate you are …

Make It Like You – Tip 2: Touchy Touchy …

When it comes to getting a guy to really dig you in, you have to take advantage of touch as your main weapon.

Nothing makes a guy join you more like him knowing you’re both physically connected. We feel this connection to our bones.

Keep in mind that men go through much of their life without receiving much physical affection or touch.

It’s not how men console themselves in the first place. We do it with words. (You may notice that your husband does this frequently.)

And men rarely get the kind of regular touch connection that women get on a regular basis.

So when the boys touch each other affectionately, we respond.

make the boys like you How to make the boys like you 7 tips ...

The best thing you can do on your first date, as soon as you know him on the date, is to find any reason to put your hand on your hand, arm, or back.

  • You will see how his back rises …
  • You will catch their attention instantly …
  • You will see how their eyes light up …

His instinct will be to connect with you and give you his full attention.

Try it and you will see …!

Get the boys to pay attention – Tip 3: Super flirtation!

Most guys don’t notice when there’s a girl. Especially because women are too subtle in their way of flirting.

Growing up, women are afraid of looking “too advanced” or “fucking.” So they reduce their attention and interest. What is the kiss of death if you are trying to let a guy know that he has the green light to move forward.

So you have to be willing to push the envelope a little bit.

ways to get men to fall in love How to get guys to like you 7 tips ...

Don’t make it shy or cool. Get out with one tip and make it clear.

You don’t have to say “You like it, stupid!” – But you should get it very clear there is interest. At least to the point that he will ask a friend of his if this is what he thinks he is.

But after that point, it all depends on him! Don’t ask him to leave or do the work for him from there. You just put a spark out there and he has to turn it into fire.

Drop it in “Like” with you – Tip 4: Super compliments …

Another thing that guys don’t have much of is recognition and praise.

When you appreciate a man, you complete him. Tan May losing the opportunity to recognize him for something.

The best kind of recognition is to point out some part of your character that you admire.

Men respond so well to this that you will think that you have only cast a spell on him to open his heart. (And if you think I’m exaggerating this, you can’t be more wrong. It is OR.)

For example, let’s say he mentions helping his mother with some chores. It could be as simple as getting rid of some of your antique furniture.

Ask yourself, how would you do that you find a way to congratulate him on this?

tips to get men to like How to make guys like you 7 tips ...

If you were to say, “Wow, it’s sweet of you, help your mother” – you’d be missing out on a great opportunity here. That’s a good way to say it, but you could do it much better.

Like this:

“WOW – This is very sweet of you … you have to be very careful to help her. I think she would not let anyone down if she was in need …

Now, whether this is true or not has not yet been proven, but you get important points to give you the benefit of the doubt. And now it has a positive quality for you.

I call this a “supercomplete“And it ‘s one of the most lethal love tactics you can use with a guy.

Do it your way – Tip 5: Dyn-O-MITE!

There was an old 70’s show called “Good Times” featuring Jimmie Walker. His slogan for the show was “Dyn-O-MITE!“Every time I saw something that lit it up, it was on T-shirts everywhere in the day …

You want to look and be DYN-O-MITE! for him.

tips on how men fall in love with women How to get guys to like you 7 tips ...

Pay attention to your appearance. Put extra effort into your makeup and wardrobe, without looking at yourself too much, of course.

The visual aspect of the attraction is important for men first. It tells you a lot about your attitude and attention to your presentation.

I’ve seen women on dates who seemed to get out of bed and put on something casual. Let’s go back to the days when we all worked to look good on dates.

You want me to think of DYN-O-MITE! when i see you …

Look your best, and don’t be afraid to let him know that you’ve done it for him. He will be flattered I impressed

Get the guys to want you – Tip 6: Strategic Retreat …

Sometimes the best thing you can do is get the “drug solution” out of your mind.

Remember: There’s nothing wrong with reminding a guy of all the great things he can do with you!

I call it a “loyalty / rewards program.” Hey, prestigious car companies do, like BMW. They are YOU any less valuable?

From time to time you have to do yours. Maybe take a weekend off. All the women I have considered “high value women” in my life did this, and I respected and valued them. MONTH.


easy ways to get men to fall in love How to get guys to like you 7 tips ...

Another thing to keep in mind is this:

Don’t commit to a guy who didn’t now We ask for a commitment …

This is HUGEand is a women make a big mistake with men. They open a man’s heart and leave much for the hut for his own level of commitment to him.

When a boy sees her, his inner voice tells her, “Dude, you don’t have to work so hard. She’ll do it all.” And then stop putting any romantic effort into your relationship. He considers you an “agreement made.”

Remember that your first and only job as a woman in a new relationship is to love and value the Award. If it’s the other way around, it’s almost impossible to get him to later turn it into respect for you.

Make the boys want you – Tip 7 – Don’t try to be confident …

Let’s face it – most articles out there tell you to just “trust me!” for him.

Interestingly, this is the same advice that all articles for men give.

Have confidence …

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either HOW damn do you really do that ???

That’s why I say at the outset, don’t do it TEST make any kind of appearances with him like this. You can not TEST seem confident to someone. The second you do, look the opposite.

Instead, express yourself from the things in your life that excite you.

Suppose you are very excited about a new class of exercises that you have gone to …

Use that class as a topic of conversation with him. Your energy and enthusiasm it will come out when you talk about it. He will feel your vitality and confidence based on your energy.

get guys to like you quickly How to get guys to like you 7 tips ...

Trust is as much an expression as anything. It’s not something you really are POSITION… it’s something you express with your actions.

Maybe that’s why so many people don’t seem “confident.” They are trying to find and hold on to a feeling that is the best shown through your words.

Confidence is Irresistible.

You probably know this, or at least you’ve heard it many times before.

And if you want to be irresistible to men, you have to know how this secret power works …

I can show you the secrets of Irresistible desire.

Go look this brief presentation Right Now…


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